Note 9: Samsung is saving innovation for 2019

Note 9: Samsung is saving innovation for 2019

Samsung once again organized one of its grand Unpacked events. And in the end, everyone was wondering. Is there anything actually new about the latest iteration of the Note line? It’s the culmination of a series that has always sought a place next to the Galaxy S line, but Samsung seems to be saving its creative juices for 2019.

Samsung has maintained two high-end series beside one another for year. There was the Galaxy with the S and the Galaxy with the pen. The S class has grown in size. And the Note? It has still held onto its stylus all this time.

And now let’s move to the release of the Note 9. I’ll concede. It’s all good: fast processor, huge battery, etc. That’s everything that makes for solid performance, but you won’t find much formative innovation that can’t be found elsewhere. Is that enough to stand up to competitors like Huawei, OPPO, OnePlus or others?

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy note9 camera closeup
The Galaxy Note 9 hardly stands out from the S9+. / © NextPit

OnePlus, Honor and many others are still cheap, but they’re all fast. OPPO is creative and ambitious. Huawei boasts a large battery. The list goes on and on. But apart from being from the established Samsung brand, the Note 9 doesn’t offer any other compelling reason to buy it. Other manufacturers have been taking more risks and actively looking for ways to stand out.

The Note 9 seems strangely dull. A new pen? Hardly any users really need it. DeX can now also use HDMI? Great, but that only makes one unnecessary feature a little better. Samsung wants to attract users who use smartphones productively, but what value does the Note 9 add in comparison to a Galaxy S9+?

There are no clear distinguishing features on Samsung’s two series. As it stands now, I can’t find a compelling reason to purchase a Note 9, which essentially contains the hardware of the S9+ and adds an S-Pen.

Samsung has no ideas in 2018 and is already banking on 2019

Things could get interesting when Samsung introduces its supposedly legendary foldable smartphone next year (perhaps as the Galaxy X). This might mean that the device would come with a considerably larger display. With an S-Pen you’d suddenly have your own little notebook. And as a niche product produced in small quantities, the Note 9 has the exclusive rights for Fortnite on Android, at least for the time being.

Fortnite: The highlight of the Note 9 presentation. / © NextPit (screenshot)

2018 seems like a transition year for Samsung. The classic new devices were somehow necessary, but there was no guiding concept for any of the new hardware.

The tenth S is due in 2019, and the design should finally be ready for the market, perhaps with a new and revolutionary touch. I can imagine it. Samsung needs to start breaking ground with new ideas. The Galaxy brand is still pulling in big sales numbers, but that won’t work forever. The Galaxy series needs some polishing, a new watch and home speaker aren’t enough.

What do you think? Is Samsung playing it too safe?

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  • I'll wait for the note 9 to drop in price. I have the S8 now, and it is still Good at a year and a half later. still have 44 gigs of storage open and a 128sd card with 117 gigs on it, battery life still good. I downloaded about 100 + apps on it. So I'm gonna wait and see what comes out next.

  • l look forward to yearly updating my phone but after looking at the specs, I'm going to wait for the S10+, iv got an S9+ now and the note 9 just does not offer enough to make me want to change. the S9+ us a great phone, just needs a better battery, come on Samsung, your starting to fall behind to other companies in this area and others

  • I definitely agree with this article. The s-pen features are nice but how many consumer's are gonna use it remotely? Outside of the battery it's not much different from the 9plus? I used a note9 for an hour today at Verizon, I liked the 9+ better, a lot more compact. The 512gb model is sweet but how many people need all that storage? The note is a business & specialty phone it's not for the masses in my opinion. I honestly think the sales will be much like the s9series. Sales will struggle at 1,000plus. Overpricing will effect sales! I paid 540.00 for my s8+ over a year ago, you know what it performs just as good! Especially the display.......

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