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Top 5 Android & iOS Apps of the Week: Prosper, Focus Go, and 2 Games

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Are you in need of new app suggestions for your smartphone? If the answer is yes, then you're in for a treat. We have put together a collection of the best 5 apps of the week just for you. Our team of editors at nextpit has taken great care in selecting and testing five thrilling options that cater to both iPhone and Android users. So, let's get started and explore these exciting choices!

What's in store this week? Focus Go for Android only lets you have an enjoyable photo gallery experience. Prosper will hopefully make your life more organized, while Diarium ensures you get to jot your thoughts down digitally. Tokyo Debunker will see you solve supernatural cases all over Tokyo, while Lona: Realm of Colors is a point-and-click adventure that is beautiful to look at as well as play.

Nowadays, numerous applications come with in-app purchases or advertisements. Nevertheless, we meticulously evaluate all apps to guarantee fairness and safeguard you against unforeseen expenses. Our primary objective is to discover apps that improve your smartphone usage and offer added advantages.

If you're keen on finding great app bargains, remember to check out our assortment of free apps for the week! Each week, we feature a range of apps that are typically paid but currently accessible for free as part of a promotional deal. So, let's delve into our selection of the top 5 apps for this week and uncover the finest mobile games and apps that have made the list!

Tokyo Debunker (Android & iOS)

Intrigue and clandestine assassination operations? Count me in. Basically, this game follows in the footsteps of a husbando anime-style title, where the place of interest is Darkwick Academy. That is no ordinary school since the students comprise a very unique group who have exchanged their souls with the devil for a special wish. As the protagonist, you will work with them, moving all around the metropolis that is Tokyo in order to solve supernatural cases.

  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: Yes / Account required: No

The graphics are simply amazing and breathtakingly beautiful. I would also not fault the gameplay, although there is one major drawback if you are looking for a game that does not suck your pocket dry with seemingly endless in-app purchases. It does get tiring and irritating after a while, but if you can bear with it, there is plenty that can be done in the game to keep you occupied.

Is there a saving grace to this game? Well, the voice-acting certainly adds to the overall charm, and the comic is not just empty fillers, but offers some story lessons to reflect upon.

Lona: Realm of Colors (Android & iOS)

Do you love mindless games that do not really need any kind of brain power, but rather, just to pass time? If so, do give Lona: Realm of Colors a miss. This is a point-and-click adventure that takes the road less traveled, focusing on art, which is different since there is less dialogue and puzzles for you to worry about. Do pay attention to the narration if you would like to progress.

Each level happens to be part of Lona’s story, and the role falls upon you to figure out how to bring matters to a peaceful close. The game’s mechanics are interesting in the sense that each level features two sides: there is the chaotic side that is represented by Ms. Schmidt the cat while the dark side is represented by Mr. Ruppel the crow. 

  • Price: $0.99 / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: None / Account required: No

Feel free to switch between the two worlds anytime as you attempt to bring balance in a particular situation. I found it amusing that whatever I did on one side tends to affect the other side without me knowing it. In total, there are 14 unique scenes from Lona’s memory, with two sides to each painting. If anything, this is a weirdly relaxing game that does not rush you to complete it. Do take your time in completing it, as I did with my progress. 

Diarium (Android & iOS)

We humans have this need to create, to ensure a part of us remains long after we have drawn our last breath. One of the easiest ways one can do so is by putting to pen what they want others to know about them. While the traditional pen-and-paper route has more or less died, penning down one's thoughts digitally is the way to go.

Enter Diarium, a functional yet feature-rich digital journal that curates and collects all your memories in a single location. Heck, just in case you have the cloud of procrastination hanging over you as I do, the app irritatingly enough reminds you to jot down your thoughts.

Top 5 apps - Diarium screenshots
Diarium will encourage you to store your thoughts in this digital diary. / © nextpit
  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: Yes ($9.99/annual) / Account required: No

What I absolutely love about Diarium is that it does not contain any ads or subscriptions. You can also opt to attach various photos, videos, files, audio recordings, ratings, and even locations to each entry. It is always nice to revisit old memories from time to time, and it is certainly therapeutic for me from time to time as I appreciate what I have. 

I like how the search function works whenever I need to refer to older entries, simply because as I age, my memory begins to fail. While it does not possess a mind-blowing user interface, it is a snap to include photos and other attachments to each entry. The next time the missus remarks, "Remember that time when we were in Hong Kong..." and I can quickly make a search and reply, "Oh yes, where you wore that washed out Uniqlo jeans and cute little top." Oh boy, am I going to set her heart all a-flutter with such amazing memory.

Prosper (Android & iOS)

I am quite a laidback person, and hence, I tend to leave things to the last minute or do not plan ahead. Unfortunately, there is an app that can help mold me into a more determined and disciplined person, and that app is Prosper. Touted as a time management and task organizer, I decided that I shall not wait until New Year's Eve in 2024 to turn over a new leaf. Why not begin now? Hopefully, it will help me meet my writing deadlines better.

Top 5 apps - Prosper screenshots
Prosper should be able to help you get your life back on track with some organization. / © nextpit
  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: Yes ($1.99/month, $9.99/annual, $29.99/lifetime) / Account required: No (but recommended)

The layout is great and easy to understand. I love how the tasks are more individualized, giving me a healthy amount of leeway to edit my schedule. The ability to assign different colors and emojis makes it more upbeat and less serious. Simply key in a task, the amount of time required, and you're good to go!

Prosper works best if you have upgraded it to a Prime account. However, it is still functional on a very basic level for you to figure out whether it is worth forking out money to access more features. If you do, I would highly recommend the lifetime subscription fee if you foresee yourself using it for more than 3 years. 

Focus Go (Android)

Another week, another Android-only app. I'm sorry, iOS users, as nextpit's original DNA was AndroidPit, although we have decided to be more accommodating over the years. Focus Go is meant for Android users, being a unique photo gallery that is simple and easy to use. Since it does not come bloated with numerous features, the developer decided to take the simple and zen route by including only features that most users would require.

  • Price: Free / Advertising: No / In-app purchases: No / Account required: No
Top 5 apps - Focus Go screenshots
Scrolling through your phone's photo gallery is a snap with Focus Go. / © nextpit

Galleries in this context are meant to be a massive canvas that showcases your favorite visual topic in chronological order, going from new to old to make it easier to jog your memory. Once you select a photo from the gallery, it will just show up like it should, buttery smooth. There are options that allow you to render photos in HDR and view thumbnails in higher quality, of which will tax your smartphone's processor more which might result in a possible performance degradation.

Feel free to share photos viewed in Focus Go to other apps and vice versa. I think the best point about this app is its amazing APK size of a mere 2.3MB, truly making it a compact powerhouse of an app if you're running low on storage space and yet want amazing performance.

Did you happen to chance upon an exciting new app this week? Don't keep it to yourself, let us and the nextpit community know in the comments!

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