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Free apps for Android & iOS: these Pro versions are temporarily free!

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Now that we've come to the end of yet another long week, it is time to blow off some steam from work and life in general by relaxing with some fun apps and games. Having said that, playing the same old games each week gets boring quickly. Or perhaps you are looking for a change in life. Fortune smiles on you then as you are in the right place. We have specially curated apps and games for both Android phones and iPhones that are available for free for a limited time only! Let us show you how you can get your hands on these precious app downloads without having to empty your bank account.

This is because the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store offer discounts and promotions on a regular basis where you can obtain paid apps for free for a limited time only.

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We have rounded up these free apps and listed them for you, unlike our list of the five best apps of the week, we will not install all the apps listed below. However, do proceed with some degree of caution because some of these might require microtransactions to help you go further in the game. What's your highlight of the week? Maybe UT Promoter Pro, an app for inspiring influencers looking into upping their subscriber base? Or maybe the game Despotism 3k, where you yourself are an almighty AI to fight against humanity?

Tip: Do you want to keep the free app for the future—but don't need it right now? Just download and install it once, and uninstall it if you need the space. This way, it will still be added to and kept in your list of purchased apps, and you can download it again in the future for free once you need it.

Free apps for your Android phone

These apps are free in the Google Play Store

  • UT Promoter Pro ($0.99): Are you an influencer who is on the lookout for more subscribers? If that is the case, then you might want to check out this legit app that helps promote you, and all the subscribers who sign up are legit!
  • Livemocha: Learn Languages ($0.99): Traveling abroad these days to a foreign land is easier with machine translation, but why not up the game with this special version of Livemocha? The app claims you can learn more about the selected language in a matter of days, where half a dozen learning modules are there for pickings: Study, Write, Listen, Speak, Understand, and Dialogue.
  • SkanApp ($19.99): Want to scan plenty of books or documents with your phone? The SkanApp makes perfect sense. Just place your smartphone in a tripod like construction (or the Skanstick) and enjoy the benefits of hands-free scanning.
  • Sleep Faster, Meditation Pro ($8.49): Find trouble falling asleep? Perhaps white noise or other background sounds can help you out, and this app does just that by offering familiar, soothing sounds like the pattering rain, gushing waterfalls, the breaking of waves along the shore, and the bubbling brook flowing down. You won't lose any sleep installing this app since it is free for now!

These mobile games are free in the Google Play Store

  • Sudden Warrior Plus ($0.99): This is one game where you will be able to provide endless exercise for your thumbs by tapping furiously on the screen to attack hordes of enemies in fun and thrilling battles.
  • Word Chess PRO ($1.99): How can a word game be considered 'relaxing'? Find out with Word Chess PRO, where you are tasked with finding as many English words as possible with each board of words. There are five different game modes and over half a million words to choose from.
  • Block Blast: A Retro Game ($1.49): Block Blast is addictive enough on its own, featuring retro-styled graphics where you need to match blocks of the same colors vertically in order to clear lines. Pit your reflexes and speed against these fast-pacing blocks. 
  • Secret Tower VIP ($0.99): With over 500 levels to complete as you go up against powerful enemies and insane bosses, this is one casual title that will keep you coming back for more.
  • Demon Warrior Premium ($0.99): This hack-and-slash title will keep you returning for more adrenaline-fueled action as you lay waste to a horde of demons across numerous levels.
  • Hero Z ($1.99): In yet another zombie apocalypse setting, you do seem to have miraculously survived and must now use your wits to remain alive and get out of this hell hole.
  • Infinity Highway ($0.99): Can't afford an exotic supercar in real life? Fret not, with this app, you get true to life graphics on the small screen as you dash down highways and byways without fear of injury or speeding tickets.
  • Sphaze ($0.99): Manipulate impossible mazes and guide mysterious robots through stunningly beautiful worlds with this app, where you might find yourself brain dead at the end of the day without coming any closer to a solution.
  • Despotism 3k ($3.99): The scenario of humanity being enslaved by an AI can be a scary one, but if you are on the right side of the conflict, then it is always better! A throwback to the Matrix, humans are now exploited by you, the machines, to extract power while you expand your empire!

Free apps for your iPhone

These apps are free for iOS

  • LÒMÒGRAPH ($1.99): With over a thousand random light leakage and filter effects to choose from, you can definitely up your photography game on the iPhone with this app. Perfect for influencers or those who love to specially curate their photos to impress the world—or simply for personal self satisfaction.
  • Super ToDo's ($4.99): Are you a constant procrastinator simply because you do not know how you are able to get started in life with a list of tasks? Supertodos comes in as a powerful way to organize all of the tasks in your life, where it synchronizes with iCloud so you won't have an excuse that you do not know what is next on your list.
  • Nudget Spending Tracker ($4.99): Keep track your daily spending. This is the first step to financial independence, so you might want to make sure that every single penny is accounted for. Why not get an app to help you do so while you are at it?
  • Stellarium Mobile ($13.99): Ever wondered just how small you are in the entire universe? Be assured of the fact that you and I are insignificant in the larger scheme of things with Stellarium Mobile as this planetarium app that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars on a clear night.

These mobile games are free for iOS

  • Vive le Roi 3 ($4.99): This puzzle and anticipation game does not rely on chance or timing. Think your way through by solving mini puzzles, selecting theright ladder on each floor in order to save the king's head from being separated from his shoulders in time. 
  • The Woman from the Window Game ($0.99): Want to be (un)pleasantly surprised? You are all alone, and finding your way around, you will certainly find different surprises—in a nasty way! Try to stay alive!
  • Ninjas Stolen Scrolls ($0.99): Now this is an authentic cartoon art style 2D belt scroll arcade action that features epic boss battles and amazing level design! Are your fingers fast enough to keep up with the action? Time to install the game and find out!
  • No Paint ($1.99): Now this is an interesting app by its own right. The premise is simple: Press "Paint" if you like what you see or "No" if you don't! Slide your finger over to the painting to "Nudge" and tap the painting to pause, title, and save. Mindless yet a time-killer.
  • 100 Balls ($0.99): Just how fast is your reaction time? Find out in this game of 100 Balls that is deceptively simple and yet highly addictive! You will test your reaction time by a simple tap in this game that is powered by a realistic physics engine.

We hope that our efforts have not been in vain, that you would have found some interesting new apps. If not, we'll be back early next week with more suggestions—and we're sure you'll find something suitable then! Have you spotted a paid app in the list? Then we would be happy for you to drop a hint to us in the comments!

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