Editorial guidelines


The editorial team at nextpit adheres to the following set of guidelines:

Review devices

Companies may loan us devices for review purposes, but we do not accept them with the agreement that they will be reviewed simply because they have been sent to us. Review equipment may be retained beyond the initial review period with the agreement of the company that loaned it so that we can produce updates to the review and other related content such as tips and tutorials. On occasion, we may review a product that has been purchased by one of our editors or by nextpit.


We obtain information from a variety of sources including manufacturers, public relations firms and other media. We include links to our sources at the end of our articles. If we first saw the story on another media site, we include a link to that story.

Image copyright

We acknowledge image copyright with an attribution below the image. If we have inadvertently reproduced an image without permission or misattributed copyright, please contact us.

Competitions and giveaways

nextpit sometimes gives products away as competition prizes or other forms of giveaway. These events should not be construed as editorial endorsements of the product or the company that makes it.


We're carrying advertising on our site as a source of revenue and to help keep our services free for you to use. Editorial content on nextpit is based on the editorial views of nextpit’s writers and is not influenced by our business partners or advertisers.

Affiliate links

Our site may contain affiliate links, which means that nextpit will earn a commission if you click the link to purchase a product. Our editorial content, and choice of companies and products that we write about, is not influenced by affiliate partners.

Sponsored content

nextpit sometimes carries sponsored content and ‘advertorials’, which are produced in conjunction with our business partners. This content may be created by nextpit writers with direction and input from a commercial partner or it may be created solely by a third party. If one of our business partners has paid for a piece of content to be created by nextpit and for it to appear on our site, then that content will be clearly marked as such.

Reader feedback

If you send a comment or enquiry to one of our editors - by email or social, for example - it will be responded to in a timely manner.

Other employment

Our editors may not take up outside employment, whether paid or unpaid, with companies that they cover as part of their work at nextpit. Additionally, any employment that is taken up by nextpit editors outside of the company requires the consent of nextpit’s senior management.