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Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out For The Galaxy Note 10.1

Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out For The Galaxy Note 10.1


When I first reviewed the Note 10.1, I was so impressed with it that I was sure it would be the next tablet I would purchase, and despite the release of the Nexus 10, I’m actually still learning towards the Note 10.1 as being the best tablet out there. The only thing that was holding the device back was that it was running Android ICS, and not Jelly Bean, meaning that it hadn’t gotten a taste of that performance enhancing 4.1 butter. But all that is about to change, as Samsung has started rolling out Android Jelly Bean update to Note 10.1 devices in Germany, and can also be downloaded and installed right NOW if you don't feel like waiting. 

Here’s the proof, courtesy of SamMobile:

The OTA update is currently only available in Germany, but you can download the update and install from samfirmware.com if you don’t feel like waiting on it.

Expect the update to be around 300MB, which updates the Note 10.1 to PDA version N8000XXBLJ9 CSC version N8000OXABLJ9 and MODEM version N8000XXBLJ9.

The Note 10.1 is doing particularly well for Samsung, and has aided Samsung in making big strides this year in the tablet market. It’s still one of the best, if not THE best, tablet(s) I have ever used, and I can only imagine how much more amazing it will be with a dose of Jelly Bean. My Note 2 comes with JB out of the box, and if the experience on the Note 10.1 is as good as it is on Samsung’s newest phablet, then I’m confident that Note 10.1 owners will notice a VERY big change in performance, smoothness, and functionality.

So keep your eyes out for the update on your device, and if you decide to manually update, take your time and follow instructions step by step.

Note 10.1 owners: Let me know when the update reaches you and how it’s performing on your device when you get/update it!

Source: SamMobile

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  • I searched fps in the Play store and found "fps meter root". I have no idea how accurate it is but when I set it to display in upper left that number fluctuated between 50 and 60 while upper right stayed pegged at 60 (so I ignored that reading).

    Honestly I'd guess my live wallpaper usually runs at about 40 fps (just based on my gaming experience, not a counter). I can tell you that the Infinity TF700 I had ran OceanHD at about half the frame rate the Note does. The TF700 ran it so poorly that, even with the higher resolution, it made the wallpaper look bad.

    *edit* That TF700 was updated to JB

  • How do you enable fps? I would like to see what mine is.

  • I am not doubting your unhappiness with the tablet or the performance issues you're seeing. I'm saying mine doesn't have those issues and none of the reviews I've looked at on youtube have shown them either. They scroll smoothly, no wake up time and no issues in general. The only difference I know of between mine and your's is mine doesn't have 3G. I don't know what difference that would make but I just checked my fps...... 50 to 60 on my OceanHD wallpaper (which is one of the most graphically demanding I've found).

    Mine is rooted but without a custom ROM. There's no wake up time or lag when scrolling screens with TW, Go Launcher, or Nova. Apex creates some lag and stutter but that's the only time I've seen it unless the majority of the memory is gone. When that happens the trusty TW task manager comes to the rescue. I've heard that multiscreen pushes it too hard and gets very laggy. Lucky for me, I'm either working or playing, never both so I haven't had occasion to use it.

    I bought this one because of all the reviewers I've seen who claimed this was the best Android tablet they'd seen. I just happen to have had the same experience and agree with them.

  • here is a video i made showing the lag.


    The recording is done at 250 frames per second and playback is 29 frames per second.

    You can clearly see that my hand touches the screen and moves some times more than 4/5 of the way before the SGN wakes-up and reacts.

    pathetic i say. number 1 or not. that is disappointing.

    Yes game play is gr8. yes the added multi screen is very useful but it fails in the most basic things.

    After spending a month with this device I still struggle to use the S note in meetings.

    What i find most frustrating is that i some times need to touch it multiple times before it registers. I hate that. it misses key presses and the s pen/note function is full of bugs.

