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Just a PSA to anyone out there thinking of rooting their devices: don't trust any site that wants to charge you to use their software.

A prime example is "" This site claims to be able to "root any device" using a single piece of software for the low, low price of $30. But does it actually work?

The problem is there is no single piece of software that can root any phone model without any input needed from the user. Rooting instructions are drastically different depending on your carrier and model, and you should be wary of any website that says it can root your device "with a single click." Especially if that site wants to charge you. preys on the inexperienced and uninformed. Knowing that the majority of new phone owners don't really know what "rooting" is, they've filled their website with erroneous information about what rooting can do for your phone. The site lists "screen shot" as one of their top ten apps that require root because "it's a sad fact that Android shops with no way to take a screenshot." In fact, that hasn't been true since Gingerbread. 

Featured on....Facebook? UM, KAY. / © Root-Android has a "we've been featured in" section, but instead of listing sites like Engadget or the Verge, it lists Wikipedia and Blogger – in fact, those are just sites where Root-Android appears as a search result. If that wasn't enough of a red flag, the site doesn't even link to these search results, which could have included very negative reviews of the service. 

According to those who've downloaded the program, uses free downloads from a few specific websites, but charges for them (of course). Despite what it says on the site over and over again, there is no "100% money-back guarantee" and repeated emailing won't result in any sort of communication from the site's side. Once you fork over your $30, it's gone forever – unless you feel like calling and begging for your money back. 

Does it actually work? For some it did, for others it didn't. But it doesn't sound like the site contains anything you can't find elsewhere online for free. And without good customer support, there's no reason for it to exist.

So how do you actually root your device? It depends on the model! First, read this rooting guide, so you know what you're getting into. Then, simply Google ROOT [YOUR DEVICE]. Sites like Android Authority, unlockr, XDA Developers, Lifehacker, AndroidPIT, Droid-Life and others will be able to provide you with detailed up-to-date rooting instructions. Read all the comments below the thread to make sure the instructions have worked for others, then follow them. There is literally no point in paying someone to do something you can do yourself. 

In short, it's a giant scam. Who knows how many people have wasted their money on this bulls**t service. I just hope enough people read this blog entry that it ends up underneath the search results for "" Share this page with friends so we can ensure no one ends up falling into the same trap.

Thanks to Ian MacGregor for sending this in!

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  • lisa Nov 27, 2015 Link to comment

    How are you doing am Lisa. and interest me to write you. you can write me at my email [email protected] so i can send you my photos Also tell you more
    about myself.

  • Mike Green Jun 24, 2015 Link to comment

    You should write a Scam alert review about 110% Scam and rip off

  • whateva Jan 4, 2015 Link to comment


  • whateva Jan 4, 2015 Link to comment

    JAMES is A PSCYHO. He pretends to be a tech but I think owns the co and is a total asshole and jerk. He cut me off in the middle of the root because he thought I "yelled" at him. AVOID AVOID AVOID THIS COMPANY they really suck.

  • whateva Jan 4, 2015 Link to comment

    Trying to get $95 charged to my credit card refunded. SCAMMERS.

  • whateva Jan 4, 2015 Link to comment


  • Carl E. Oct 21, 2014 Link to comment

    I contacted them about rooting my Hisense Sero Pro from JB 4.2 to KK 4.4. "James" replied that I "needed 2 roms" to the root/upgrade. I smelled a rat. Spent another couple of hours reading and re-reading the forum @ XDA, I figured out the sequence. File selection was a no brainer, I knew which files and which rom (1 and ONLY 1 ROM), i needed, it was only the loading sequence.
    I contacted "James" to let him know about the "rep" I typed to, and let him know that either the rep was mal-informed, or just trying to dig up more revenue. And he may want to read the transcript to figure it out and correct the rep. It only took 1 ROM. I was trying to help him.
    Then I got a "semi-nasty reply from James", that said either he got confused as to which customer I was, or I misstated what I wanted/needed, and that I was WRONG.
    Well, after 30 minutes of actual doing the process, I found myself with a rooted Hisense Sero Pro, running KK 4.4.4 now spoofing as a Nexus, I did it in one move and "saved" a hundred bucks! Only cost me a couple more hours of my time. I saved more money and learned more than "James" charges........
    I saved the replies from "James" if anybody wants to read the actual dialog....
    BEWARE, you have been warned.


