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Every single week, NextPit searches the Internet to look for a selection of good deals for mobile apps and games for iOS and Android that normally costs something, but are available for free on a temporary basis on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This list of free apps is updated weekly with at least two weekly editions. Between the time of publication and the moment you read this article, it is possible that some applications have become paid again. Google Play Store promos on apps are fairly easy to predict, but it's more complicated with App Store promos, since Apple doesn't specify just how long the discount is valid for.

Quick tip: Whenever you stumble upon an interesting app but have no real use for it just yet, why not just install the app? After doing so, just delete it from your device. This way, the app will become part of your app library and you can install it again for free when you need it. This is a justifiably reliable method to take full advantage of a short-lived promotion.

Temporarily free Android apps on the Google Play Store

Android productivity/lifestyle apps that are temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  • Website Shortcut Maker ($0.99): Forget about putting bookmarks on your browser when you can place a shortcut to your favorite website as an icon on the home screen with this app.
  • Reminder Pro ($2.99): This reminder app does not come with any advertisements, so you can install this and make sure you never forget anything ever again - assuming you remember to key in the entry, of course!
  • How Much Can I Spend? ($2.99): This is not an expense tracker app, but it is an app that helps you discover just how much money you have left to be able to spend on stuff. Perfect for those who are trying to tide through the month, and hey, it is free for now so might as well make the best of it.
  • Camera 4K Pro ($0.99): Do you think that the stock camera app on your smartphone isn't up to snuff? Perhaps it is time to try a paid app, where this one allows a greater degree of flexibility.
  • Rotation Control ($0.99): While most of us have auto-rotate enabled on our smartphones, there are times when it does not work as intended. This app can force your screen to rotate even if the running app does not support such a feature, now how about that?

Android mobile games that are temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  • Bulbs - A Game of Lights ($0.99): Bulbs is a variation of the classic Simon game, where you pit your memory retention with a simple yet challenging and addictive game. There are numerous difficulty modes to choose from.
  • Jeff the Killer REborn ($0.99): It is time to escape with your life from Jeff! Whatever you do, do not get caught by him or it is curtains for you! You will need to discover key objects in the game to buy you some time.
  • WhamBam Warriors ($3.49): Make sure your party is well-equipped in order to handle whatever horrors the dungeon is able to throw at you!
  • Offline Tap Tap Cartoonist ($0.99): This game has a very quirky premise, where the creator intends to take over the world with his cartoons after getting paid peanuts for his efforts!
  • World of Chess 3D Pro ($1.99): Battle against your opponent with this 3D rendition of the classical strategy game. Surely you would not retire when faced with certain opponents who have a propensity for cheating, will you?
  • Crazy Owls Puzzle ($0.99): This is like Candy Crush, except that you have owls in place. Surely playing this game is a hoot as it takes on a slightly different graphical format!
  • Shuriken Jump ($0.99): Just when you thought that Fruit Ninja was the epitome of slicing games, enter Shuriken Jump. This game requires you to react quickly by hopping upwards from beam to beam, slicing fruits while you are doing so.

Temporarily free iOS apps in the Apple App Store

These productivity/lifestyle iOS apps are temporarily free in the Apple App Store

  • Plant Light Meter ($2.99): Let your iOS device help keep your plants' health in check! Lack of light is the second-highest leading cause of death among plants, so this app will be able to measure the amount of light in the vicinity so that you know whether your plants are getting enough sunlight!
  • Better Player for YouTube ($0.99): This is what YouTube should be - ad-free and an automatically darkened background with an embedded controller when viewing videos. Heck, you can even play videos picture-in-picture if you so desire! 
  • speedo[kilo]meter ($0.99): Simple yet functional, this app lets you store your maximum speed that you are traveling, where you can specify the mode of transportation (bike/car/train/plane). I guess it works great for bragging at the bar, but do travel safe! Supported measurements include both km/h and mph.
  • App Secret ($1.99): Are you paranoid that some people might actually sniff around your iPhone when you are not around? This app relies on an array of lock options to securely protect important data on your device while preventing unauthorized access.

The iOS games are temporarily free on the Apple App Store

  • Word Games - 92-in-1 ($1.99): Go nuts with 92 different word games on your iOS device that are guaranteed to keep you occupied for hours on end!
  • Rain Drop Catcher ($1.99): Surprisingly, this can be quite an addictive game as you move a potted plant around, trying to amass points by not letting a single rain drop hit the ground.
  • Isopod ($0.99): Isopod breaks new ground by offering a twist in a ball balance game - you are actually controlling a roly-poly pill bug that moves through actual environments, going up against insect predators and avoiding them to make progress.
  • Reaction Timer Game ($0.99): No ads, no Internet connectivity required, just pure skill and reaction time. This is as primal as it gets, where you answer the questions thrown at you as fast as possible.
  • Happy Truck ($1.99): You are a trucker who needs to deliver fruits to the marketplace, but the road there is often filled with bumps and obstacles which you have to skillfully navigate. 
  • Hot Lap League ($4.99): With more than 150 tracks to compete in, you will definitely find yourself on the edge of your seat most of the time, trying to beat the rest of the competition by being the fastest.
  • Rise of King Arthur ($0.99): If you liked Diablo or have played it while growing up, perhaps this hack-and-slash action RPG will be your preferred choice when it comes to killing time on the subway.
  • SciFlyr ($0.99): Forget about endless runners - here is an endless flyer game! You go through an exciting and fast-paced environment in a futuristic four-lane superhighway, dodging obstacles and avoiding oncoming traffic!

What do you think of our selection this week? Did you find other interesting applications or games on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store? Feel free to share your goodies in the comments.

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