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The morning after the Sony PlayStation 5 reveal: everything we learned

sony ps5 design hero 1
© Sony

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Sony has saved the best for last. In what could be called a "one more thing" moment at the end of the PS5 conference on Thursday, June 11, the Japanese giant finally unveiled the design of its new PlayStation 5 consoles. We also got our first looks at some PS5 games. Here's our (non-exhaustive) list of the main releases announced with images and gameplay trailers in 4K.

Yes, the Sony PlayStation 5 will indeed be available in two versions. To everyone's surprise, we learned that the PS5 will be released in a disc-based version, with a really futuristic design for once and which will reassure fans after the first leaks had them worrying about the look of the next-gen console.

But the most interesting is the addition of a second model, a so-called "Digital Edition", that will overlook the disc-drive. A way for Sony to reduce the cost of its console (the price is still unknown) as Microsoft was able to do with the Xbox One S All-Digital.

sony ps5 peripheriques
The Sony PlayStation 5 will be available in two versions. / © Sony

A bad sign for the price of the regular PS5?

It's a first for Sony to launch two models of its new generation console at the same time. What's almost certain is that the Digital Edition version, which is devoid of disc-drive and therefore intended for downloadable games only, should logically be less expensive than the basic model.

The problem is that, personally, I think this doesn't bode well for the price of the PS5. The price is likely to be high, I would even dare to predict that it could be much higher than the PS4's when it comes out $399. Otherwise, why accompany the release of a brand new console with a model with concessions (perhaps technical concessions by the way, but impossible to say as it stands) and a price that's more affordable.

Maybe Sony wants to avoid the PS3 fiasco in 2007, where the $600 base model caused the gamosphere to scream and forced Sony to release a cheaper version in its wake.

We'll have to follow the case closely. In the meantime, the firm has notably recalled the characteristics of its console, with a strong emphasis on its SSD and its Tempest Engine audio processing chip. Even though I followed the conference with my Sony WF-1000XM3 headphones, I didn't notice any particular audio prowess.

To conclude the conference, Sony unveiled a series of accessories for the PlayStation 5 with a 3D camera, which will allow the PlayStation VR to be used, but also a wireless remote control and headset as well as a charging dock for Dual Sense controllers.

Sony teases PlayStation 5 launch games

After creating suspense by showing a Rockstar logo in full screen at the launch of its conference, giving false hope for the upcoming release of GTA VI on PS5, Sony has unveiled some great exclusives for its next console.

The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, Hitman 3, Resident Evil 8 (with werewolves),... Sony's night was marked by some very big announcements. Here are the announced games, including images and videos, in 4K of course!

All games announced for the Sony PlayStation 5:

Pragmata: a surreal game from Capcom

Capcom didn't just unveil the new Resident Evil 8 at the Sony PS5 conference. It also presented a trailer of the very enigmatic Pragmata.

sony ps5 jeux annonces pragmata
Pragmata on PS5. / © Sony

In the trailer, we can see what looks like an astronaut walking in the deserted streets of New York, a bit like in I Am Legend, before coming across a strange young girl before being propelled through the air, narrowly avoiding a satellite that threatens to crash so that the girl finally slows her fall through some kind of net, all this of course before being catapulted to the moon. Logic is not a big thing at Capcom.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales: the PS5 tackles the Spider-Verse

PlayStation Studios started the wave of exclusivities of Sony with Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It is not a direct sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man released in 2018 on PS4, which followed the adventures of Peter Parker. This time, Insomniac Games is taking on Miles Morales, another incarnation of the Spider-Man seen in the recent animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

sony ps5 jeux annonces playstation spiderman miles morales
Spide-Man Moral Miles on PS5. / © Sony

This indirect sequel, whose first opus was a bit repetitive but which had seduced me by its mechanics of combat and movement by throwing canvases in Manhattan, will be released at the end of 2020.