  • james fletcher May 12, 2014 Link to comment

    I was going to use this site to root my phone but since they were not open when I needed it I decided to cancel. I did get a refund and along with it an email that cursed me and because of my choice of email names ( I'm from the south) I was called a dumb ass. if you would like me to forward the email contact me at [email protected] I'm in the process of forwarding it to the BBB and anywhere I feel will do the most good. This site needs to be taken down.

    • Carl E. Oct 21, 2014 Link to comment

      I agree see below


  • Jeremy ward May 6, 2014 Link to comment is LEGIT! I have had several devices rooted by James and Robert.
    These guys are PRO'S ! I have a ton of faith in these guys. People who bad mouth this site are doing so because they thought they could do whatever they felt like to the device and then when they removed the wrong app or did something they were told not to do. Then when the device malfunctioned they ran straight here after not wanting to accept any responsibility for what they did as the SuperUser of the device. AS the customer is the Superuser of the device. Top quality work and professionalism is a more accurate description. . They are absolutely brilliant individuals and to see this site shamed for a few people who would rather point fingers then man up, is insane.

    I have spent alot of $ with this site and have never had an issue.
    So to all that read this, know these guys are top notch pros and know android inside and out. There is no sale of any software so i have no clue where people assume that. ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    I will always take my devices to them and so should you.

    • John Dorsey May 6, 2014 Link to comment

      "Then when the device malfunctioned they ran straight here"

      Here? Lol nice to see you guys are smart enough to make a fake name and come here to "try" and boost your reputation. All in all, you are charging people to use software that is found on the Internet for FREE. Why don't you try to go make money off of an original idea of YOUR OWN?

      Lol besides no one complained here about messing up our devices, so much of your statement is invalid sir!

    • Carl E. Oct 21, 2014 Link to comment

      Nice try.

    • whateva Jan 4, 2015 Link to comment


  • John Dorsey Jan 10, 2014 Link to comment

    I beg to differ with what James wrote. James you tried to unsuccessfully root my device on In the process of trying to root my device you installed Kingo Root program (A free one click program that can be found on the net) and you installed Vroot (another free one click program that can be found on the net)

    Then on top of that, if you do a simple search for the terms Vroot and Kingo you will get tons of hits about how the the programs send your devices IMEI number to some chinese server and other worries about malicious activity.

    You state you do not use one click programs. Well buddy what is your definition of "One click" may I ask??? Because BOTH OF THESE ARE ONE CLICK PROGRAMS!!!!!

    BUYER BEWARE!!! This guy failed to root my phone (In all fairness I did get a refund from the site but I also got possibly malicious programs installed on my PC too!) He openly lied in the statement above about not using one click programs as that is all he tried, there was no "manual" attempt to root my device. He ran these 2 one click programs (And one other called Cydia Impactor too (also free on the internet)) and when they failed James you told me sorry but my phone could not be rooted!

    Well sir, I ended up finding some very helpful gentleman on XDA that helped me root my phone FOR FREE!!!!!!! I thought you told me my device was not able to be rooted???

    Again, BUYER BEWARE!!! This guy is full of it, he openly lied just a few comments above and I can prove it! If anyone wants to verify this with me personally, my email address is [email protected] Also before you pay this joker $40 to root your device on his site, I would suggest trying XDA for free or at least just go download the FREE ONE CLICK PROGRAMS programs he uses and root it yourself at no charge Try Impactor first as it is made by the guy that jailbreaks iphones, if that fails you might try Kingo or Vroot but just remember about the potential for them being malicious.

    If you would like to try and dispute any of what I said as being incorrect please feel free to do so James, I would be more than happy to provide links to back up pretty much anything I have said. And one last thing, you shame yourself buddy by trying to come on here and openly LIE! IF you want to run a successful business might I suggest try being a little bit more honest with your potential clients!

    GO TO XDA AND GET HELP ROOTING YOUR PHONE FOR FREE! Don't pay this joker to do it for you and charge you for using free rooting programs he found on the internet!

  • idiot baby Nov 12, 2013 Link to comment

    Thanks for it..beware of such scams in future..Always have a whois lookup at those scam looking sites from and check whether the disclosed contact details are true and whether they are trusted to your knowledge.If not it is likely to be a scam.You can also check the website reputation and safety at

  • Steven Blum Oct 18, 2013 Link to comment

    James, and are one and the same. As in: type in either into your browser and it redirects to the same site.

    I find it curious that you're harping about how many clicks it takes to root something but not the more relevant claims in my article about the site's nonexistent refund policy and steep charge for something many will be able to do for free.

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