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Free iOS And Android Apps For The Weekend

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Why pay for something when you can obtain it without cost? When it comes to apps, there are numerous options available on the iOS and Android platforms. The higher-quality ones typically come with a price, but occasionally, developers may be generous and offer their paid apps for free.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict when these temporarily free apps will transition back to being paid. Therefore, if you come across an app that you believe you will enjoy, we highly recommend installing it before it returns to a paid status. This list is updated twice a week and does not include any apps that have been previously featured.

While we strive to ensure that these apps are not privacy traps or scams, it is possible that some of them may contain more advertisements than what you would typically encounter, along with an unusual number of in-app purchases. We do not provide detailed reviews of the apps, but we ensure that they have a minimum rating of 3.5 stars. This is a different article from our Top 5 Apps of the Week article, which is published once each week.

Tip: If you think there is an app you would like to use in the future but do not need it already, you can download and install it first before uninstalling it. Said app will be considered as "purchased" and available in your app library forever.

Android apps that are free for a short time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • All TV Screen Mirroring Pro ($9.99): Most modern-day TVs these days allow you to cast your phone screen onto it. This app offers you such an option just in case...
  • Brightness Control ($0.99): Auto-adjustable brightness? That's old hat on Android phones. However, this app lets you adjust the individual app's screen brightness accordingly.
  • Dental Designer Art ($12.99): Think your smile would look a whole lot better without coffee stains on your teeth? This app performs the right amount of editing to get the desired result!
  • 80s Music Radio Pro ($0.70): If you think that 80s music is the best, why not listen to non-stop 80s hits with this app?

Free Android games

  • Dino Tim ($2.99): A fun game for the little ones that teaches them basic math skills, indulging them in counting games and the like.
  • The Chronos Principle ($2.99): A puzzle game that explores the concept of time manipulation, immersing you in a unique game.
  • Bricks Breaker Pro ($3.99): A new take on the classic Arkanoid game, it might be mindless but relaxing at the same time.
  • Truth or Dare Pro ($0.99): This is definitely a fun game to play with a group of friends, and works even better when there is booze involved!
  • Mr Racer ($4.99): Race against other drivers in this adrenaline-pumping game that brings you to races all over the world.

iOS apps that are free for a short time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • VidEdit ($0.99): Edit videos while you are on the move with this nifty app.
  • Anchor Pointer Compass GPS ($4.99): No internet? No problem! This compass app will still be able to work.
  • Rain Radar ($9.99): Be a walking weather radar with this app, complete with lovely animation to provide you with the weather conditions at a glance.
  • Monetal - Expense Tracker ($0.99): Having trouble managing your expenses? Fret not, with Monetal, you should be able to get a better grasp on your daily expenditure.
  • McClockface ($5.99): Sick and tired of the standard clock on your iPhone? This widget adds much more flair whenever you want to tell the time.

Free games for the iPhone and iPad

  • Guess the Spot ($0.99): How good is your geography? This trivia game will bring you all over the world. 
  • Dino Tim ($2.99): It is inevitable your little ones are exposed to mobile devices from a young age. Might as well use that to your advantage with educational apps like this, teaching them math.
  • The Chronos Principle ($2.99): Want to blow some steam? This game places you in a serene atmosphere as you solve puzzles while exploring the concept of time manipulation.
  • ColorFold ($1.99): How good are you with origami? This puzzle game will see you fold ribbons and move them, but since there are so many colors, don't end up in a tangled mess!
  • Crazy Caps ($0.99): With so many different types of match-3 puzzle games around, you might want to try this on for size.

Before you download any of the mentioned apps, we recommend you review the app's details on the Play Store or App Store. This is important because some of these free apps may have their own unique features or drawbacks.

In-App purchases and ads: Don't be surprised!

Be cautious with both free and paid apps, as they may disguise in-app purchases and advertisements. This is particularly important when downloading games for children. To prevent any unexpected issues, please consider the following advice:

App permissions: Read the fine print!

Some applications employ a subtle strategy to generate profits by gathering and trading your personal data. To ensure your personal data's safety, it is advisable to grant only the necessary permissions for applications to operate. For instance, an alarm clock application does not require camera functionality or access to your contacts. Similarly, a flashlight app does not need access to your location.

Hopefully, these few tips can help you enjoy these Android and iOS free app downloads.

That's all for now for this weekend's list of free apps. If there were any Google Play Store or Apple App Store offerings that you found helpful, let us know in the comments.

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