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Enjoy Your Weekend With These Free iOS And Android Apps

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I am sure you would always want something for free than to pay for it, even more so when that something is particularly useful. When it comes to apps, there are numerous apps available on the iOS and Android platforms. The better ones tend to be paid, but from time to time, developers offer their normally paid apps for free.

Unfortunately, we are unable to tell just when these temporarily free apps will become paid again. Having said that, if you come across an app that you think you would enjoy using, we highly recommend you download it first before it reverts to being paid. This list is published twice each week without any repeating apps.

While we do our level best to ensure these apps are not scams or privacy traps, some of them might feature more ads than usual in addition to an unusual amount of in-app purchases. We do not review the apps, but make sure they are rated at least 3.5 stars. It is different from our Top 5 Apps of the Week article which is published once each week.

Tip: If you think there is an app you would like to use in the future but do not need it already, you can download and install it first before uninstalling it. Said app will be considered as "purchased" and available in your app library forever.

Android apps that are free for a short time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • SkanApp ($19.99): A PDF book scanner that transforms your smartphone into a portable (and decent) scanner!
  • PS Waves Live Wallpaper ($1.49): While live wallpapers on your Android device will take up battery life, they are still lovely to look at as always.
  • Amortization Loan Calculator 2 ($14.99): So you have a house mortgage that doesn't seem to end despite having paid for years. Use this calculator to find out exactly how much longer you need to service the mortgage...
  • Sleep BeReal Sound ($14.99): Fall asleep faster and better with this app, as it plays back soothing sounds that will (hopefully) send you to dreamland in double-quick time.

Free Android games

  • ABC Dinos Full Version ($2.99): This educational game for preschool children will have them learning their ABCs in no time at all.
  • Star Wars Pinball 7 ($1.99): Pinball set in the Star Wars universe? Shut up and take my money. Wait a minute, the app is free!
  • WindWings ($1.99): Kill wave after wave of enemy spaceships that threaten your world and its very existence. Do you have the reflexes to beat all the levels?
  • Defense Zone 3 HD ($2.99): While it might look like your typical World War II scenario in a tower defense setting, the turrets are anything but ancient with amazing tech built right in.
  • Rogue Hearts ($0.99): An action RPG played from a top-down isometric view, you explore different dungeons and areas, making short work of your enemies as you become more powerful.

iOS apps that are free for a short time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Mortgage Calculator for Pros ($9.99): If you are in the financial line and have to calculate mortgages, why not get this app for free?
  • Origami Flowers ($2.49): Not all apps are useless and time wasters. This one teaches you how to fold origami flowers...
  • Imbiblia ($2.99): With 450 drink and ingredient recipes, this app created by a bartender would come in handy the next time you host a party.
  • Premium Resume Builder ($4.99): Construct a better resume as you market yourself to prospective employers using this app.
  • Image Eraser - Inpaint & Heal ($0.99): Want to get rid of that person who photobombed your well-framed shot? Perhaps this app might do its bit of magic.

Free games for the iPhone and iPad

  • FurryFury: Smash & Roll ($3.99): A one-click PvP game that lets your monster pit itself against others in an unforgiving arena. 
  • Alice Beyond Wonderland ($1.99): A point-and-click adventure that takes a different route from the usual Alice in Wonderland-inspired titles.
  • Bouncy Flip ($1.99): A simple yet super addictive game, you need to match the floor's color with the part of the ball as it lands.
  • Paintiles ($1.99): Paint tiles to match their colors in order to clear the board in this puzzle game.
  • Rogue Hearts ($0.99): A cool rogue-like dungeon crawler that will see you spend hours getting rid of enemies while growing more powerful and obtaining better gear.

Before you download any of the mentioned apps, we recommend you review the app's details on the Play Store or App Store. This is important because some of these free apps may have their own unique features or drawbacks.

In-App purchases and ads: Don't be surprised!

Be cautious with both free and paid apps, as they may disguise in-app purchases and advertisements. This is particularly important when downloading games for children. To prevent any unexpected issues, please take into account the following advice:

App permissions: Read the fine print!

Some applications employ a subtle strategy to generate profits by gathering and trading your personal data. To ensure your personal data's safety, it is advisable to grant only the necessary permissions for applications to operate. For instance, an alarm clock application does not require camera functionality or access to your contacts. Similarly, a flashlight app does not need access to your location.

Hopefully, these few tips can help you enjoy these Android and iOS free app downloads.

How has this week's free apps been for you? Were there apps on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store that knocked your socks off? Tell us in the comments.

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