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Free apps for Android & iOS: Get these paid versions for free!

NextPit Apps of the week 10
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NextPit has put together another attractive package full of free apps for Android and iOS for this Friday. Speed is of the essence here, because the apps and games are only free for a short time in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Pros scroll straight on to the links, to everyone else I'll briefly explain what's happening in this post: We check the app stores for you via deal sites or via apps like AppsFree. There we pick out the free offers and list them for you below. This means that we only collect recommendations for apps that usually have to be paid for.

Unfortunately, these apps and mobile games are only free for a few days. Since we usually don't know when the downloads will have a regular price tag again, you shouldn't waste any time and press the download button immediately!

A note on our own behalf: Unlike our other app reviews, there is no quality control on our part in these free lists. So we don't know if the apps are protecting your data, if there are outrageous in-app sales, or if a game is just grotty bad. So keep that in mind when downloading and check it on your own responsibility.

Tip: If you find an app exciting, but don't really need it, you should download it anyway. This way, it becomes your property and you can remove it from your phone immediately after downloading and reinstall it if necessary.

Free apps for your Android phone

These apps are free in the Google Play Store

  • VPN Pro ($0.99): This VPN app comes without ads, is free, well rated (4.2 stars) and easy to use. So what are you waiting for?
  • Gallery Pro Pay Once Lifetime ($2.49): If you're struggling with the pre-installed gallery on your phone, you might want to give this app a shot. It sorts your photos, lets you view them in slide mode, share them with friends, and also password-protects them.
  • QR and barcode scanner PRO ($1.99): We've already recommended this highly rated QR scanner to you several times. It also scans barcodes, supports WLAN QR codes and lets you create your own codes.
  • Premium Camera ($3.99): This ad-free app is still free. It offers an extensive feature list, ranging from a timer (for example, you can have a photo taken automatically every ten minutes) to real-time filters and effects to burst mode and much more.

These mobile games are free in the Google Play Store

  • 2048 Puzzle Game ($17.99): A proper free apps list should always include a variant of the 2048 idea, right? This game offers you just that, and also lets you choose from eight different themes.
  • Dungeon Corp. S (Idle RPG) ($1.49): An RPG game with retro graphics, but one from the Idle department. Of course, you'll have to make your heroes as strong as possible, just like in any other RPG game.
  • Infinity Dungeon 2 ($0.99): Guess how big the dungeon is when the game is called Infinity Dungeon. And guess who has to take his party to beat up all the zombies jumping around in the dungeon.
  • Dungeons and Pixel Heroes VIP ($1.99): Since all good things come in threes, here comes a third game with "Dungeons" in the title and pixelated retro graphics. You can never have enough of those, right?
  • Stickman Ghost Premium ($0.99): A bit of role-playing, a bit of hack-and-slash, plus a handful of medieval, a pinch of ninja and a stickman - if that's not the recipe for the perfect Android game, I don't know what is!
  • OXXO ($1.99): You'll have to group matching blocks in this puzzle game with a 4.8-star rating.

Free apps for your iPhone

These apps are free for iOS

  • Watercolorizer ($1.99): This app instantly transforms your photos into images with a watercolor look.
  • Polyglot ($1.99): This software keyboard impresses with its support for very many languages, including associated special characters. Supports languages like German, English and French, but also languages like Catalan, Icelandic and Esperanto.
  • Safety Photo + Video Pro ($3.99): Do you have photos on your iPhone that you really don't want anyone to see? With this app, which we always recommend, you can protect these pictures and secure them with a password.
  • AirDisk Pro ($2.99): This is another app we've recommended several times for storing, viewing, and managing files on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can connect AirDisk Pro from any Mac or PC via Wi-Fi network and transfer files by dragging and dropping.
  • Dog Assistant ($4.99): I'm not really up to speed on this one, but 4.8 stars sounds good for now, right? Here you get an app that tracks the habits and progress you make with your dog. Should save time in practice for the animal and the master or mistress.
  • Image Converter ($0.99): This app does exactly what its name suggests: It converts your images into other desired formats.
  • Notion ($14.99): Notion is mainly known to musicians, because the software for music notation has been around for many years. Turns your music into sheet music.

These mobile games are free for iOS

  • FlapThatBat ($0.99): What would a cartoon game with a bat look like if the iPhone had existed in 1920? Probably something like this game, which you can get for free just in time for Halloween.
  • Blackthorn Castle 2 ($2.99): If you're a fan of Syntaxity's point-and-click adventures like I am, you'll want to grab this one! We already introduced you to Blackthorn Castle 2 a while ago in a separate article.
  • Carrier Landing HD ($0.99): Very handsome and comprehensive flight simulator for iOS devices.
  • Shadow of Death: Premium Games ($0.99): Visually appealing hack-and-slash fantasy epic where you slaughter your way through the world with four heroes.
  • Tank Battle - Mini War ($4.99): If you've ever played NES Battle City, you'll quickly feel at home with this tank battle game.
  • Girl City Fighter Street Fight ($0.99): Girl Fight! For a change, only representatives of the fairer sex bash each other's heads in this street fight brawler.

I hope that you found what you were looking for in the suggested apps today. If not, don't worry, because there will be a new list on Tuesday. Alternatively, you can find our Top 5 Apps of the Week every Sunday, where exciting apps are presented to you - so feel free to check them out!

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