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart: the technical demo

A classic PlayStation game, Ratchet & Clank, returns to the next generation of Sony consoles, still developed by Insomniac. The trailer highlights the technical capabilities of the PS5 and its SSD for smoother gameplay.

sony ps5 jeux annonces playstation ratchet clank
Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart on PS5. / © Sony

The developer also announces that it has been able to develop new visual effects, including reflections on the body of Clank, the little robot. This is enough to exploit the PS5's "Ray-Tracing" capabilities for this Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, which could very well serve as a technical demo.

Project Athia: the most mysterious outcast...

We know very little about the game Project Athia except that it is developed on the graphics engine of Final Fantasy XV (Square Enix obliges), Luminous Studio.

sony ps5 jeux annonces playstation project athia
Project Athia on PS5. / © Sony

A graphical legacy that you can immediately perceive visually by watching this trailer that shows a female character with supernatural powers twirling around in gigantic landscapes. No release date has been announced by Sony.

Stray: Cat Simulator 2021

We follow a cat in a futuristic and dystopian universe with strong cyberpunk hints that I would describe as a cross between the one in the movie "Chappie" and the one in Wall-E.

sony ps5 jeux annonces playstation stray
Stray on PS5. / © Sony

Apart from a release in 2021, Sony hasn't revealed much more about the game other than a visually intriguing universe for the science fiction fan that I am.

Returnal: the game with Brienne of Tarth in space

Yes, it's a bit heavy of me to make a reference to Game of Thrones in 2020. But Returnal features a character played by Gwendoline Christie, the actress who plays the knightly character imagined by George R. R. Martin.

sony ps5 jeux annonces playstation returnal
Returnal on PS5. / © Sony

In a time-loop plot like the one in the Day After Tomorrow movie with Tom Cruise, the heroine can be seen evolving in a space universe and facing what looks like a monstrous alien race again and again. In the gameplay phases, the game seems to have aspects of a third-person shooter and focused on narration.

Sackboy A Big Adventure

When you say new PlayStation, you mean a new game from the Little Big Planet universe. I personally never understood the interest of this platform game, but it has its audience and therefore deserves to be mentioned here.

sony ps5 jeux annonces playstation sackboy
Sackboy A Big Adventure on PS5. / © Sony

The gameplay seems to be less linear than in previous iterations by switching to a fully 3D rather than 2D platformer.

Kena Bridge of Spirits

It's one of the games that interested me the most at this Sony conference. Kena Bridge of Spirits is an action-adventure game in a style reminiscent of big-budget animated films.

sony ps5 jeux annonces playstation kena bridge of spirits
Kena Bridge of Spirit on PS5. / © Sony

The fairy-tale world depicted in the trailer is very promising as the game was developed by an independent studio, Ember Lab. The game mixes exploration and combat phases but, again, the trailer doesn't really say much more.

Ghostwire Tokyo: we didn't get it, but it looks cool

After watching the Ghostwire Tokyo trailer and gameplay, I felt the same confusion as before the release of Death Stranding. It looks cool, but I didn't understand what the game is supposed to be.

sony ps5 jeux annonces playstation ghostwire tokyo
Ghostwire Tokyo on PS5. / © Sony

Developed by Tango and published by Bethesda, Ghostwire Tokyo will be released in 2021 as a temporary exclusivity on the Sony PS5.

Solar Ash: on track for 2021

I didn't play the previous Solar Ash Kingdom opus released on PC in 2016 and was acclaimed by the critics. Annapurna Interactive studio comes back with its sequel soberly called Solar Ash which was released in 2021 on PS5.

sony ps5 jeux annonces playstation solar ash
Solar Ash on PS5. / © Sony

In this rather uniquely graphical game, you embody a masked hero who moves at high speed in science fiction and fantasy worlds using his futuristic roller skates.

Hitman 3: we're finally attacking the big exits...

