Who we are and what we do

We are nextpit, an international team of online journalists, smartphone, tech/gadget enthusiasts who share a shared love of technology. While our company is based out of Berlin, Germany, our team members are a cosmopolitan bunch located in different parts of the world. Yes, we are separated by huge distances, but there is no denying that we are united not only by our love for what we do.

nextpit GmbH operates two business areas: The development and management of one of the largest tech platforms in Europe; and content creation and community building exercises for leading tech brands.

nextpit- one of the oldest and largest smartphone communities in Europe

nextpit is a tech magazine that has been around since 2009. We started small -- as a pure Android blog under the name AndroidPIT. Post a period of rapid growth, we metamorphosed into one of the largest smartphone communities in Europe. As we enter our second decade of existence, the aim is to scale even greater heights.

Our mission is simple: We don't simply aim to help you find the right smartphone and stop at that. The goal instead is to enrich your life and make your everyday life smarter. We are not just another tech blog that provides you with a steady stream of news. Instead, consider nextpit a place for true-blue enthusiasts and tech lovers who not only interact with each other or talk about topics of interest but are also part of a close-knit community. What makes this even more interesting is that this community-focused outlook is also a trait we look for in people who work here. This is what makes nextpit unique and help it stand out from its peers.

nextpit is a smartphone-focussed community where you will find a broad swathe of content related to smartphones, apps, smartphone accessories, smart home technology and a lot more. Anything that has a remote association with a smartphone, we cover it! And we think we have done a fair job at doing that consistently -- passing on our knowledge in the form of text, images and sound to millions of people every month consistently for over ten years.

Brands love us too!

Since 2017 nextpit has also shared its expertise with leading brands operating in the tech industry. Whether it's engaging video clips for social media appearances or SEO-optimized content for company blogs, we have done it all! nextpit is proud to have been associated with top brands from across the world who rely on us.

While we cherish our association with brands, we keep our editorial content separate from marketing activities. Our editorial work follows the highest journalistic standards possible, and information we obtain from clients is treated highly confidentially and is never passed on to our self-sufficient editorial team.

Our principle is based on trust. Always.

Immaterial of the way you are associated with us, the one thing you can always be sure of is that you can trust us and our word.

Our reviews tend to be as objective as possible, and our tips & trick articles are not rehashed versions copied from elsewhere. We make it a point to test things out ourselves before something goes live on our platform. We also take pride in the fact that we are open and transparent not only with our community members and customers but also with ourselves. We want our word to count for something. This is why you can take us at our word and measure us by it. When we make mistakes, we own up to them and will take all measures to correct them. If we are on the right, we will always stand by our word. As simple as that.

Even though we are a company that is aware of the economic realities of this world, we do not always orient our actions to look at the highest degree of returns. At nextpit, we believe in sustainability - and the focus is always on the long term. And we are sure this ethos is what separates us from the rest and that it is something you will always associate with us. That's a promise.

For video reviews, previews, hardware comparisons, tips and tricks, take a look at our official YouTube channel. You’ll also find us on Facebook, on Twitter and to chat with nextpit readers and staff, why not check out our forums?

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