Droid Pro Is World Edition Droid 2 and EnV Touch 2 To Run Android?

Droid Pro Is World Edition Droid 2 and EnV Touch 2 To Run Android?

Engadget received another exclusive yesterday when they revealed that a "source close to the situation" informed them that Droid Pro would be the World Edition of the Droid 2 we have been hearing about. Engadget also recevied a tip that the enV Touch 2, successor to the enV Touch, will run Android 2.1, increase in size and weight, maintain the QWERTY keyboard, and be a global device.

Engadget writes that the Droid Pro is "identical to the current Droid 2 in every way except for the fact that it houses a GSM / HSPA radio for global roaming, though we're not able to confirm previous rumors that it'll be available in a white version; presumably, you'll pay a bit more than the Droid 2's $200 on contract for the privilege of being able to take your buddy overseas. "

Android Central notes that the phone, whatever it will be called, should launch "within the next few weeks."

As for the enV Touch 2, Engadget mentions that the handset will be quite a change from the enV Touch:

Interestingly, LG will be switching from a proprietary featurephone platform to Android for this one -- called the enV Touch 2 -- and will give it dual touchscreens: one on the outside, and another on the inside for when you flip open the clamshell. As you might expect for an enV-branded device, there's also a full QWERTY keyboard. It's currently running Android 2.1, though it's not clear whether that'll be upgraded to 2.2 by the time we see a release toward the holidays. It's said to be pretty big and heavy, which could be a disadvantage for some -- but on the flipside, it's apparently a global device, so that's a plus

Gizmodo hopes that given the small separation between the Droid and Droid 2, "one can happily imagine a future in which Motorola keeps making the same phone over and over again, forever, the end. And I'd be perfectly okay with that."

AndroidandMe adds that a serious change in how the phone is marketed may be on the way:

We just reported LG has chosen the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor for their high-end phones, so there is always the chance we could see the dual-core CPU in the enV Touch 2. Verizon has traditionally marketed the enV brand as a featurephone, but the move to Android could suggest a high-end device is in store.

Engadget also issued an update to their story, stating that another tipster indicated that the Droid 2 and Droid Pro appear as two separate devices inside the Verizon inventory system. However, Engadget is sticking to their guns on this one, and I can't say I blame them, as a world phone and a CDMA model would likely get different model numbers in my book. In additon, the successive model numbers (A956 and A957) make me think that they are indeed the same handset with different cell bands.

Other Sources: AndroidandMe, Android Central, Gizmodo

Image from Android Central

Source: Engadget

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