May Presents Galaxy S4 Spin-Offs in Overtime: Zoom, Mini & Activ

May Presents Galaxy S4 Spin-Offs in Overtime: Zoom, Mini & Activ

Curious that Samsung, after launching its flagship the Galaxy S4, is coming out with a rapid fire of Samsung Galaxy S4 spin-offs, as if they were preemptively preparing for their feature-packed hero to fail. Now some of these devices, which have been grabbing our attention, should be officially announced by the end of May.

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What do you think of all this Samsung overload? ©

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

We've been talking about this mini version for quite some time now. We are quite certain that it's out of the workshop and we're just waiting for advertisement to start. Though it hasn't been announced to the public yet, SamMobile has confirmed the release date: the Galaxy S4 Mini, whose code was leaked last month, should come out in week 29. Apparently, they are expecting Samsung to announce it by the end of May. The insider sources for SamMobile leaked the following codes for it: GT-I9192ZWA and GT-I9192ZKA. These are said to come in black and white.

galaxy s4 mini1
The S4's mini is coming soon! © Ermek Kubanychbekov/Twitter

Samsung Galaxy S4 Activ

Galaxy S4 Activ (GT-I9295MOA) also stands on the official list from the SamMobile source. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Activ, Samsung's rough & tough version of the Galaxy S4, was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, who said that it's release would be targeted for July. Samsung has indeed confirmed this sturdy version and we expect it to be announced by the end of this month. This version would be waterproof, dust-resistant and extra solid. Looks like you won't have to worry about damaging it when you're out doing some extreme sports. Apparently, it will come in metallic orange.

sports s4 active
The S4 Activ could be your companion for a more active lifestyle. / ©

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Yesterday, we also got a sniff of the Galaxy S4 Zoom. SamMobile says that the new camera phone will have 16 MP as well as a 4.3-inch qHD SAMOLED display. What's more, it will have 8 GB of storage, a MicroSD for extra storage up to 64 GB and Bluetooth 4.0 LE. The camera will also be decked out with Android OS Jelly Bean and of course, the TouchWiz Nature UX interface. No confirmed news has been revealed in regards to the processor and RAM. The code names are SM-C1010ZKA and SM-C1010ZWA and they'll be available in black and white. As we expect it to be announced this month, stay tuned for more information.

The first camera from Samsung: the Samsung Galaxy Camera @ AndroidPIT

And two more...

Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3

Last month we were able to lay our eyes on two new devices, whose aims are to combine the best of two worlds: the portability of a smartphone and the display of a tablet. We're talking about the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3, which are mid-range devices that could be presented along with other the 3 S4 by-products

GALAXY Mega 63 58
The best of both worlds. © Samsung

What exactly is Samsung's strategy here? Is shooting of a rapid-fire of Galaxy S4 spin-offs really necessary? From the entire Samsung Galaxy S4 gamut, are there are devices that you like?

Source: SamMobile

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  • The Meltz May 11, 2013 Link to comment

    Personally, I think it's awesome that Samsung is coming out with these!!!!
    It's genius to cater to people with different wants, needs, and tastes.
    I think the activ is a GREAT idea, for the people who are very active in life. i.e. rock climbers, hikers, water sports, or just laying out at the beach, exposed to sand and sun.
    The mini will cater to people who don't necessarily want or need all the
    bells and whistles, but love the Galaxy line. Or for people who can't afford the full s4.
    Finally, the zoom is for the avid photographer, who may not wanna lug around a full size camera, or, say, somebody going hiking or climbing, where compactness and weight is a major concern, but love taking quality pics, and possibly blowing them up. Obviously, the megapixels are more important when you want to enlarge photos. Most people think megapixels are the "end-all/be-all" of what makes a camera take good pictures. But shutter and lens are actually more important. The quality of those two things are actually more important than the amount of megapixels. But, again, megapixels ARE important for blowing pictures up to 8"x10" and higher.
    But, I still think it's a great idea from Samsung!!!!!
    One less thing to have to take with you, on climbing and/or hiking trips.
    You'll have your phone AND a high quality camera, all in one small package.

    All in all, I think Samsung is making a great move here!!!!!!!
    Is it the SMARTEST move business-wise????
    Probably not. As they'll probably lose quite a bit of profit.
    Obviously they'd make a lot more money if they stuck with just the regular S4.
    But I think in the long run, it'll keep them close to the top, if not THE top smartphone company in the business.
    I think it speaks volumes about them, that they're trying so hard to accommodate everyone!!!!!

    Keep up the good work Samsung!!!!!!

    You too AndroidPit!!!!!!!