5 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6

5 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6

So my pal here at AndroidPIT, Scott Adam Gordon, has been taking some pot shots at the upcoming Galaxy S6 might ruin the Galaxy line, and I've found myself defending it. I'm just as surprised as you to find myself entirely on Samsung's side when it comes to the leaked information we've seen so far, believe me. So here's why I think the Galaxy S6 is going to be a sure-fire winner.

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera
I expect the Galaxy S6 to be all peachy, rosey and wonderful. © ANDROIDPIT

1. Storage

For a long time expandable storage has been a mainstay of Samsung's specs sheet and one of the many reasons Samsung devices have been so popular for so long. With the prospect of the Galaxy S6 not having a microSD card slot because it will have a metal unibody and no apparent microSD card slot, many are claiming this is one of two major nails in the Galaxy S6 coffin.

microsd galaxy s4 closeup 353
MicroSD cards are a mainstay of Galaxy devices. But do we need them anymore? © ANDROIDPIT

But I disagree. While I am a big fan of removable storage too, if the Galaxy S6 does indeed come in a 64 GB and 128 GB version, why on earth would we need expandable storage anymore? There's a reason there's no microSD on the 128 GB iPhone 6.

After all, how many people actually put a microSD card into their Samsung device and then want even more space? If you want your entire music collection in your pocket go buy an iPod or use the cloud. 

samsung galaxy s5 mini 5
How many Samsung owners really carry around a spare battery? © ANDROIDPIT

2. Battery

The other major issue for most Sammy fans is the absence of a removable battery, another mainstay of Samsung design. But again, I ask you: just how many of you actually carry a spare battery around in your pocket and switch it out every day? Why can't you simply carry an external battery source with you (that, incidentally, is much easier to charge on-the-fly than a removable battery, as well as much cheaper)?

Add to this the awesome advances Samsung has been making of late with battery tech: the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 were both very impressive in terms of their battery life and with the 64-bit Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets bound for the Galaxy S6, the likelihood that you're going to need a spare battery to make it through a day of heavy use is even less likely.

Wouldn't it be nice if this didn't give you heart palpitations? © ANDROIDPIT

3. Metal and water

I can't even remember how long everyone has been complaining about Samsung devices looking cheap with their plastic build and the constant push for a ''premium looking'' Galaxy. The Galaxy Alpha certainly met a few standards and the Galaxy Note 4 took it up a notch too, so with a full metal Galaxy S6 coming up all those naysayers on the premium feel frontlines can finally shut up.

Likewise with waterproofing. Sony has built a bit of a niche for themselves when it comes to waterproof phones, and a lot of Android fans have been banging on for a long time about how all phones should be waterproof as standard. So if a full metal jacketed Galaxy S6 also comes with a waterproof rating, then I don't see that as a bad trade-off.

samsung galaxy alpha review 3
I think the trade-off between a removable plastic back and waterproofing is a fair one. © ANDROIDPIT

4. Improved software experience

The Galaxy Note 4 was a near-perfect device, which is why I felt that it slightly outranked the LG G3 in our best Android phones list last year. Taking what Samsung learned from that device and the rumors that the new TouchWiz has been rebuilt from the ground up to be faster and smoother, it seems like Samsung is making all the right moves on that front too. Who knows, at this rate they might even make bloatware removable....

galaxy s5 note 4 teaser
The improvements from the Galaxy S5 to the Note 4 were already impressive. © ANDROIDPIT

5. Options

If you really can't live without microSD and a removable battery, it looks like Samsung even has that angle covered with the Galaxy S6 Edge, which is rumored to ship with a removable plastic battery cover, providing access to a removable battery. So if Samsung didn't slap a microSD card slot in there too we'd be wondering why not.

So in my book, Samsung has made all the right decisions in terms of what we're expecting from the Galaxy S6, and if that doesn't suit you, the Galaxy S6 Edge will.

What do you think about the leaked Galaxy S6? Would you buy a Galaxy S6 Edge to have a removable battery and storage?

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  • How can i change my galaxy s5 kitkat to lollipop..?

