Is my whatsapp account hacked?

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May 5, 2024, 4:22:40 PM via Website

A month ago I was logged out of whatsapp for spam (I am not a spammer) and I was asked to put in the 6 digit 2 step verification code which I never signed up for. They locked me out for one week after which I could log in, but my profile picture was of someone else. After this almost every other day, I was being logged out for spam and in about 8 hours I was given an apology saying whatsapp mistakenly logged me out. This happend about 10 times in 15 days so I signed up for 2 step verification. thereafter I was logged in but my messages were not reaching any recipients not theirs reached mine. This problem happened every day for 5 dyas and the profile pic was changed every time. Needless to say whatsapp support via app and via email never responded except once they sent an irrelevant stock reply. Today once again I was logged out but when I tried to log in, I was asked for 2 step verification which I did but it said wrong code. I was supposed to click a link for them to send the code to my email address but the code never arrived. So I am again logged out for one week. Has my account been hacked? Any help suggestions are very much welcome and thanks in advance

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