Google now deletes location data automatically

Google now deletes location data automatically

A major topic at Google's I/O developer conference this year was data protection. It is well known that collecting large amounts of data is part of the business model of the search engine provider. Now, a previously announced function arrives on Android and iOS that automatically deletes location data.

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If Location History in the Google settings is active, then the provider diligently collects data about where you are. This can be quite useful, because Google recommends restaurants on this basis or allows you to continue previous searches. However, this can also result in a complete geolocation profile that makes some people feel uncomfortable.

It is now it is possible to switch off the Location History in your Google Account or to manually delete collected data completely or partially. A new function is supposed to make this even easier by doing it automatically.

Users can choose whether they want to delete the data manually in the future or whether they want to do this automatically every three to 18 months. In addition to the location data, the new function is also available for Web & App Activity. According to Google, the function is already activated for the first users and is available both on Android and iOS. The automatic deletion can also be activated on a company Google account.

Google puts data protection in the foreground

Google seems to be making increasing efforts to bring data protection to the fore. At the I/O, the company also announced an Incognito mode for YouTube and Google Maps. The reason could well be that Google is increasingly in trouble because of its passion for collecting data. A consumer protection organization in France has just taken Google to court for the confusing privacy guidelines - and is demanding up to 1,000 euros in compensation for each Google user. Other companies, such as Apple, use Google's reputation specifically to better represent themselves.

What do you think of the new function? Will you switch it on?


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  • marco sarli
    • Admin
    Jun 29, 2019 Link to comment

    Google (and Facebook and...and...and) have a long tradition of making simple things complicated in order to confuse the user and keep harvesting information. Same strategy as banks, insurance companies and so on with their fine print. This is another step in that direction. It is all there ,not our fault if the user did not read it and did not act following the instructions! It guarantees deniability if anything goes wrong.

  • storm Jun 27, 2019 Link to comment

    I have turned off all of the google history/tracking on my account.