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It is Friday once again, and here we are with NextPit's bi-weekly selection of free apps and games from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To save you time, these apps usually come with a price tag, but for a limited time only, they can be installed for free on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Let's check them out!

Normally, there are paid apps on Google Play and Apple App Store which will require you to pony up some cash, but from time to time, there are developers who decided to spread the love by making their apps available to the masses for free. This is what we do twice a week—scour the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to look for the best bargains. Grab them today on your Android or iPhone before they revert to paid status.

Note that while they're free as of publishing, these deals tend to expire without any due warning based on the developer's whims and fancy. The promotional period for apps on these platforms can be both unpredictable and can end suddenly.

We also want to note that while we do look through this list of free apps and do not offer anything that carries low ratings, we did not install and test them out like how we do with our Top 5 Apps of the Week. Therefore, we recommend that you exercise caution and conduct your own research before downloading any of these apps, as some may contain in-app purchases or hidden costs.

Tip: If you find an interesting app on our list but don't need it now, install and then delete it. This saves it to your app library, allowing you to install it later for free, even after the promotion ends.

Android apps available for free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Equalizer & Bass Booster Pro [4.7-stars / $2.49]: Want to get the most out of your audio on your smartphone? This app helps you make minor tweaks for maximum gain.
  • Reminder Pro [4.2-stars / $2.99]: Do you need reminders to keep your life on track? This app gets the job done, and functions as your second brain.
  • 3D Earth Pro [4.7-stars / $9.49]: A beautiful weather forecast app that is graphically heavy to convey information.
  • Equalizer Music Player Pro [4.4-stars / $2.49]: A music and video player that not only plays back media but is also proficient at making everything else sound better.

Android games

  • Space RPG 3 [4.7-stars / $1.49]: You will need to explore the galaxy to establish as much trade as possible, but there are also challenges in the form of pirates!
  • Zombie Age 2 Premium [4.4-stars / $0.99]: The town is overrun by zombies once again, and you will need all of your wits to survive. 
  • Talisman [4.1-stars / $2.49]: A board game port where you battle tons of fantasy creatures to claim the Crown of Command. 
  • Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack [4.6-stars / $0.99]: The galaxy is in peril of invading enemy forces. You are the ace pilot, and it is up to you to save the galaxy with your mad piloting skills.

iOS apps available for free for a limited time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • PaintNotes [3.8-stars / $0.99]: A canvas that goes on and on and on without end...all in your handwritten glory.
  • Remote Mouse and Keyboard Pro [4.7-stars / $9.99]: Do you want to control your Mac or PC from your couch or bed? Brings a whole new meaning to work from home as this app turns your phone into a remote mouse, keyboard, and media controller.
  • Safety Note+ Pro [4.8-stars / $3.99]: Do you want to keep your private thoughts, well, private? This app does the job, and adds another layer of security away from prying eyes.
  • Safety Photo+Video Pro [3.9-stars / $1.99]: From the same developer as the previous app, protect your photos and videos from stranges with a passcode.  

iOS games

  • Hello Rocket [4.1-stars / $4.99]: Forget about Angry Birds, this is another physics-based demolition game that will keep you entertained for hours on end.
  • Match Attack! [4.4-stars / $2.99]: It is a race against time as you attempt to make as many matches as possible to clear lines before it stacks up faster than you can clear.
  • Roterra - Flip the Fairytale [4.8-stars / $0.99]: 80 hand-crafted mazes for you to go through, and it really transports you into a whole new world where "up" might not be the direction you think.
  • The Sense Point [4.0-stars / $2.99]: This is one of the best-looking games as it involves clay animation, so you can imagine the amount of hard work that went behind the scenes to roll it out. This puzzle & adventure title is certainly worth exploring.

That's it for now when it comes to this week's free apps! We do hope that whatever you find here is worth installing, be it for now or for later. What do you think of our list for this weekend? Just in case you are looking for some online games to satiate your gaming appetite without requiring an Internet connection, check out our linked story below.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on today's selections before we work to prepare another list to kick off next week. Did you come across any other interesting apps or games on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Share your recommendations with us in the comments!

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