We've seen foldable phones, now here come the slideables!

We've seen foldable phones, now here come the slideables!

According to reports, TCL had planned to showcase its latest flexible display smartphone at the MWC in Barcelona, but the cancellation of the event changed all that. Now, new leaks show us what we could have won - and it's a wild idea!

After trying out the new Motorola Razr and the Galaxy Z Flip with their foldable displays at the beginning of this year, the two clamshell smartphones are now available for sale. It has long been rumored that TCL is also working on a concept with a flexible display, but we initially thought it would be more similar to the one we have seen from Xiaomi. Now, we have the first images of it.

According to CNET, the Chinese manufacturer had planned to present its latest smartphone at the MWC 2020 in Barcelona, which was due to take place from February 24 to 27. Unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak was the cause of the show, which was canceled due to health risks. For the moment, no information concerning the official presentation of TCL's latest baby had been released. Only some visuals of a prototype leaked online.

tcl slide out phone 3
Front panel with the screen slid out. / © CNET

As can be seen in the pictures, the TCL smartphone does not seem to differ that much at first glance from other phones currently on the market, and more specifically from the TCL 10 Pro presented at CES 2020, but the truth could not be further away from that assumption.

tcl slide out phone 1
The rear of the smartphone, on the left in its most compact version, on the right with the screen sliding. / © CNET

After the foldable screen, meet the sliding screen

The big area where TCL differs from other smartphones is its "sliding" display. The screen can be slid to the side to extend the display size from a more smartphone-sized format to a tablet-like format.

At the moment we don't know how it works, no one has yet gotten their hands on this device. However, we can imagine that TCL has equipped this device with a system that allows part of the screen to wrap itself behind the screen, a bit like a "photo film" effect, or like what we have seen LG do with its foldable televisions.

Today it is difficult to expand further on the subject since we do not have more information. The smartphone seems particularly promising, we can't wait to find out more and especially to test it!

What do you think about the idea of a sliding smartphone? Share your thoughts below the line.

Source: CNET

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  • GabrielLuke Feb 24, 2020 Link to comment

    Not Bad

  • marco sarli
    • Admin
    Feb 20, 2020 Link to comment

    It is probably a bit more resistant than the foldable ones. Looks better but I still do not see the point. It becomes a tablet when extended and we already have those

    • Reg Joo Feb 20, 2020 Link to comment

      Tablets, no not the same. I couldn't imagine carrying around a tablet, just to answer a call. Different mobile device. Tablets are static things, in their size, and shape, it will never change, and don't go well with the elements outside(just like getting your expensive laptop soaked, it happened to me, ya know, real world situations, that just "happen"). Bendable, reliable glass(or whatever other material that might be dreamed up) will get us away from the "candybar" idea of exposed screens of size. It's the durability of design, and materials, that are making it hard for adoption. Maybe the design of this will be the one that pulls bendable screen tech into the mainstream. Maybe not.

  • storm Feb 19, 2020 Link to comment

    That looks better than the folding ones.

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