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Free for Android & iOS: These Pro versions are currently free of charge

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This week NextPit has once more a lot of free downloads for you. Here you can find links to apps and games that are free for iOS and Android for a short time only!

Twice a week we offer you a list of apps that actually cost money, but are currently available for free - here is the first slide for this week! Among them are again apps that we already recommended to you in the previous week. As long as they remain free, we'll be happy to offer them to you for longer, in case you missed one of our articles here.

Once again, we've scoured various corners of the web for deals. But if that's not enough for you, we also have an app tip for you every day - and if that's still not enough, you can train yourself to be an app hunter with the help of our guide to finding free apps.

Tip: Found an interesting app that you're not currently using? Put it on your smartphone for a short time and then simply delete it again. It is then considered "purchased" and can be installed again for free at any time.

Free Android apps and games

Free Android apps

  • Reminder Pro ($2.29): This app, which reminds you of your errands, to-do lists, and tasks, is one we've recommended here before. Right now, the 4.4-star rated app is free again.
  • STC - Shotgun Ballistics ($6.49) [Ends tomorrow!]: This niche app is aimed at hunters and sport shooters among you. Don't let anyone say that we don't have recommendations for you beyond compass apps and Sudoku games.
  • BitProject ($0.99): Plain project management that works well according to reviews. Mainly for simple projects, though.
  • One Swipe Notes ($0.99): One Swipe Notes is a simple notes app with an inspiring principle. We have already introduced you to One Swipe Notes separately.
  • Simple Photo Widget ($0.99): Interesting alternative for those of you who are not happy with the pre-installed photo app.
  • Unit Converter (Pega Pro) ($7.49): A great rated app that does exactly what the name promises: convert units!
  • Dissection Master XR ($9.99)We've already introduced you to this augmented reality app that lets you take a closer look at the human body.
  • Teach Me Surgery ($6.99): This learning app is along roughly the same lines as the one above, and again, it gets down to the nitty gritty for budding surgeons. And yes: We have a separate article for you here, too.

Free games for Android

  • oO ($0.99): With this game still available for free for two days, it's not just the name that's minimalist. It's a simple dodge game where you control a ball.
  • Sudoku (Premium Pro) ($3.99): Come on - you want it, I want it: another Sudoku game! This one isn't just premium or pro, it's PREMIUM PRO, dammit!
  • Monkey GO Happy ($0.99): This puzzle game forgoes ads and in-app purchases, is well rated, offers 75 levels, and hey: you can put 30 different hats on the monkey!
  • Calc Fast ($0.99): Below is another math game that we recommend you play repeatedly. But since you can never have enough of such games and this one is not explicitly aimed at children, we also recommend this one.
  • Tap Town - Soul Event ($1.99): Build village, train heroes, beat up monsters - you know the drill.
  • Cross the Cliff ($0.99): Simple casual game with 100 levels in the style of Grass Cut.
  • Math games for kids: Multiplication Table PRO ($0.99) [Ends tomorrow!]: This tip goes out to parents with kids between the ages of 6 and 12 to get them excited about math through play.

Free iOS Apps and Games

Free Apps for iOS

  • MIDAS - 4K Live Filter Camera ($3.99): Tool that lets you create 4K videos - even while listening to music on the side with your iPhone.
  • Shortcut Pro - Icons Manager ($2.99): This ad-free app offers you more than 1000 icons to customize your homescreen.
  • The Jukebox App ($4.99): An app for music fans who want to clone their Spotify playlists. It lets you change those playlists with multiple people at a party without touching the original.
  • Woofit ($0.99): Fitness/workout app aimed explicitly at women.
  • Big Clock ($0.99): This app, which conjures up a beautiful clock widget on your display, has been recommended here several times.
  • Epica 2 Pro ($0.99): Ready for Halloween? Then download this camera app. With this app you can transform yourself into scary monsters.
  • AlphaBlur Image Effects ($2.99): You can add bokeh effects to images with this app.
  • Teach Me Surgery ($4.99): The iOS version of the app we recommended above for Android as well!
  • Dissection Master XR ($18.99): And we've also recommended this app for learning about the human body to you in the Android version above.
  • Universal Remote ($9.99): Provided your TV is a smart TV, this app lets you control it from the comfort of your phone.
  • Syndromi ($2.99): An alternative YouTube app that is quite popular!

Free games for iOS

  • 7 Stories ($1.99): Plain and rather medium-rated RPG in old-school garb. Still interesting for retro fans.
  • Motex ($3.99): Shoot with bullets at stones to get rid of them. Long since a classic casual game.
  • Block vs Block ($2.99): Haha, you've probably noticed by now that we've been foisting this beautifully made Tetris clone on you every few weeks, right?
  • MySolar ($4.99): Nothing special planned for today? Then it would be a perfect day to create your own star system like a god, wouldn't it?
  • Cooking Kawaii ($0.99): Oh, this restaurant manager game is free right now. Grab it, because 4.7 stars don't lie (okay, maybe they do if they're only the result of 15 reviews).
  • Tiny Orchestra ($2.99): Nice educational game for your kids to introduce them to the world of music by letting them create their own orchestra.
  • Poker Pop! ($1.99): Casual game that turns out to be an entertaining hybrid of matching game, poker and dominoes.
  • Girls Army Shooting Game 2021 ($0.99): A shooter game that features an all-female army? Probably another outgrowth of supposed equality, which I don't understand right away.
  • Alphaputt ($1.99): Chilling letter mini-golf game, which we've also already recommended to you in a separate article.
  • Bike Life! ($0.99): In this racing game, you'll blast through a city on a bike. Rated with 4,7 stars!
  • BrainConnect ($0.99): This brain-jogging-style game is designed to get your grey matter going.
  • Dirt Bike Rider Stunts Race 3d ($7.99): A motorcycle game where you get to / have to perform all the stunts you'd better hold off doing out on the street!
  • Puzzles & ELF™:Epic War OF UGC ($0.99): I still don't understand this mobile game. The rating is good (4.6 stars), but the reviews say otherwise. Feel free to tell me what it's all about!
  • Astrå ($0.99): Face 32 levels as Hemera (meaning day in Greek) while battling the darkness.
  • Card Crawl ($4.99): A visually beautiful card game that we've been recommending to you here for a while now, just like the Card Thief that follows.
  • Card Thief ($2.99): Card Thief has truly earned its place in our article on the best strategy games. So download it fast!

Did you find what you were looking for in our free downloads? If not, make sure to check back with NextPit every day for more app posts, and Friday we'll have our second slide of free apps and games.

As always, we'd love for you to share your app recommendations with us today and also let us know if any of the linked apps are already paid again.

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