How we review and score products


At NextPit we review products based on real-life usage as we believe you want to know whether a tablet battery will last long enough to entertain you on a transatlantic flight or whether a sat-nav app will get you where you need to be quickly and safely.

So our reviewers spend time living with the products in order to give you an accurate picture of how they’re likely to fit in with your daily life.

If it’s a piece of hardware, we then rate it on a number of factors such as build quality, display, software and performance, and then we take an average of those scores to arrive at our final scores. Apps are given a single score taking into account the factors that our editors feel are important to the category of app.

Here’s what our scores mean

  • Five stars - An excellent product which we wholeheartedly recommend
  • Four stars - A great product which suffers from some minor issues
  • Three stars - Above average but likely to disappoint in some areas
  • Two stars - Below average and despite the odd redeeming feature, we don’t recommend it
  • One star - Complete junk. Avoid

Types of review

We produce two types of review at NextPit. The first review is what we call a hands-on review. These are written when one of our editors has spent a limited period of time with a device, but long enough to form an early impression. This may take place at a press event, in our offices, or elsewhere, but if a review says that is a hands-on review, then we have physically used it. As these are our early opinions, we do not assign scores in these reviews.

Our second type of review is when we have had the product for long enough to give it a thorough assessment and make a clear recommendation as to whether or not you should buy it. These reviews tend to be longer, and spend more time focusing on individual aspects of a product before ending with our verdict. If a review is showing a star rating, then you will know that it is a full review.