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May 30, 2016, 4:45:34 PM via Website

Forum Rules

  1. Basic Rules
  2. User profiles
  3. Usernames
  4. Posts
  5. Guidelines for the provision of hardware – Read this before selling!
  6. Signatures
  7. Avatars

NextPit is growing rapidly! We have millions of readers each month and every day our community is growing.

We're very excited about our growth! It reassures us that our efforts are worthwhile. Unfortunately with success and growth come some new difficulties within the community. Particularly some users who do not participate in a tone that we here at NextPit use and expect.

We have been working with our volunteer moderators for a long time, including having in-person meetings, to make NextPit a success. However, a small number of users may still violate our website guidelines. Therefore it is important to outline what we all expect here:

Basic Rules

Community really means "community"! We expect people to treat each other respectfully and maintain a friendly and polite tone.

  • Android is a topic that will bring many users to NextPit who do not have much experience with computers. We expect that these users will not be laughed at but instead treated with respect, even if questions are sometimes asked that seem rather obvious.

  • New users who ask questions that have been answered many times before should not be dismissed with just a "use the search function" reply. Especially not in an annoyed tone. It is more helpful to provide a link to the appropriate thread.
    Insults or threats of any kind will not be tolerated on NextPit! If this happens, the responsible user will first receive a warning via a Private Message and a public yellow card. If it happens again, we will deactivate the user's account immediately. We do not want these users on AndroidPIT.

User profiles

  • Only one account is permitted per user.

  • If we discover that a user has multiple accounts we reserve the right to warn the user or delete their accounts.


  • Usernames that are offensive, racist or obscene are not permitted and such accounts will be deleted by the forum team without notice.

  • If an already-registered user changes their name to a racist, obscene or offensive name, then the forum team reserves the right to amend the name without notice to something more neutral. If the same user attempts again to make a similar name change, their account will be deleted by the forum team.


  • Please choose a descriptive title for new threads that include either your question or a description of what the post is about.

  • Titles such as "Help" or other single words are neither helpful nor encourage other users to help you or respond. Posts or threads that do not contain a descriptive title will be deleted by a moderator without notice.

  • Linking to illegal content (including, but not limited to: copyrighted apps, piracy, sites that offer illegal content, etc.) are not permitted and will be deleted without exception. Such a violation may result in a warning or disabling of the user's account.

  • Posts created as advertising or that contain advertising are not permitted and will be deleted without exception. Such a violation may result in a warning or disabling of the user's account.

  • The "pushing" or "bumping" of your own contributions by repeatedly posting in your own thread is considered rude and in no way increases the willingness of others to respond to you. Please refrain from doing so.

  • The denigration, or so-called "bashing", of third-parties (including, but not limited to: companies, retail chains, products, etc.) is not productive and should be avoided.

  • New threads in the "Hardware Offers" section should conform to the rules outlined below. Otherwise the thread will be deleted by a moderator.

  • Directly linking to files is not allowed. These links will be deleted without notice and we may contact users to warn them. You may, however, link to a webpage that contains links to files. An exception is made for user-created content, if this is made clear in the thread.

  • Postings that only contain just "+1" or quoted text in addition to "+1" will automatically be deleted without further notice. Sames goes for "+10", "+100", etc.

  • Links that contain Affiliate codes are not allowed and will be deleted without warning. If a users continues to post affiliate links, he will be contacted by us and might risk a warning/ban from our website.

  • App developers have the possibility with AndroidPIT to share their apps in a subcategory of the forum called ''Let me show you my App''. The apps which are posted there must be available for free in the Google Play Store. Posting and the promotion of paid apps is not allowed. The developer must also mention if the app includes in-app purchases. A thread in which you post your app must always include screenshots. Finally, it is not allowed to post updates about the app. Any additional information can be added by editing the original post.

Guidelines for the provision of hardware – Read this before selling!

In the "Hardware Offers" section of the forum you have the opportunity to sell your Android devices. Only private sales are permitted, however. Commercial sales are not permitted at AndroidPIT. Thank you for your understanding.

If you want to sell your hardware, please ensure you provide the following information:

  • Model
  • Brand
  • Firmware
  • Condition and age
  • Root or no root
  • With or without branding
  • Asking price

The asking price is especially important so other users can navigate through offers and understand expectations.

Please consider: The more precisely you describe your device the better chance you have of selling it. Providing photos will also help you, as they convey more information than words can.

To the buyer:

Please do not discuss the hardware, updates, etc., nor the price, in the discussion thread. Instead, you can do this very quickly using the e-mail function.

Important information for buyers and sellers:

Devices that have been rooted or have a custom ROM instead of the original are in NO CIRCUMSTANCE covered by warranty from the manufacturer of the device.

Note for eBay sales

If you sell your device on eBay, it is still essential to post the information listed above in your sales thread (even if it is on the eBay page).

No matter how often it is assured that the product is in mint condition, any and all changes that differ from the normal, original configuration of the product will void the warranty (even if the original receipt/invoice is provided). Even the subsequent addition of an original RUU will not change this circumstance.

AndroidPIT is in no way liable or responsible for the information provided on these offers or sales. If there are problems with the seller or buyer they must be resolved directly by those parties. Sales or purchases that are made in this section of the forum are made at your own risk.

We wish you success in the sale of your Android devices!


Commercial links not coordinated with NextPit (ed.tipdiordna@nimda) for the purpose of advertising are not permitted in signatures. This includes, for example, links to DropBox accounts.

We offer the following options for product advertising at NextPit:

Advertise on NextPit


Violent avatars, or avatars with sexual content, are not permitted as many minors visit the forum.

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