    I will be installing the new JB soon so lets hope. But honestly this is pathetic

  • Toshiba Thrive - Asus Transformer TF300 - Asus Transformer Infinity TF700 - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

    That enough to validate my opinion?

    If not.... how about Consumer Reports opinion?


    According to this, out of 600 various electronics tested.... the Note 10.1 ranked #1.

    I'd link the original Consumer Reports findings but it's a subscription site.

  • @Dvoraak, you must not have used lot of Android tablets then. I have the 32GB model with 2GB of RAM, and crappy Touchwiz is so thick on the device, it kills performance. My 1st gen Galaxy Tab with the same version of ICS is even faster. I'm a huge Sammy and Android fan and it's very disappointing to say the least.

    My thoughts in more detail :

  • @Hannes - I haven't experienced any of that except with my favorite live wallpaper. If I have it set to scan left and right as I turn pages, it creates a little lag. A LITTLE. Nothing major but I leave it set to continuous scan to avoid it. I have seen some Note 10.1s listed online with 1 gig of RAM. I don't know if they were misprints or if there are really tablets out there with half the RAM. If so, that may explain your problem. I'd also make sure you've gotten the latest OTA. Also make use of the built in task manager in your dock. I've seen my RAM usage go over 1.5 at times. "Clear all" works to drop it back down to 500 MBs used.

    Compared to every other Android tablet I've had, the Note comes closest to an iOS style of usability and performance.

  • I am not happy with my note either. It is slow and laggy. It has probleme opening multiple windows. yes games are amazing smooth but panning between the home screen are embarrassing laggy. My friends I pad 1 is smooth but this one jitters. How the rest of you can be so blind is amazing. It makes me wonder if there is not something wrong with note my note.

  • @PatPion - I hope you'll come back and post after the update so we know if it helped. As a long time iPhone user it's safe to say I'm one of the biggest critics of Android in general but my Note is awesome with ICS and I expect it to get even better with JB.

  • @Dvoraak - The device came to our country a month or two after the international release, so it is in fact the same as the retail model. It hasn't had the JB update yet, so hopefully that will fix some of the performance issues. I'm just really disappointed with the overall product, I think it's a cheap cash in on Samsung's part, trying to ride the success of the S3.

  • @PatPion - You're the first I've heard with anything bad to say about the Note. I'd say the Transformer TF700 with JB has a poor frame rate compared to the Note. It made my favorite live wallpaper (OceanHD) look like it was on strobe. I wonder if your review model has issues unseen in the retail models.

  • I cannot disagree with you more. I've had the review model Note 10.1 for about two weeks now, and its dreadful. Performance out of the box isn't nearly what it should be with those kind of specs, frame rate is very slow. I'm hoping the JB update will sort some of that out. Worst of all is the build quality, Samsung aren't renowned for their great build, but this is just horrid. I'm so ashamed to call myself an Android fan with this thing.

  • I was just saying the Note 10.1 is nearly flawless already with ICS. Hopefully it'll be completely flawless with JB..... but it's damned close already. A thoroughbred racing pack mules would be a pretty good comparison with all the other tabs :)

    *edit* I never had the Prime but I did have the original TF300 and I tried the Infinity TF700 (updated to JB) for a weekend recently. Believe me.... The Note 10.1 with ICS completely outclasses the Infinity with JB.

  • Oh there is man. At least there has always been for me. My Transformer Prime is MUCH smoother on JB than ICS thanks to Project Butter.

    Don't underestimate Mr Bean!!! Its not an incremental update at all in my eyes.


  • "I’m confident that Note 10.1 owners will notice a VERY big change in performance, smoothness, and functionality."

    Sorry Eric but I have to take issue with that part. I know JB will be an improvement but seriously...... they could leave it on ICS and it would still be the smoothest, highest performing Android tablet in existence right now. I'm looking forward to the update but that line made it seem like there's a lot of room for improvement. There's not.

  • what about galaxy note

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