Sony has cleverly managed to save the best announcements for the end of its conference. So we start the podium of the biggest releases with the announcement of Hitman 3 almost a year and a half after the release of the previous, and excellent, title.

sony ps5 jeux annonces playstation hitman
Hitman 3 on PS5. / © Sony

Hitman 3 and Agent 47 are expected on PS5 (and PS4) from January 2021 in this latest installment of the World of Assassination trilogy which will be a standalone game and no longer an episodic format of previous Hitman games. Which is not to displease me. The game won't be a Sony exclusive either and will be released on Xbox and PC.

Demon's Souls: the remake

Remake specialist, Bluepoint, is back to bring you an updated version of Demon's Souls originally released in 2009 by From Software.

sony ps5 jeux annonces demons souls
Demon's Souls remake on PS5. / © Sony

No release date has been announced but the very elitist Souls gaming community will be throwing themselves into this new-old version to finish it 100 percent as soon as possible before turning it into speedruns and other perfect runs that the "gaming elite" holds in such high esteem.

Resident Evil 8 Village: a game of werewolf?

Long a rumor and a little forgotten with the release of the recently released remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, Resident Evil 8 or VIII or V.I.II. or Vil.II.age/Village is official. Resident Evil 8: Village will be released on PS5 during the year 2021, it has also been announced on Xbox and PC.

sony ps5 jeux annonces playstation resident evil 8
Resident Evil 8 Village on PS5. / © Sony

Players will be able to play as Ethan Winters, the hero of Resident Evil 4. The agent finds himself in a mysterious lost village with medieval overtones. The scenery visible in the trailer shows huge mountains, sinister mansions, and gloomy forests.

As expected, the license moves away from zombies and monsters created in the lab to the occult sciences and the bestiaries of European folklore: with the appearance in the trailer of a werewolf. In the game, Ethan Winters must save the president's daughter held captive by a sect of monks.

In his journey, he will find characters already known in fans, such as a certain C... I'll rather let you discover it at the end of the trailer.

Horizon Forbidden West: the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn

It's one of the best Sony exclusives of the last few years and the one I've been most passionate about. It's also one of the last games that I took the time to "platinum" as they say (unlock all the trophies). The Guerilla Games studio picks up where it left off after having concluded the first game with a terrible cliff-hanger.

sony ps5 jeux annonces horizon forbidden west
Horizon Forbidden West on PS5. / © Sony

So you'll find the protagonist Aloy, who has to survive in a futuristic world. You evolve in a universe populated by robotic creatures inspired by animal species that evolve in a fearsome fauna on a planet Earth devastated by a cataclysm that has reduced the human species to a primitive stage.

What do you think of the games Sony has announced for its upcoming PS5 console? Do the 4K trailers seem to confirm that the PS5 has passed a technical milestone compared to the previous generation of the PS4? What game would you have liked to see that hasn't been announced? Let us know in the comments!

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  • jelabarre59 3
    jelabarre59 Jun 18, 2020 Link to comment

    The problem I see, from looking at the units they show, is the "diskless" version will be a slightly different case, and won't have the capability of being upgraded later. So once you've shelled out whatever outrageous price that even the diskless version gets sold at, if you decide to upgrade later you'll have to buy *ANOTHER* console, rather than updating the one you already have.

    And it looks like it doesn't have an optical drive either. Despite what you think, BluRay-based games are still critical. Relying upon downloaded-only content, given the likelihood of slow, spotty or expensive internet (especially in those areas where the broadmabd provider puts caps on monthly usage), having physical content will continue to be crucial for the foreseeable future.

    This is like those utterly useless "gaming" rigs selling for $1000 or more that have NO optical drives, and NO drive bays to put them in (but they'll give you stupid lights and a worthless plexiglass window...)

  • 49
    storm Oct 17, 2019 Link to comment

    Consoles have always struck me as crippled dead end devices. Build a PC, play most if the same games plus many more not on a console. Have an upgrade path and versatility. And be able to do actual work.

  • Nupur 5
    Nupur Apr 18, 2019 Link to comment

    If the price stays in the $400 range then there is no such thing, that will bring PS5 from becoming a hit in the market.

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