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An epic trilogy of RPG games is now free on Android!

NextPit Tales of Illyria

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Do you like D&D? Well, today's article is for you! Adventurers, Tales of Illyria is an indie RPG with three standalone parts bound to keep you occupied for endless hours! Oh, and did I mention that all of them are free for a limited time on Google Play Store?


  • All three parts from Tales of Illyria are free to download for Android. 
  • If you bought all the games individually, you would have to pay $3.00.
  • Tales of Illyria is an adventure RPG with survival, dungeon crawling, and idler mechanics.
  • The games have no ads, but they feature in-app purchases that I found unnecessary.

Admittedly, this indie RPG hooked me from the first moment I started playing. Something about the hand-drawn graphics as well as the roughness and overall difficulty is very appealing as it reminds of me my first pen and paper experiences.

This is something common among all three games that take part in the same world: The first one, Tales of Illyria: Fallen Knight, takes the classic plot of someone who lost everything and seeks justice in the middle of a deadly war.

The second, Tales of Illyria: The Iron Wall, has players surviving in the wild desert that exists beyond the Iron Wall. Here the challenges are similar, but the rougher environment of the desert gives the mechanics of the game an interesting twist.

The third part, Tales of Illyria: Destinies, is the most ambitious of the three, allowing you to build your own character and explore the world at your own pace with more freedom.

Why download Tales of Illyria?

Tales of Illyria as a whole is a great experience on Android that brings together the best of many genres. At its core, we find basic RPG mechanics like character stats, items, dialogues with decisions, random encounters, and dice checks.

But the game soon combines other genres with survival elements. You have to take your party from city A to city B to finish the quests (The Oregon Trail style). While on the road, you will have to pay attention to weather conditions, food availability, and other hazards. For example, I was very unhappy to find out that refilling your water supplies from the local river may give your party a nasty dysentery infection.

Add to this the fact that your characters have their own morals that affect their mood and the complexity of the gameplay offers a depth that you rarely find in mobile RPGs. The same can be said about the combat too, which features a turn-based system. Here either the AI can control your party, like in an idle game, or you can go all in and micromanage every turn.

The overall indie feel of the games is also something that brings a lot of character to the experience. The story and the quests are a bit on the cliche side, reminding me a lot of the Lone Wolf gamebook RPGs, with each game offering up to 60+ hours of gameplay. The graphics are also quite charming, having a hand-drawn feel to them, just like the doodles you would expect from a pen and paper veteran that keeps the log of the party. 

The only real issue is the U.I. But if you decide to stay and overlook the complete inability of the tutorial to teach you the game, and the odd controls (you even have to use the hardware return button which feels counterintuitive, to say the least,) then you will get to experience one of the best RPGs I could find for quite some time.

Is Tales of Illyria safe to download?

The developer, Little Killerz Video Games, offers a very clear answer in their laconic privacy policy. They state that they only collect information about your screen size, log game statistics and error reports to improve the game. In addition, you do not need an account to play the game. There are a few microtransactions, but it is clear that the game can be completed without them.

Finally, running the game through the exodus privacy platform we can confirm the claims from the privacy policy. There are zero trackers and the seven required permissions are all aligned with what the game offers.

Do you like Pen and Paper games? Do you have any more mobile RPGs to recommend to us? Let me know in the comments!

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