This is why you no longer need an invite to buy a OnePlus One

This is why you no longer need an invite to buy a OnePlus One

If the invite system for buying a OnePlus One has put you off or simply eluded you until now, there's good news at hand. To celebrate the first birthday of the OnePlus One, OnePlus has officially renounced the invite system for the OnePlus One. All regions, all devices, right now; no more waiting, no more invites, forever. While this in itself is great news, you may now be asking yourself: what does this mean for the OnePlus Two?

oneplus one button 2
You can now buy a OnePlus One just like any other phone: no invite needed. © ANDROIDPIT

OnePlus Two will still launch with invites

Boo! We hear you. OnePlus' invite system is clumsy, slow and a little awkward. But it is necessary. OnePlus is still an extraordinarily small company, despite the huge splash it has made in the Android world in such a short time. OnePlus simply cannot afford to build ten million OnePlus Two's and just hope they sell. The invite system slows production down to manageable levels and ensures that every Two that is built will have a home.

On the positive side, we can only assume OnePlus is feeling more confident now than it did one year ago. OnePlus has proven itself to be a manufacturer with a solid fan base, meaning initial production levels of the Two can be tweaked accordingly in advance of its third quarter release. So while the invite system might still be necessary at the beginning, we hope it won't be necessary for as long as it has been with the One. And OnePlus has certainly learnt a thing or two about how to manage an invite system in the last year.

No More Invites OnePlus One
We won't miss the OnePlus invite system, but we understand why it was necessary. / © OnePlus

Invite-free OnePlus One celebration offers

What would a birthday be without presents? To add to the celebration, OnePlus is also offering a couple of nice bonuses to customers in the US and Western Europe: 75% off flip covers and premium screen protectors for the next 24 hours. For more information (or to see how this particular deal was arrived at), head to the OnePlus blog. If you want to buy a OnePlus One without delay or snap up a heavily discounted flip cover or screen protector, simply head to the OnePlus shop.

What do you think of the OnePlus invite system? Does it affect your purchasing decision?

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  • If I can't just buy a product online ? I won't buy it ...
    Consumers shouldn't have to suck your dick to obtain your products!

  • buy via oppo mart.

  • wkm001 Aug 17, 2014 Link to comment

    I really wish I could find a nice form fitting two piece holster for it though. I may have to return it if I can't.

  • wkm001 Aug 17, 2014 Link to comment

    I'm writing this on my OnePlus One. Actually it is my second. I sold my first one (at cost) to the network. I have not received any invites to pass out.

  • freddy Aug 16, 2014 Link to comment

    just buy the Chinese version and install cm11s no problem. I bought a 64Gb for $400 don't see why people bother with invite, its the same phone.

    • One of the Xiaomi phone has a program installed in the phone hardware that sends data to a machine in China. Who knows if the Chinese version OnePlus One has the same "feature".

      • Who cares, just flash another ROM, as freddy did. Or just root and take care of the apps.

      • It has been reported that the server thing is hardcoded into the phone. Not even changing roms helps. I have no idea about it but these were the words I read on xda.

  • I find it sad that you have to have an invitation to a "flagship phone" let alone any other phone that has such mediocre reviews. What is the world coming to?

  • Well, it seems a not too bad device, but I very much despise these kind of situations. You need to actually earn the right to buy it??? WTF??? I don't play those games.

    So, basically, they want to attract attention, so they sell it at far below reasonable price. Even if they sell many of them, they will probably have huge losses. Google can afford it, but they can't. So, they can sell just small amount of them and decide to act special. You wanna buy our special device, you need to deserve it. Pathetic. Yes, you are special, in the head kind of special. I'll make sure to never buy anything from you. I'm that kind of "special".

    • nail on the head

    • Erza Scarlet rules!

    • Loony Apr 22, 2015 Link to comment

      Who cares. In the times where it was new on the market it was a serious High End device for a very little amount of money.

      • It is still a very serious high end device (not the highest end, but still). The price is still very competitive. Can't be bothered to do a research, but I think even today you can't buy a device that good for that little money. Their invitation system is the problem for me, so I won't ever go this route and will not even consider 1+ 2, but 1+ 1 is a very interesting option now. Heck, I already went another route for a new phone, but am still considering to buy this one as well, just because it is a such a good deal and a very nice phone.

        Not to mention that, once 1+ 2 is out, prices will go even further down.

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