Best Smart TV: Netflix recommends these models

Best Smart TV: Netflix recommends these models

Every year Netflix awards the "Netflix Recommended TV" seal of approval to smart TV models. These televisions are best suited for Netflix and are designed to give viewers the most enjoyment from the content of the streaming service. We have the complete list.

In principle, you can see Netflix on countless smart TV sets of different makes, the Netflix app is widespread. But in the opinion of the streaming provider, some of them can do it a little better than the rest. In 2019, Netflix exclusively decorated televisions from three manufacturers with its own seal of approval, namely Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. Surprisingly, LG is missing, which last year appeared with 17 models in the list of the best televisions for Netflix. At that time, however, Panasonic and Samsung had deserved no mention, only Sony is constantly represented in the list of the best smart TV models for Netflix.

These smart TV models Netflix recommends


  • GX920
  • GXW945
  • GX942E
  • GXW904
  • GXT936
  • GXF937
  • GXN938
  • GXX939
  • GXR900
  • GXT886
  • GXF887
  • GXN888
  • GXX889
  • GXW804
  • GXM835
  • GX800E
  • GX810E
  • GX820E
  • GX830E
  • GX800B
  • GX820B


  • Q950R
  • Q90R
  • Q85R
  • Q80R
  • Q70R
  • Q60R
  • The Frame (2019)
  • The Serif (2019)
  • RU8000


  • Bravia A9G/AG9
  • Bravia X95G/XG95
  • Bravia X85G/XG85

You can also watch Netflix via the app on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet. The offer of the streaming provider is also available in the browser. If you don't own or want to buy a smart TV, but still like to watch Netflix series or movies on your TV, you can buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick for a few dollars and install the corresponding app there. This is done in a few minutes and in case of doubt much cheaper than buying one of the televisions with the label "Netflix Recommended TV". You can also enjoy the Netflix content with VR headsets.

Which devices do you prefer to watch your series and movies on? And with which provider? Netflix, Amazon or one of the many other streaming services? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Netflix

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