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Free Pro versions: Don't miss these mobile games and apps!

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For the second time this week, we at NextPit have picked out free apps and games for iOS and Android. These pro apps are only free for a short time, so you should grab them quickly.

We present free apps and mobile games for iOS and Android to the NextPit community on Tuesdays and Fridayys! So here comes this week's second slide, including AppsFree and App Sliced.

Tip: As every week, we want to point out that you should download the apps you are interested in, even if you don't need them at the moment. Because even if you delete them again right after downloading them, they stay in the list of your 'purchased apps'. This means that you can always install them again later for free.

Free mobile games and apps for Android

Free Android apps

  • 4K Camera: (4,99 $): [Ends on Sunday] This well-rated camera app is aimed at us wannabe smartphone filmmakers. You can use different recording modes, choose frame rates, create time-lapse and slow-motion videos, and more.
  • Visual Math 4D (3,99 $): [Ends on Sunday] If you like (or need, sigh) maths, don't miss this graphical calculator.
  • Reminder Pro (2,29 $): With this app you can create lightning-fast reminders to check our free apps on Tuesdays and Fridays, for example.
  • My Sheet Music (2,99 $): This music score viewer is perfect for learning songs by measures. So I think it's perfectly suited – I'm a disaster at reading music!
  • SnagBricks (5,49 $): [Ends Sunday] Are you a civil engineer or have another job in the construction industry? Then this app might be just the thing to help you with your technical drawings.

Free Mobile Games for Android

  • Rogue Hearts (0,99 $): Nice dungeon crawler that likes to force you into in-app purchases, though. You can also farm weapons etc. in the game.
  • Hero Z (0,99 $): Do you like shooting zombies? Of course – EVERYONE likes to shoot zombies. In this game with a 4.5 star rating and a crisp difficulty level you can indulge this passion.
  • Requence (3,49 $): I have no clue if this game is any good yet. But it mentions a cat robot from the past. You'd have to be crazy not to install something like that.
  • Zombie Avengers: (Dreamsky) Stickman War Z (0,99 $): Zombies? Love 'em, as we've already established above. Stickman we like too – this action side-scroller gives you both!
  • Puzzle Game for Relax and Chill (0,99 $): Puzzle game where you have to lump figures together from three-dimensional polygons.
  • Sudoku Pro (2,99 $): Sudoku apps can never be recommended enough, right? Here you have a successful implementation that probably does exactly what the name promises.
  • Cat Simulator Kitty Craft Pro Edition (0,99 $): [Ends Sunday] Catching mice, scratching chairs, and knocking down vases – you'll be doing typical cat stuff with this cat simulator.

Free iOS Apps & Games

Free Apps for iOS

  • Camma (1,09 $): Very cool idea: you take a picture of an item with the app and then you can tag it directly with a note: Who was a certain gift from, what was the favorite recipe for a certain ingredient again, etc.
  • Safety Photo+Video Pro (4,49 $): Who does not know it: you hand your phone to somebody else and they see pictures that they should rather not see. With this app you can protect your media with passwords, TouchID or FaceID.
  • Phone Drive: File Storage Sync (3,49 $): Uses your iPhone as a mobile wireless flash drive. Well rated, comprehensive file manager.
  • Digital Barometer S10 (1,09 $): Need an easy-to-use barometer on your iPhone? Then here you go – this app is currently free.
  • Epica 2 Pro (1,09 $): We've recommended this comprehensive photo app to you several times before, and it's currently up for grabs for free once again.
  • GoMusic Video Player (3,49 $): A YouTube video player that lets you create your playlists, including a shuffle feature and a few other tricks.
  • CalcVier (3,49 $): This app turns your iPhone or iPad keyboard into a calculator. Handy when you need to do some quick calculations while chatting.
  • SnakeSnap! (0,99 $): Here in the city, we rarely have problems with snakes. But if you're out and about somewhere where you might come across these cute little creatures, this app will help you identify them.
  • Scanner Lens (9,99 $): If the iOS on-board scanning tools aren't enough for you, Scanner Lens gives you additional functionality.
  • Morning™ Alarm Clock for Spotify (4,99 $): If you want to enjoy Spotify songs on iOS to wake up to, this app is your solution.
  • Seterra Geography (1,99 $): The geography app is still free, so we still recommend it to you. Perfect for geography luddites like me.
  • LocalCast for Chromecast ( 7,99 $ ): You can currently save a whopping eight bucks on this app that streams music and videos to a Chromecast.
  • MealBoard - Meal Planner ( 3,99 $ ): Planning meals in advance? I should actually get into the habit of doing that. This application will help you.
  • Wallpapers of Top TikTokers (8,99 $): Friends. This app with TikTok wallpapers will stay in here until someone finally downloads it! 9 bucks it normally is for this app – what am I doing here?
  • SNMP and SSH Terminal (4,99 $): Here you get real-time SNMP traffic monitoring and a professional SSH terminal.

Free games for iOS

  • Subdivision Infinity (5,49 $): Fancy a graphically opulent sci-fi 3D space shooter? Then be quick before Crescent Moon Games charges 5,49 Euro for it again!
  • Math Racing 2 Pro (1,09 $): Do you also ponder day and night why there isn't a 3D fun racer that allows you to learn arithmetics at the same time? Here is the solution for this problem!
  • Rogue Hearts (1,09 $): This dungeon crawler is also currently free for iOS.
  • Cubes - Brain Teaser (3,49 $): Cubes is one of those easy to learn and then immediately addictive puzzle games. Have fun with it!
  • Nut Smasher (1,09 $): Do you have any idea how satisfying it can be to smash a nut with a hammer? You're only one download away from answering that question!
  • Christmas Tree of Kindness (2,29 $): How do you shop smart? Exactly – against the grain. So September is a fine month for a game where you get to decorate a Christmas tree by doing good deeds.
  • Pila (0,99 $): With this minimalist puzzle game, your job is to move a ball through different levels.
  • Towaga (0,99 $): Beautiful, hand-drawn graphics and crisp levels – those are the selling points of this game in 2D graphics.
  • Psycholonials (9,99 $): (Warning: in-app purchases!) Meet two influencers on an island off the coast of New England. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but it's the starting point of this game, where you'll have to venture into a daring social media experiment.
  • Z Room (0,99 $): Zombie games are a dime a dozen. What's special about this one: It's not only available for the iPhone, but also for the Apple Watch!
  • Card Thief (2,99 $): We've already recommended this hybrid of card and strategy game to you in our strategy game best list.
  • Tales from the Sea of Neon (2,99 $): Punk and glamour, robots and humans all coexist in this cyberpunk universe where you'll be trying to keep your detective agency afloat.
  • Tusker's Number Adventure ( 2,99 $ ): A quirky adventure game that simulates device failures, unauthorized file transfers, and system crashes. It's a bit too meta for me, but maybe it's something for you.

So, that's all, folks! We're done with our free app and game tips for this week and hope you found what you were looking for. Of course, I left some of Tuesday's recommendations back in, so that even those who missed the post can benefit from the downloads.

If you stumble across apps that are now paid again, please let us know in the comments. The NextPit team wishes you a great weekend and you know: Next week we will continue with new free recommendations!

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