  • You called it Bro. Samsung makes good products and I am enjoying my S5 all the time. The polycarbonate back does not bother me, as it's nice and grippy and scratch resistant. Looking forward to the S6.

  • john Jan 27, 2015 Link to comment

    OMG!!! AndroidPit, Aren't you ASHAMED of a biased review like this? When Nexus 6 has no external memory card slot, you are the same guys who pointed it as a main Disadvantage. Now when S6 has no memory card slot, did you guys actually feel like the inbuilt memory is enough!!! huh? WHen Xperia Z3 has no removable battery, you are the same guys who pointed it as a main Disadvantage. Now when S6 has no removable battery, did you guys actually feel like the inbuilt battery is enough!!! huh? And even a kid knows touchwiz is the most lagging skin on top of android. And you say its good!! Its really funny how samsung takes control of the media when they release a phone. No wonder they stayed at the top spot till now..(ofcourse samsung is going down and everyone knows it). What a stupid introduction by androidpit. PITY on you.

    • For starters, this is hardly a review. It's a couple of opinions based on leaked information. Secondly, the Nexus 5 doesn't offer a 128 GB version. Project Zero should rework TouchWiz from the ground up. Even the improvements made in the Note 4 were impressive, which is why I'm excited to see the new version (which we can only hope won't be so laggy). But we're all entitled to our opinions.

      • john Jan 28, 2015 Link to comment

        well if the leaked info is true then having no external card or removable battery is definitely a negative point towards the S6. Just like it is for the Nexus 6 or Z3. As far as i have seen, the Project Zero is only in the name. The Touchwiz is still very heavy on top and still lags through the interface during multitasking. And is it really worth waiting for months for receiving an android update! For Samsung has the worst record of it.

  • oh man i was reading that article why s6 be winner ,writer said stupidest thing i ever heard..i have a htc the phone dead it needs jtagging but i have some photos on it i dont want falling into the hands of anyone,,the phone have no sd slot..so i dont care if a phone have 2 tb storage i need to have a phone with sd slot..that why i gave away my iphone 5...i wonder if people think before they speak...it aint matter how much storage is on a phone or tablet ,,keepin private or important things out of drives/and clouds and on your sd card ,will mean when the device bricked /broken/buried..your files secured in your wallet...duh

  • I have the samsung galaxy s5 with a 128gb cant complain

  •   4
    Deactivated Account Jan 27, 2015 Link to comment

    If you dont have enough battery you can enable ultra power saving mode

  • Lee Jan 27, 2015 Link to comment

    Lmfao 😂 these reviews are getting worse by the day, move along nothing to see here...

  • What Kris is saying it's OK. There is no point in using a SD card if you've got a huge internal storage, for example. It doesn't have to do with things S6 is missing, but with how does Samsung fix those "problems" so as not to need those misssing things.

  • I cant do unibody, see my reply to Kishin for reasons why

  • Tagont Jan 27, 2015 Link to comment

    Kris Carlton you have no idea... Just best if you stick to writing about your beloved apple

  • Kishin Jan 27, 2015 Link to comment

    I walk around with an extra battery just because I do not have a portable charger. Also I ask for more space because my S5 is a 16GB and I only have a 4GB microSD card because my parents nor I have the money to purchase a 64GB or 128GB phone.

    • I do too , I once had a unibody phone by HTC in spring 2012 (my 1st and last), I tried the external battery thing and it didn't work for me , it doesn't keep phone alive and it's less "mobile" and charges very slowly , if battery is at 15% or below, the phone will die even with an external charger,. .....no thanks , once Iswitched to the Galaxy Note II my life was happy again and every year (fall) I upgrade, Note 3 , Note 4, Note Edge (this year twice) and it's the same routine for me, new Note + 2-6 + a samsung charging dock, besides with swappable batteries you literally can go from 0-100 in less than a minute while external batteries CANNOT offer that.

      As for expandable storage , I can pop it out into another device and retain my info and what if I have factory reset my phone?

      I usually get the S series for my wife while I'm a Note guy , wr do swappable batteries and expandable storage , so it looks like she will have an s6 edge to match my Note Edge this year

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