Samsung Ships 5 Million Units of the Galaxy Note II in Two Months

Samsung Ships 5 Million Units of the Galaxy Note II in Two Months

There’s been quite a bit of disdain thrown towards the Phablet market. Many attest to a 5” screen on a device, with claims that it’s way too bulky for practicality. Even though, devices like the Galaxy Note II look damn sexy, lots of consumers still have their reservations.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Apparently the criticism against the Phablet market is all for naught, because just a mere two months after release, Samsung has already sold 5 million units of the Galaxy Note II. This comes only a month after Samsung announced that they had reached the milestone of 3 million units shipped. In case you’re wondering, these are truly impressive numbers folks!

It took the first Galaxy Note approximately five months to accumulate the same sales figures. Yet the Note II blew those figures away in only a couple months. Obviously people are not turned off by the outrageous size.

The Note II also comes with a remarkable stylus called the S Pen. Back in the older Windows Mobile days, the inclusion of a stylus was something of a joke. Fortunately, Samsung has managed to up the efficiency of the standard Note user with their version of the stylus. In addition, the device does not require you to use the S Pen, instead you can get along fine without ever taking it out of its cubby hole.

If the current sales rate remains constant, it looks as if Samsung will have shipped more than 7 million units by the end of the year. When compared to the sales figures of the rest of the Galaxy S series, the Note II’s success seems Lilliputian. Still, I assure you, these are particularly impressive numbers.

It means the Phablet market is here to stay, and we’ll probably see a few more manufacturers enter it within the coming months.

Congratulations Samsung!

I already know some of you have been enjoying your Note II because you’ve talked about it several times before (you know who you are). This is your chance to throw out the obligatory “I love my Note II” comment! Go ahead, you have the all clear!

Source: Samsung Korea

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  • Well the battle for androud will not be won on specs alone. Case in point: htc One X vs. Galaxy S3. Very comparable specs, night and day in features AND sales. Features that comes with the phone counts with the average consumer. The moment the average guy gets hold of a Note or S3 and experiences multi view etc. they would hardly consider anything else.

  • Imran Nov 26, 2012 Link to comment

    competition is up, htc, Lg and sony on the way in 2013.

  • Gio A. Nov 26, 2012 Link to comment

    The criticism is just from apple fans who are jealous that they are just now getting a 4 inch screen. I feel bad for them. HAHA. I have grown fond of the size and wouldn't consider going back to a smaller screen. The note II is doing what I wanted it to do and that is to be my one and only go to device. sinds I got it last month I have practically stopped using my tab 2 (even told my girlfriend that she can have it) and rarely use my laptop. It's the ultimate device and the best part it is always a hand reach away in my pocket ( where it fits just fine and I don't even notice it's there and yes it's a normal size pocket). lastly I would like to say that if your hand can fit in your pocket than this phone can fit their too so take a leap of fate like I thit and you shouldn't be disappointed.

    I LOOOOOVE my note II. Sorry had to say it.

  • I just can't resist good tech. Me and my bank account are powerless.

  • Oh the joys of consumerism!

  • I love the Note 2 but wound up getting an S3 instead. A Note 2 plus the Note 10.1 I already have just seemed like overkill (not to mention Best Buy had the S3 for 50 bucks on Black Friday) :)

  • Haha, I knew you'd show up! The Verizon release date is rumored for this week (11/29). No official word yet though.

  • Keep in mind the Note 2 has only been for sale in the U.S. for a few weeks and I'm not sure if Verizon has even released it yet. You're gonna see sales that would make any model but an S3 drool.

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