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What's Free on Android and iOS this Week?

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One great thing about smartphones is the number of apps we can install, limited by space, time to use those apps, and budget. Some interesting apps do cost a pretty penny, which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to search high and low for normally paid apps that are free twice each week. Catering for both iOS and Android platforms, all it takes are a few taps to download and install, and you're on your way to explore new experiences

Do bear in mind that these iPhone and Android apps are normally attached to a price tag and are free for a limited time only. Hence, it's definitely worthwhile to check what's hot on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

These free deals can disappear without any prior notice, as they are subject to the respective developers. In other words, the promotional period for these apps could end abruptly.

NextPit ensures none of these apps in our free list are rated 3.5 stars or higher. Unlike our Top 5 Apps of the Week, we did not install and review any of the listed apps. You are strongly encouraged to perform your due diligence before downloading, as some of them might have hidden in-app purchases.

Tip: If you find an interesting app on our list but don't need it now, install, and delete it. This will save the app to your library, allowing you to install it later without having to fork out a fee, even after the promotion ends.

Android apps available for free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Task Destroyer [3.7-stars / $1.99]: Set up a list of tasks that you need to do, but with a caveat: the entire presentation has been gamified, where a task's progress is denoted by its health bar. The closer you are to completing it, the closer it is nudged to destruction.
  • Volume Booster - Sound Speaker [4.6-stars / $2.99]: If you feel that your smartphone's volume isn't that great, perhaps this app can provide a decent boost. 

Android games

  • Bricks Breaker Pro [4.8-stars / $3.99]: A modern take on the classic Arkanoid game. Time to brush up on your physics and angles!
  • Truth or Dare Pro [4.2-stars / $0.99]: While this game is always better to play with some stakes in it, at least you have an app to throw questions without any favoritism shown.
  • Empire Warriors: Tower Defense [4.2-stars / $0.99]: Enemies are bearing down on your location. It is up to you to have the best warriors to defend yourself! 
  • Defense Zone 3 Ultra [4.8-stars / $2.99]: The classic tower defense genre that is happening in the modern era complete with futuristic weapons and amazing graphics! 
  • Sky Wings VIP [4.4-stars / $0.99]: A shoot 'em up with voxel-like graphics that are cute and yet feature adrenaline-pumping gaming sessions!

iOS apps available for free for a limited time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Deflection Lite [4.4-stars / $0.99]: This is an app that can be used to calculate the structural beam analysis, although it should be used as a guide and not as a rule.
  • Unit Converter Pro HD [4.6-stars / $0.99]: Supporting more than 30 categories and over 700 different units, you would be spoilt for choice!
  • DrawTextPath [4.5-stars / $1.99]: If you ever need to generate a text path tracing animation video on the fly (for whatever reason), then this app gets the job done with aplomb.
  • Blink [4.2-stars / $0.99]: Blink and you'll miss it. This app is a quick memo app that lets you see all that you need to do at a glance with its minimalist yet effective user interface.
  • Quit My Way [4.4-stars / $6.99]: Ever wanted to quit the smoking habit? This app might not be a nicotine patch, but it could still play a crucial role in helping you stop puffing away on those cancer sticks.

iOS games

  • Tic Tac Toe in a Circle [5.0-stars / $3.99]: Just when you thought that there was no way to put a different spin on this classic game along comes Tic Tac Toe that ditches the square for a circle.
  • Paintiles [4.7-stars / $0.99]: Paint tiles to match all the same colors and clear the board. It is more challenging than it sounds!
  • My City: Dentist Visit [4.6-stars / $3.99]: Proper oral health is something that is often overlooked, but here is a game that makes sure all cavities are filled and no tooth goes unchecked in the city!
  • Get 'Em [4.0-stars / $0.99]: A free roaming game where you play the role of super dogs, ready to show the world that your bite is worse than your bark at times!
  • Lanota [4.9-stars / $1.99]: A rhythm game that pits your reflexes against time, where you need to get the tunes right in order to save the world (what else?). With numerous music genres included, it is certainly a throwback to the good old Guitar Hero days.

That is all for now as we kick off a brand-new week! It is our hope you were able to find something that piqued your interest, be it for immediate use or to be installed for later use. What do you think of the apps which are listed here? For those who are looking for online games to kill time without having to have an Internet connection, check out our linked story below.

Now that you have seen what we have listed to kick off your weekend, what do you think of our list? Did you spot any fascinating apps or games on Google Play Store or Apple App Store lately? Don't keep such news to yourself—spill the beans in the comments!

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