LG G5: 7 features we'd love to see

LG G5: 7 features we'd love to see

The LG G4 is a cracking smartphone, offering up a glorious screen, pretty design, a healthy collection of unique OS features and a fantastic camera. It's a great overall performer, but LG's current flagship smartphone is not without its faults. With that in mind, we're taking a look at seven features we'd love to see in the upcoming LG G5.

Lg g4 front w782
The LG G4 came close to being the perfect smartphone. / © ANDROIDPIT

Improved battery life

One of our biggest gripes with the LG G4 is the smartphone's disappointing battery life, which only lasts around 18 hours before needing to be recharged. LG seemed convinced that the 3,000 mAh battery stuffed inside the LG G4 would justify the slightly bulky feel of the mobile, but instead we were left grasping a gadget that just didn't stay on for long enough.

The LG G4's QHD display did most of the damage in terms of reducing battery life, so we'd like to see some improvements in this area when the LG G5 rolls around. Heavy users may not last the entire day without juicing up the LG G4, and that's really not ideal on a smartphone that's otherwise very solid. Our fingers are crossed that we can spend a good amount of time playing with the LG G5 without having to end the fun too early.

lg g4 battery
The LG G4's battery wasn't good enough. / © ANDROIDPIT

Quality speakers

The mono speaker sat at the bottom of the back of the LG G4 isn't exactly mind-blowing, and its sound becomes noticeably worse at high volumes. Bumping up the LG G4's rear speaker to the max results in a tinny sound that isn't pleasant for the ears, so we'd like some top-notch speakers on the LG G5.

LG G4 owners who watch content on the go may find that they end up covering the speaker with their hand a lot of the time, which means playback takes another hit. While we'd appreciate improved audio quality for the LG G5, having the speaker(s) placed in a position where they're free to sing without being muffled would also be great.

lg g4 back
The LG G4 struggles at high volume. / © ANDROIDPIT

In our review of the LG G4, we found that the speaker wasn't up to the standard of the HTC One M9's stereo blasters on the One M9. All in all, the LG G4's playback quality is adequate and not much more. Let's hope the LG G5 knocks sound out of the park.

Tougher leather

Few would argue that the LG G4 isn't a pretty smartphone. Its curved shape is complemented by customizable leather and plastic covers. While the smartphone's eye-catching leather option gives LG's handset a fresh look, the material does wear over time. LG spins this as a positive thing by saying it gives each owner a truly unique LG G4, but the reality is that the damage can look ugly.

Our wish is that LG decides to keep leather as a cover option for the LG G5, but we're keen to see a stronger, more resilient leather that doesn't wear out so much. LG claims that each genuine leather cover found on the LG G4 takes 12 weeks to produce, so it seems a shame to see it spoiled.

We're interested to hear your feedback on the leather-wearing LG G4. If you've had the smartphone for a while and have noticed significant damage (or not, as the case may be), let us know.

Hopefully the LG G5 will be more durable. / © huffpost

Fingerprint sensor

We're prioritizing other wishlist entries over this one, but we'd still love to see a fingerprint sensor attached to the LG G5. Ideally, we want this technology on the back of the device, where one's finger naturally rests when holding the smartphone.

lg g4 camera
A close-up look at the LG G4's volume rocker. / © ANDROIDPIT

The LG G4's back panel input is one of its design highlights, and the fact that the buttons are so well positioned is the cherry on the cake. Being greedy, we'd love LG to take things a step further with the LG G5 and add a fingerprint sensor to the setup. 

Wireless charging

As we mentioned above, we were underwhelmed by the battery found inside the LG G4. Assuming LG manages to improve capacity and performance with the LG G5, we'd like to see wireless charging implemented in the group's next flagship device. If the LG G5 truly wants to compete with other premium smartphones then it needs to have plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

It's actually possible to add wireless charging to the LG G4 if you're the creative type, by buying a QI sticker and a protective wireless charging sticker and playing with the placement of the LG G4's NFC plate. Still, it's fiddly work and not for everybody.

Interestingly, the LG G4 included support for Quick Charge 2.0, although the smartphone's makers chose not to brag about the feature. An evolution of the same technology would be a great alternative if wireless charging inside the LG G5 was a no-go.

LG G4 1 31
Will we see wireless charging on the LG G5? / © ANDROIDPIT

A cleaner UI

The LG G4 is bloatware-free and for that we're grateful, but the user interface is somewhat uninspiring and we'd like to see some changes to that on the LG G5.

While LG bought some interesting features to the LG G4, such as Smart Notice and the Smart Bulletin board, the skin wasn't to everybody's tastes. It looked slightly messy and didn't include many headline-grabbing features. We'd like the LG G5 to have an evolved UI with impressive functionality that sets the smartphone apart from its competitors.

lg g4 front appdrawer
The LG G5 deserves a top OS. / © ANDROIDPIT

Overheating solutions

Some LG G4 users have reported issues with their smartphone overheating, particularly during heavy gaming sessions where the gadget's Snapdragon 808 chip is put through its paces.

Our review of the LG G4 didn't flag up anything major in this area, but overheating is a well-known issue affecting the LG G4 that's regularly mentioned online. Even standard video playback through YouTube has been known to cause the back panel of the LG G4 to heat up, and it's a nuisance.

We hope the back of the LG G5 is just as eye-pleasing as its predecessor but that it also brings some changes to banish the problem of overheating.

Which features would you like to see on the LG G5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • I have the G3 and that phone is almost perfect. This is what I would like to see in the G5.

    Unbreakable flexible OLED screen. Phone doesn't have to flex but that would be a plus.
    Replaceable battery.
    Wireless charging.
    Waterproof. Why does a flagship phone need ANY holes in it? We have wifi, bluetooth and wireless charging. Make the mic and speaker waterproof.

    Two versions of the phone are needed. One for carriers and one plain vanilla unlocked model.

    Nice to have; barometer, infrared thermometer, IR blaster.

  • After 9 month the leather on my G4 still looks like new. Cant w8 for the G5!

  • storm Jan 26, 2016 Link to comment

    This wish list for the G5 is sort of damning the G4 with faint praise. These aren't minor improvements. Many of them speak to significant design and testing failures of the G4. Which is also surprising considering the high praise the G4 received here and at other sites.

  • Javier Jan 26, 2016 Link to comment

    Almost everything mentioned here would make the LG G5 a really good flagship, but in my opinion, I would prefer stock Android. Also I don't see the use for a fingerprint sensor.
    I'm really glad with my G4 so far.

  • The finger sensor i think its a feature that the lg g5 really need

  • 1: 1080p video recording at 60fps
    2: Better panorama app built in

  • lg g5 would be biggest failure like g4

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