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How has your week been so far? Hopefully things have been good for you, and like we faithfully do twice each week, we scour the Internet to look for something that might interest you in this week's edition of free apps of the week.

These usually paid apps on Google Play and Apple App Store are currently free for a limited time. Grab them on your Android or iPhone before they revert to paid status. While they're free as of publishing, offers can expire without warning due to developer-controlled pricing. The promotional period for apps on these platforms is unpredictable and can end suddenly.

We also want to note that while we do look through this list of free apps and do not offer anything that comes with low ratings, we did not install and test them out like how we do with our Top 5 Apps of the Week. Therefore, we recommend that you exercise caution and conduct your own research before downloading any of these apps, as some may contain in-app purchases or hidden costs.

Tip: If you find an interesting app on our list but don't need it now, install and then delete it. This saves it to your app library, allowing you to install it later for free, even after the promotion ends.

Android apps available for free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Speedometer GPS Pro [4.6-stars / $0.99]: Use this app to track your speed, distance, time, location and obtain your start time, elapsed time, average speed, and other information at a glance.
  • How Much Can I Spend Premium [4.6-stars / $2.99]: Want to keep track of your daily expenses? Make life easier for you with this nifty app.
  • Home Workouts No Equipment Pro [4.8-stars / $1.49]: Whoever said staying at home leaves you with no room to work out? This app lets you remain fit and strong even if you are confined to the four walls of your house!
  • All TV Screen Mirroring Pro [4.0-stars / $4.99]: A nifty app that lets you stream movies, videos, photos, and other items onto your TV screen. You can never have too large a screen, after all.
  • 500X Game Booster and GFX Pro [5.0-stars / $0.49]: Time to give your smartphone a boost with an app, but if your games still lag after installing this, perhaps it is a sign that you should buy a new phone.

Android games

  • Dungeon Shooter: Dark Temple [4.3-stars / $1.99]: A FPS that sees you explore dungeons, collecting treasure, and staying alive by mopping up your enemies with weapons!
  • Shuriken Jump [4.0-stars / $0.99]: Fruit Ninja with a twist! Your shuriken needs to remain airborne for as long as possible, slicing up fruits in the process. 
  • Magnetic Balls [4.4-stars / $0.99]: Try to get three or more balls of the same color together to clear the board.
  • Bricks Crash [4.0-stars / $0.99]: Arkanoid on your Android phone in a generic format? I'm all game.
  • MR RACER [4.5-stars / $4.99]: There is nothing quite like tearing up the asphalt in your latest ride to get your adrenaline pumping.
  • the Light [4.1-stars / $0.99]: A horror adventure game set in a grim setting where you need all your wits to survive.
  • Crystalline [4.9-stars / $9.99]: A fun visual novel that requires you to interact with various characters within to progress.
  • Ethereal Enigma [5.0-stars / $9.99]: A pictorial adventure story that can take up to 10 hours for a single playthrough. Just how well is your decision-making process? 

iOS apps available for free for a limited time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Ad Block Multi [4.5-stars / $0.99]: Sick and tired of people tracking you online? This app will block all ads, tracking scripts, and even malware!
  • iPlayText [4.7-stars / $2.99]: This app will read out text to you. Perfect for the visually impaired, and for those who are too busy to scroll through and yet want to be productive.
  • The Perfect Egg Timer [4.3-stars / $0.99]: Ever wondered just how restaurants get it right with their half-boiled eggs every single time? Maybe this app will be able to provide you with a clue...
  • Image Eraser [4.5-stars / $0.99]: Is there a photobomber in your photo? Get rid of those with this app.
  • Big Clock - Pro [4.0-stars / $0.99]: Transform your iPhone into a huge clock, where you see nothing but the time on the entire display.

iOS games

  • Adventurer Legends [4.3-stars / $0.99]: Go on an adventure, battle your way through enemies, collect treasure, and trade with others as you lead your party in a breathtaking quest. 
  • Moto Race Pro [4.1-stars / $1.99]: Do you have the intestinal fortitude to engage in death-defying stunts? You can now do so in this game without any risk... 
  • Kaori After Story [5.0-stars / $4.99]: Immerse yourself in the life of a boyfriend who has been invited to spend Christmas with your girlfriend's family! Just how will you act?
  • Airplane Simulator Flight Game [4.0-stars / $9.99]: Ever wondered how it felt to pilot a plane high into the sky? This app lets you experience it.
  • Shock Clock Arcade [5.0-stars / $1.99]: It is a race against time as you jump from clock to clock without falling off!
  • Shadow of Death [4.7-stars / $0.99]: With four different heroes to choose from before you embark on an adventure, just how skillful are you in staying alive?

There we are, hoping that the middle of the week will be more pleasant to go by with this week's list of free apps. We do hope that whatever you find here is worth installing, be it for now or for later. What do you think of our list this week? Just in case you are looking for some online games to satiate your gaming appetite without requiring an Internet connection, check out our linked story below.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on today's selections before we prepare another list to kick off the week. Did you come across any other interesting apps or games on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Share your recommendations with us in the comments!

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