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Weekly Deals: courses for Ethical Hackers, AWS and more

Weekly Deals: courses for Ethical Hackers, AWS and more

Last week was our first weekly deal article with some options and offers for VPN services. Some of the offers are still live so have a look if something fits for you. This week we have a bunch of certification training bundles for you. The internet is full of information and you can find everything you need to become an expert for free. Still, sometimes it is simply more convenient to get some structured material on the other one hand. A qualification might be helpful to get the job you want and these training bundles can help to prepare you for an exam.

AWS & DevOps Certification Training

AWS is a huge success story for Amazon. Amazon Web Services have a huge impact on many companies around the world as they use its services. Becoming an expert for AWS might be a very valuable qualification. Many online services in the digital business trust on AWS. In this course, you get 21 hours of content 24/7. You can learn various AWS products, services, and solutions. There is some experience level required like software development (preferably in Java) and the UNIX/Linux command-line tools are essential.

Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle

Ok, "complete" data science certification training is a little unrealistic. The range of methods and approaches for data science is huge. Of course, the internet gives you tons of information about this but it might be sometimes a little overwhelming and difficult to find a starting point. That's why we wanted to show you this course today. Data science is not just extremely interesting, it is also very important for the future. The ability to connect data from different sources into meaningful facts and make it actionable is pure magic. The future for data analysis is bright and to have these skills opens a lot of doors to you. In this course, you'll access more than 85 hours of content. You can learn about data mining, exploration but also visualization as this is as important as understanding the data. Additionally, the R programming language is a key point in this training bundle.

The Ethical Hacker Master Class Bundle

In the end, we have a small special for you. This bundle actually includes 10 single courses. And they are all about ethical hacking. Everyone knows what a hacker is, but what is an ethical hacker? The answer is easy, it is the same. The only difference is the motivation behind it. An ethical hacker usually works for a company to detect security vulnerabilities and other threats. So he or she is actually trying to hack the system, report to the company and the company can close the gap. This work is extremely important as there are many threats out there that are trying to hack the system. The course offers a huge amount of information, basic training and tactics. But also it includes security analyst training and some network certifications. Tons of material and so many hours of content to learn. Here you really get a huge package. Around 416 positive ratings so far is a good indicator if you ask me.

Who knows maybe these courses help you to become a master in AWS or you will join the community of ethical hackers. If you want to join our community you can easily create an account and be part of one of the biggest tech communities of the world. As always please inform yourself about the deals mentioned above on the actual deal website from the vendor. 

Do you have experience or problems with these programs or questions about tech? Share them in the comments or on our community forums and surely someone will help you. And if you are not interested in IT courses at all, then there are certainly a lot of other deals you should definitely check out.

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