Don't hold your breath for a new Moto smartwatch

Don't hold your breath for a new Moto smartwatch

There won't be a new Motorola smartwatch for the Android Wear 2.0 release. In fact, we won't be seeing any more wearables from Motorola in the coming year. Here's why...

Moto's head of global product development Shakil Barkat told the Verge its because they don't "see enough pull in the this time," for a new smartwatch.

The 15 month old, second generation Moto 360 will stay the newest smartwatch from Motorola for now, and the 2015 (but not 2014) model is expected to get an update to the Android Wear 2.0 software next year.

What does this mean for Moto in 2017 and beyond?

Motorola already said earlier that there wouldn't be a new smartwatch in 2016, but now Barkat says that, "Wearables do not have broad enough appeal for us to continue to build on it year after year". So, Motorola's annual device roadmap won't contain any smartwatches, or other wearables, in 2017.

But that doesn't mean Motorola won't get back in the game in the future, if the market demand increases. Barkat alluded to Motorola planning to return to the idea of smartwatches in the future, saying "We believe the wrist still has value and there will be a point where they provide value to consumer more than they do today".

So, don't hold your breath for a new Moto smartwatch. It's not all bad news though. It sounds like when Motorola gets back into producing smartwatches (whenever that may be), they will wait until they have something truly innovative and valuable to offer. Prepare yourself for a long wait.

What do you think of the Moto 360? What would you want to see in Motorola's next smartwatch?

Source: The Verge

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  • At least Motorola did a watch that looks nice on your wrist. Samsungs gear s2 and s3 are tiny compared to the 46mm moto 2nd gen. I need a watch thats not too big but not too small and they got this right. obviously i dont need to talk about what it does, as android wears the same regardless of brand. it looked nice, told me when i had an email and if someone was calling me. admittedly my huawei watch is better as that has call from watch function and the wireless range is better than moto is, but my moto does the job. I will never get crapple in my life. not a fanboy, just dont like them. samsung need to do a bigger watch as a 1.2 or 1.3 inch screen is for girly wrists. We dont need something as big and cumbersome as the gear s1, but a good 1.5 1.6 inch screen will see them dominate this market regardless of OS

    • Thanks for your comment, Phil. Size is a big factor in making a purchasing decision, and I'm sure plenty of people would like more options too.

  • TMM Dec 2, 2016 Link to comment

    I have a 1st Generation Moto 360. Android Wear works perfectly with it even on an older watch. Samsung blew it thinking that Tizen OS will do them any good. I purchased the Gear S3 used it for one day and sent it back the next. Tizen SUCKS! The watch was a piece of junk without Android Wear, otherwise beautiful watch. With Tizen OS watch on a Samsung Note 4 the watch was useless. Android Wear with Samsung Note 4 works seamless. I control music, navigation, messages, social media...everything that is Google works perfectly. If Samsung goes all Tizen they better be prepared for some losses. BTW, Note 4 all on Google apps and Launcher. Great phone, crappy Touch wiz and bloat wear that comes with it.

  •   12
    Deactivated Account Dec 2, 2016 Link to comment

    Nothing ventured is definitely nothing gained. Motorola was real soft in the smart watch game anyway nobody is losing anything. The BEST SMART WATCH on the market today and the last three years are the Samsung Gear smart watches.

    • That's precisely the problem as the gear watches run on Tizen not Android Wear. This Motorola news is the "canary in the coal mine".

    • What do you like about the Samsung Gear smartwatches better?

      • To answer your question the Gear has a more intuitive interface, mobile payments ( Samsung Pay) , great battery life, and phenomenal hardware. Plus Samsung is dedicated to their hardware ecosystem and to their Tizen platform unlike both the other Android OEM's and Google.

        Android wear was sloppy with a cumbersome UI and their partners' hardware was uninspiring. For example moto360 is a circular watch with "flat tire" that is unacceptable. Not to mention a square UI being run on a circular display.

        Android Wear is going into stasis and it once again shows us Google's ADD.

  • I can't help but think that this is only an android problem as both Apple and Samsung (Tizen) are continuing forward with their wearable initiatives. Matter of fact Huawei will be picking Tizen as well. LG is looking at Tizen also as they try to implement LG Pay (not another Pay service). Google made the platform so restrictive that Android OEM's can't offer feature partiy to the Apple Watch ( Android Pay still missing but on Apple Watch since its introduction in 2014, simply unacceptable!). The death of android wear is 100% on google and gives me pause regarding their pixel and hardware initiatives.

  • Android wear is dead just like android tablets. We need to accept the fact that Android only works on phones (specifically Samsung phones) it is not a universal hardware platform.

    • If you think Android tablets are dead, you should check out our recent review of the Lenovo Yoga Book. It is a very exciting addition to the current lineup of Android tablets and it might just change your mind.

      Here is the link:

      • My point regarding Android Tablets is that very few Android OEM's are comitted to creating and maintaining Android tablets. Plus Google and developers have not put in enough resources to make a meaningful tablet experience.

        That Lenovo Android tablet will not sell in any meaningful way and will be abandoned in less than six months.

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