Why 2017 will be big for smartphones

Why 2017 will be big for smartphones

2016 saw the release of many new smartphones. Despite the production of high quality devices, 2016 was lacking in innovation. Of course, LG laid down the ground work for a modular smartphone concept, Samsung showed the potential of the eye scanner and several manufacturers dabbled in foldable devices, but outside of that 2016 was more about improvements than innovations. Obviously, 2017 will be much more rich with innovations in certain areas.

The new iPhone should be even more innovative

You’re probably wondering, what does iPhone have to do with this? Whether we like it or not, Apple is always imitated by its competitors. Recent events, such as with the disposal of the mini-jack, have already spread to Android. Another recent example is when Apple released the color ‘Jet Black’, which was quickly followed by Samsung and their release of a ‘Black Pearl’ version.

Apple announced a while ago that they would only release a new iPhone every 3 years. Years have gone by and this year we should see an iPhone with an even more original design and, we hope, with new technology.

AndroidPIT iPhone 7 review 2969
Who copies who?? © / AndroidPIT

The arrival of Virtual Reality

Google introduced its Virtual Reality (VR) platform: Daydream. It was announced after the Google I/O this year and it isn’t just limited to Google devices, as many other smartphones are compatible with this technology. Of course, upcoming top range smartphones should also be compatible with Daydream through a VR headset (for example the Google Daydream View).

The real question here is whether the public is ready for VR. To use it, you'll need to buy a top range smartphone (which already costs a small fortune) that is compatible with the technology and then you'll need to buy a headset. The result? An experience that makes about half its users feel nauseous. It is necessary to fully develop this technology and implement high definitions (at least QHD), especially on Chinese smartphones that often have Full-HD. As VR is a potential gold mine, it’s possible that manufacturers will speed up the transition process.

A paradoxical solution

Screen size

We have two paradoxes in the smartphone world. The first concerns their size: we want a bigger screen so we can play games and watch videos comfortably. The main problem with this is: the bigger the screen, the less practical it is to carry around. Lenovo, Samsung and others are working on a foldable screen system. It will fold in half like a flap or, as has been promised by Lenovo, will wrap around your wrist. It’s possible that this technology could be implemented sometime in the coming year. Samsung confirmed that one of their foldable smartphones will be released in 2017.

Samsung folding smartphone patent
You’ll be able to fold the screen in half. / © Samsung


The second paradox concerns battery size. They can’t be too big because that causes problems for design / size. That said, if they are too small they don’t allow users to use the device in the way they want (particularly for battery intensive VR sessions). The battery life problem is becoming one of smartphone world’s priorities and, while several suggestions have been put forward, no concrete solution has been determined yet. Will we find a solution to this problem in 2017?

What are you expecting from smartphones in 2017? Are there any features you would like to see included in future devices? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Ryan Jan 3, 2017 Link to comment

    Let's be real here. 3rd party phones like Samsung and others are at times somewhere close to a year late with updates. I had every iPone up to the 6+ then sent to Samsung's Note 4. the phone was good for about 8 mo. and began to lag, restart among other stupid nonsense. The Samsung Note 4 was not only ridiculously cartoonish but made extremely cheap. I now Have the Pixel XL and went to the Pixel for the same reason I had the iPhone my email was connected to my phone's account and constant updates as soon as they are released not carrier or OEM inferring blaming each other why the updates have not come out. I get that HTC makes the Pixel but I can honestly say it's the best phone I ever had by far. The battery is crazy lasts all day and I'm a heavy user and can squeeze 24hrs off a charge easily. My iPhone batteries sucked and the Note 4's battery was laughable.
    In the smartphone world you get what you pay for. This Pixel XL was well worth the money. I want a flagship that feels, looks and acts like one. I also want to eliminate the middle man with timely updates such as the iPhone and Pixel XL without ALL THE BLOATWARE. Those complaining how expensive the Pixel is should consider that they eliminated the middle man. Yes Google had the Nexus but let's be real here, none of them were high end phone's and looked like junk. The only one that actually looked pretty good was the Nexus 6P but it had that ridiculous camera bar across the top... give me a break. iPhone has the customers it does because they want sleek but realistic functional phone not some ridiculous looking plastic toy being called a high end phone. Anyway, that is the reason why iPhone sells so many phone's and all the Android companies together have a hard time competing against it. Google took notice and did the right thing.

  • Andrew Burgin Jan 2, 2017 Link to comment

    O.k we want outstanding phones released,but will Apple & Samsung be overpricing there phones in 2017,the one thing both these companies should not be doing,instead of pleasing phone users there just detering people from buying there phones,Samsung after the Note 7 saga could end up losing not gaining consumers to the Galaxy S8 phones by removing the 3.5 headphone jack,if we had batteries on phones that could last more than 2-3 days then using wireless headphones would not bother consumers but we do not,so you do want a phone when your worried about its batterylife,Glass phones might look good but they Break so easy and cost a lot to repair,so when you paying so much for phone,your so worried in breaking it know

  • Glostermeteor Jan 2, 2017 Link to comment

    Copying Apple is not a good thing. The reason why I buy Android is because I dont want an iPhone. The ditching of the headphone jack is the last straw for me as far as Samsung is concerned, the S7 will probably be the last Samsung phone I buy. I dont want to have to have a specific kind of headphones just for my phone and I dont want to have to charge up yet another device in the case of Bluetooth headsets.

    • itprolonden Jan 5, 2017 Link to comment

      Well, if Samsung does it, the others won't be far behind.

  • Srinivas Jan 2, 2017 Link to comment

    I don't know what other readers think but, for me a increase in battery size is a must, I have got a ASUS ZENFONE MAX 2 with 5000mah battery power in it, it lasts for a day and a half even if I am agressively socially connected and it caters to my need of being connected to everybody,

    but it does not end here, I also need a gaming machine and a great camera too, which I didn't get in the ZenFone 2 so I bought a LG G5, the G5 has smaller screen than the ZenFone, smaller battery than the ZenFone but has dual camera setup and 820 Qualcomm processor which helps me play asphalt 8, injustice, etc...

    Now, it depends on ur personal specific needs to decide which is a better phone.....

    that's why I was very eagerly waiting for PROJECT ARA by Google but last year they dropped the project which broke my heart coz it could have been a game changer....

  • Andria D. Jan 2, 2017 Link to comment

    I think the size thing should be determined by what you most want/use a smartphone for. I got into the whole smartphone thing because a friend gave me an old 7" tablet that he had replaced with a newer, faster model, because I was interested in getting into Kindle e-books -- when I discovered that "wi-fi only, non-GSM" meant that I had to have a wi-fi signal to do ANYTHING with that tablet, I finally became interested in a mobile phone, just because a 4G-LTE signal can substitute for a wi-fi signal, if you're out and about.

    So I got a smartphone, a small one, which was great for a starter phone, to see if I liked it. I did, but hated how slow that starter phone was, and hated how small the screen was, since I wanted it primarily for reading books. So for xmas, I got a ZTE Zmax Pro -- a whopper of a "phablet," with a 6" screen, and fast too -- but I don't care that it's quite large, because using it as a phone is a secondary consideration to me -- I still use it primarily for reading, when I'm out and about -- it's a good deal smaller than my 7" tablet, a great deal faster, and has that 4G-LTE signal -- all bases covered, and the "page" is very similar in size to a paperback book. Perfect!

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