5 reasons why Apple hates Android

5 reasons why Apple hates Android

Apple and Google are the best of enemies, mainly as a result of the competition between iOS and Android. Despite their similarities, iOS and Android have very different underlying principles, which gives them plenty of reason to despise each other. Here are five fun reasons why Apple hates Android.

1. Android is an open-source free-for-all

The open-source nature of Android means that the operating system has been morphed, diluted, beautified and bastardized into many different forms. There are forked versions of Android popping up all over the world, and while Google is not directly profiting from many of them, it continues to reap benefits from Android's spread.

Apple thrives on its closed nature. It likes to keeps its precious iOS source code hidden in secret labs deep underground beneath Apple HQ - or at least that's what we like to imagine. The point is that keeping iOS 'closed-source' maintains an aura of exclusivity, and Apple no doubt sees Android's freewheeling open-source ways as dirty and disreputable - which is exactly why we love Android.

androidpit android apple 2
Android is free and open-source. These are dirty words to Apple, which would never dream of doing such a thing with iOS. / © ANDROIDPIT

2. Android has a bigger, dirtier app store

On a similar note, Android's Play Store is a much more open place than Apple's pristine app store. Comparing the two is like comparing a big bazaar full of buzz, character, and pickpockets to a big, shiny shopping mall - which only contains expensive designer shops.

But Apple is all about the profit, and has little use for the many great free apps on the Play Store. Despite the Play Store clocking more downloads, the App Store is much more profitable for Apple than the Play Store is for Google - but that's fine for us Android users who get to enjoy all the free apps. Once again, the squeaky-clean Apple sticks its nose up at the down-and-dirty Android with its flea-market Play Store.

com teaser playstore
The Play Store is a big, buzzing flea-market of apps next to Apple's slick but clinical shopping mall of an App Store. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. Android shares data with Google

Apple takes every opportunity it can to dig at Android by pointing out that iOS respects iPhone owners' privacy. In iOS 9, for example, Siri will track how you use your phone to make it quicker at carrying out commands, but all the data you enter will be stored on-device rather than in the cloud.

In contrast, Google has a pretty 'Big Brother' approach to customer data. Information we type into Google Now, or Google Search, or even in our emails is tracked by Google's algorithms. Google wants your data to make money, and it's using Android to get it.

androidpit ios 9 wwdc
Apple VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi loved telling the world how iOS 9 will 'respect your privacy' - a thinly-veiled dig at Google's privacy policies. / © Apple

4. Android is customizable

Apple offers its harem of celebrities and zealous followers a stable, rigid user experience every time. "Why would you want to tweak and customize an OS that's so perfect", says Apple in its ivory tower. "Because it's fun", would be Android's simple retort.

Superficially iOS and Android are not so very different from each other, but dig a bit more into Android and the whole operating system is made of removable parts; a custom ROM here, a launcher there, and suddenly your phone OS looks like no other. Apple would never dream of doing such a thing - "Let the people decide on how they want their phone to look?" exclaimed the aloof Apple from its lofty branch. "What a ridiculous thought!".

Android can easily be loaded with custom ROMs and launchers like AOKP, while the aloof Apple can see no reason why anyone would want to toy with the pristine iOS. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. "It was our idea first!"

Technology progresses by filtering out the bad ideas, then developing the good ones in new and interesting directions. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs clearly didn't buy into this idea, even saying once that he was "willing to go to thermonuclear war" with Android over his assertion that it was "a stolen product".

Whatever Android vs Apple discussion you have, it can always be reduced to "But it was Apple's idea first". This is a myth. Touchscreen phones, Multi-touch touchscreen devices, and phone apps all pre-date the iPhone. Sure, Apple refined these things and made them better, but Android came along and made them better still. That's just technological progress - deal with it, Apple!

androidpit ibm simon
Apple likes to talk like it was the first to come up with the big smartphone ideas, but it's never shown any love for  IBM Simon, the world's first touchscreen phone. / © IBM

Do you agree with our thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

NB: We do love the iPhone, really. 


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  • Jacob Sauer Jul 2, 2015 Link to comment

    I love my dirty little android

  • fadi jaouni Jun 14, 2015 Link to comment

    I really want the stupid people at The Verge to read this. Good job!

  • Carmelo Rivera Jun 13, 2015 Link to comment

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Nobody's gonna tell me what I can and cannot do with my smartphone. Nobody!

  • Reg Joo Jun 13, 2015 Link to comment

    Lots of truth to this. Apple likes to play the innovator role, when they aren't. l think apples approach, is messy(looks at all those icons, its a cluttered mess, so ugly. You need siri, to just navigate, unless you like chasing icons). Two people buy the same phone, can't tell who' s, is who. Guy picks up other guys phone, by mistake, sees other guys finances, plots to take his data, returns phone, after copying his stuff. Destruction! A world of hurt(anything can be hacked into,only fools believe different). Give me android, regardless of who has the better os'(that's another debate). I make mine operate, and look the way I want, even if someone else, has the same phone. You can create artistry with android, that just cant be done with ios.

    • Alex Simon Jun 13, 2015 Link to comment

      Totally agree with your points haha, iOS is just so cluttered and boring. After you get about 5 pages of apps it becomes difficult to navigate. Plus you can't truely hide anything, all you can do is make a ugly folder icon and place apps inside, to hide them from view.

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