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Ho Ho Ho-liday Savings: Last-call to Buy Christmas Gift Cards Now!

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Even if you still have a little bit of time left until the “Damn, there was something I missed” moment with Christmas just around the corner, we have picked out a bunch of exciting gift ideas for tech nerds. If you are one of those people who like to wait until the very last day, you will find a selection of different vouchers in this article that caters to all technology fans who “already have everything”.

Finding a suitable gift for your third brother-in-law can be a tedious affair. Christmas elves delivering gifts to recipients often leave behind puzzled faces. If you recognize yourself as one of them, it is time to look at vouchers. Even though this is a last-minute gift guide for anyone who disposed of their calendars too early, you can already find a large selection of different gift cards here that also make for wonderful tree decorations.

While vouchers are widely considered "impersonal", they are still very popular gifts. The recipient doesn't have to worry about any return or exchange problems, and a voucher gift can be redeemed directly for the "actual" gift. Below, you will find a table of contents that will take you directly to the desired paragraph in this article.

Table of Contents:

Amazon vouchers: Charlie and the voucher factory!

Amazon vouchers are probably among the most popular of the lot. The shipping giant not only has (almost) every product on earth in stock but also offers a wide variety of gift vouchers that can be mailed, printed, or digitally. The following link takes you to the Amazon voucher overview, where you can select from one of the many available options.

Be it for gamers, technophiles, or even smart home fanatics, Amazon vouchers are well worth exploring for almost everyone. The American company offers all kinds of products from A to Z, including AA batteries and cotton candy machines. The vouchers are also in demand because the recipients can buy virtually anything. 

If you were to click on the links above, you will go directly to the voucher page on Amazon. From there, you can also decide which pattern you want your voucher to look as well as the denomination.

The digital fun starts at just $1 with an upper limit of a whopping $2,000! The same lower and upper limits apply to the Print at Home gift cards. You would surely not go wrong when purchasing a gift voucher from Amazon.

The shipping giant not only offers Amazon vouchers, but also from others like Google Play. Do bear in mind that non-Amazon gift vouchers carry different limits when it comes to the total amount. Here is a quick summary of Amazon gift vouchers.

  • Particularly suitable for: Anyone who cannot live without Amazon
  • Validity: Gift Cards never expire and carry no fees
  • Minimum amount: $1
  • Directly available? Yes, thanks to the digital voucher format

Apple App Store and Google Play Store: This is how you gift apps

I think I'm not alone in this matter: I really like certain apps, but I don't want to fork out $15 for them. In addition, more and more games rely on in-app purchases, although these are not always as boldly advertised as Diablo Immortal or go to that extent. However, there are also suitable vouchers for Christmas that cater to mobile gamers and app enthusiasts, since you can purchase all kinds of credit from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

If you want to make an online purchase, Google refers you to providers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Kroger, PayPal, and Gyft. You can spend amounts between $25 and $200 with peace of mind, knowing the credit will never expire. 

Apple, on the other hand, prefers to regulate the sale of vouchers on its homepage and offers several different designs for that touch of individuality. The available denominations range from $10 and $2,000.

Of course, recipients don't have to limit themselves to just buying games. You can also use the vouchers to buy digital books, music, or productivity apps. Basically, it includes just everything that can be found in the Apple App Store.

  • Particularly suitable for: All iPhone junkies who just stare at their phones during the Christmas dinner
  • Validity: No expiry date
  • Minimum amount: $25 for Google Play Store, $10 for Apple App Store
  • Directly available? Yes, of course!

For gamers: Steam, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and others

Whether it is the PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox, gaming is not a cheap hobby. I speak from experience when I say that such vouchers are almost always well received; provided you know which platform the recipient is playing on. Once you figure this out, check out a list of providers whom you can buy vouchers from.

Anyone who has ever played games on a PC should know about Steam. The largest game library offers various gift card denominations from $5 to a whopping $2,000. It's logical that Steam itself offers only digital vouchers. 

If console gaming is the platform of choice for the recipient, then the corresponding vouchers make much more sense. Switch gamers will be able to check out the Nintendo eShop, where you can buy digital copies of games and no longer need a game card to play. The gift cards are also available for purchase on Amazon, the value ranges from $20 to $50.

Xbox's gamers can also purchase the corresponding gift cards from Amazon. However, these are limited to Xbox games from the online shop. However, you can also find all sorts of offers in the Microsoft Store* , including for Microsoft's own games such as Mincecraft. The gift card value varies between $10 and $100.

Of course, PlayStation gamers shouldn't be left out of this list, either. If you have a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, you probably already know the PS Store inside out. Hence, it is time to secure a gift card to benefit from the holiday offers. Of course, the voucher also applies to the PS4, with a value between $25 and $100.

If you do not game much yourself, but love watching others play and want to support them? Then you are certainly familiar with Twitch’s subscription system. There are various gift cards between $15 and $200 to support your favorite streamers.

The respective platforms offer their gift cards, making it best to see for yourself how much money you want to spend. Since the gift cards normally work in such a way that the selected amount is credited to an account, gamers are usually happy about even tiny amounts.

What a wonderful experience: Experiential vouchers from Jochen Schweizer and others

If you don't want to give away gift cards that deal with tech and games, or know someone who has always wanted to make their very own teddy bear, then experiential vouchers from Build-A-Bear can be an interesting alternative. The gift card is purchased via Amazon and emailed, so the wait is non-existent.

There are many different experiential gift cards to choose from for your favorite people. How about a hotel gift card? A chain restaurant gift card of a different cuisine to help expand the taste buds of the recipient? A draft house movie experience? Amazon is full of those.

Stumped? These general gift cards come to your rescue

However, there are also gift cards for Netflix, Spotify, the game company Blizzard, the mobile game Roblox, and the list goes on. The catalog is so wide-ranging, but only one other provider on the Internet offers more flexibility, and that would be PayPal!

What about PayPal, you ask? I'm glad that question was brought up. We have finally arrived at what can only be described as an online version of giving away money. However, you do not just transfer $20 (or whatever denomination) via PayPal, as the payment service provider has countless vendors who offer payment by credit or from whom you can also make regular purchases via PayPal. Check the site out, and I bet you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

Let's be honest, you're still going to need this article. I have the incredible talent of noticing that on December 22nd itself, even with a Prime subscription, Amazon doesn't necessarily complete its deliveries before Christmas. Hence, it's best to bookmark this article because we'll add new gift cards here as soon as we come across any other interesting offers.

What are your recommendations when it comes to gifting vouchers at Christmas? Do you get really creative when playing Santa, or do you prefer to give away envelopes? Tell us in the comments.

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