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We are at the start of a brand-new week, and perhaps you are still reminiscing about the wonderful party you had last weekend. Maybe it is also time to take stock of your app list and see whether it needs some refresh. Here is this week's edition of the free apps of the week to help you determine whether there is anything that catches your fancy.

Perhaps you want to try something new on your smartphone? This is why we scour the Google Play Store and Apple App Store each week for apps that are available for free. Now, these apps usually come attached to a price tag, but for one reason or another, they are available to the masses for free for a limited time only.

This list of free apps will be published twice each week, one at the beginning and another at the end. The usual caveat applies in this case: these apps are available for free at the time of publishing, but by the time you read this article or actually check out the listed apps, they might have reverted to their paid status. Neither Google Play Store nor Apple App Store promos on apps are relatively easy to look out for since there is no particular time frame on when they will last, so they can just be removed from the list just as quickly as they were put up.

Our recommendation: Whenever you stumble upon an interesting app or game in our list but have no use for it just yet, or your device has simply far too much space, you can go ahead and install the app for now. Upon doing so, you can delete the newly installed app from your device as it would already have become part of your app library. This allows you to install it in the future as and when required. This is a reliable method to take full advantage of a short-lived promotion.

Temporary free Android apps on the Google Play Store

Android productivity/lifestyle apps that are temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  • Not this week... Unfortunately, we didn't manage to find a good suggestion... If you are curious, you can check this time-limited deal: 
    • Spirits Gate EVP ($1.49): This app claims to capture spirit voices. Do try it out and see whether it is a scam or otherwise...

Android mobile games that are temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  • Squid Ball Challenge ($0.49): Can you manipulate the laws of physics well enough to drop the ball into a bucket?
  • Gravity Force ($1.49): This app simulates how gravitational forces work, which could be used as an educational tool.
  • Dungeon Princess 2 ($0.99): You are a princess who commands the loyalty of a small bunch of similar-minded folk. Time to empty a monster-infested dungeon!
  • Grow Spaceship ($1.99): A cute-looking space shooter sim that once again relies on you to save the galaxy from an imminent invading force.
  • Monkey Go Happy ($0.99): A puzzle game with more than 75 levels for you to complete!
  • Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD ($2.99): A tower defense game that is set in the future, giving you access to cool weapons.
  • Non-stop Balloon Shooter ($0.99): Pop as many balloons as you can before they overwhelm you.
  • Bagatur Chess Engine ($3.49): Fancy cracking your brain in a game of chess?
  • Stickman Master: Shadow Fight ($1.99): Get rid of enemies in myriad ways in this all-around action platformer.
  • Peppa Pig: Golden Boots ($3.99): Explore the world of Peppa Pig with numerous games that will keep the little ones enthralled.

Temporarily free iOS apps in the Apple App Store

These productivity/lifestyle iOS apps are temporarily free in the Apple App Store

  • Contacts Backup ($2.99): While you should have all your important data stored on the cloud, this app provides yet another avenue to do so.
  • Photo Vault ($5.99): Here's an app that helps keep your private photos...well, private.
  • Anchor Pointer Compass GPS ($3.99): Need an impromptu compass? This app gets the job done.
  • Da Vinci Eye: AR Art Projector ($9.99): You might not have an eye for art, but this app helps you become a master.

The iOS games are temporarily free on the Apple App Store

  • Peppa Pig: Golden Boots ($3.99): Here is something that the little ones will appreciate—a game that lets them explore the world of Peppa Pig.
  • Monster Zombie Hunter ($9.99): There are zombies all around, and it is up to you to survive the horde with your wits and skill.
  • Dragon Flight Simulator 2 ($9.99): Ever wondered how a dragon flies? Wonder no more in this unique game!
  • Big Truck Mine Express Racing ($1.99): You have a payload to deliver while having to avoid randomly laid-out mines.
  • Moto Hero ($1.99): An endless bike racing game that sees just how long you can last.
  • Boxing Manager ($0.99): Ever played Football Manager? Yes? Good, this is just like it, except for boxing.
  • Twisty Animal ($3.99): The controls and premise are simple—tap left and right to navigate your animal's path so that it doesn't run into a wall.

What do you think of our selection for this week? Did you find other interesting applications or games on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store? Feel free to share your recommendations in the comments.

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