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This War of Mine: Anti-war game supports the Ukrainian Red Cross

This War of Mine 2022
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War is a despicable thing. For better or worse, in modern entertainment we tend to glorify war, ignoring the uncomfortable truths behind it. This War of Mine is a game that takes the exact opposite direction. In this game, you manage a group of civilians who try to survive in a city that is under siege. Now, the developers are running a charity to help those who are currently suffering and the least I can do is tell you about it.


  • This War of Mine is a warzone survival game available for Android & iOS.
  • The game is discounted on the Apple App Store for $13.99 $1.99.
  • On the Google Play Store, the price is $13.99.
  • All profits gathered until 3/3/2022 will go to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Before we take a look at the game itself let us talk about this charity. 11bit Studios are well known for their efforts for people suffering from war. In 2018, they gathered over $500.000 to support children affected in warzones.

A few days ago, they started a new effort called #FuckTheWar to support the Ukrainian Red Cross. Under this initiative, they are donating all of their profits until 3/3/2022 and other developers answered the call. Thunderful Games, Crunching Koalas, and ALL iN! GAMES among others are taking action, donating their profits. From the first day of this initiative, they have already gathered $150.000.

So if you buy This War of Mine on any platform (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, macOS, PC, Linux, Classic Mac OS) you will be actively contributing to this effort. Even if This War of Mine is not of your taste, please take a look at the games from the other developers and buy something you will enjoy. The least we can do is play for Ukraine! 

This War of Mine - Experience war like never before

I have a long history with this game. When it first came out in 2014 it rocked me to my core. Being a gamer from my crib I was used to seeing images of war from the side of macho heroes I was in a sense, desensitized to the reality of it. This War of Mine changed that, since it offered a rough alternative that tackles the human side of such events that we are rarely exposed to.

In the base game, you get to control a handful of survivors, who are stranded in a city under siege inspired by the still vivid, Siege of Sarajevo. Each one has his own personality, weaknesses and strengths, both physical and mental. As the siege progresses and snipers shoot everyone moving, you need to scavenge for resources at night and hide, building your base at day.

But as the days pass and everyone is competing for necessities things turn desperate. Gangs form, shellings become worse and you will have to make some uncomfortable decisions to survive.

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"In war not everyone is a soldier" / © NextPit

The vulnerable, like the children and the elderly, are the ones suffering the most and your actions will impact the lives of everyone around you. If you also want to experience this side of the game for an added challenge, you can pay a small extra and try the available DLCs.

Logistically you will have to manage your food supplies, while injuries and sickness will pose a constant threat to your survivors. But the largest factor that creeps up on you only halfway is the mental detriment of your characters. Being shot at, not letting them help someone or killing someone will have long-lasting effects on their psyche and they may never recover, even after the war has ended.

In the end, This War of Mine is an impossible puzzle. You simply can't survive this experience unscathed and this was certainly true for me.

Is this War of Mine safe to download?

This War of Mine is developed by the renowned Polish developer 11bit Studios. Since this is a paid app there are no advertisements and in their privacy policy, state that they collect as little data as possible. Data for marketing or the newsletter are only collected upon separate consent.

In the game, there are in-app purchases in the form of DLCs that unlock new stories and content.

What do you think of This War of Mine? Have you tried any other of their games? Let me know in the comments. 

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