Confirmed: This Is The Nexus 4 (Updated)

Confirmed: This Is The Nexus 4 (Updated)


Hold onto your hats folks, cause shizzle just got real! Rumors of a Nexus 4 device coming from LG have been in full swing lately, and although we have seen some leaked photos and possible specs floating around, we are now confident enough to go out on a limb and confirm that the device you’re looking at is indeed the Nexus 4. Onliner, a respectable and well known Belarusian tech blog, not only got tons of amazing crystal clear photos of the device, they also got the specs for it, and some hands on time as well. UPDATE: I've been contacted by an anonymous tipster in regards to this device, and although he doesn't deny that this could be a Nexus device, he also informed me of a few things that have certainly made me think. More info at the bottom of the article.

Before we have a look at the photos from Onliner, lets briefly look at some specs for the Nexus 4 (dubbed as LG E960):

  • Quad core Snapdragon S4 Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 8GB internal storage (seriously??)
  • 4.7 inch 1280 x 768 display
  • Runs Android 4.1.2 (with 4.2 update possible before announcement)

While you might feel that I’m being a bit too bold using the word “confirm”, have a look at these pics from Onliner, and then let me know if you think someone really went through so much effort to fake this device:

Nice looking phone right? I think it looks great, and that could be because of the fact that it looks extremely similiar to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus! Here’s a quick side by side so you can see what I mean:

Whoops! Granted, the back of this device looks better, and the silver lining around the display looks good, but the LG Nexus 4 device does indeed have some Galaxy Nexus written all over it when it comes to design. We can’t confirm whether the device has a microsd slot or not, but if this entire 8GB internal memory hooplah is true, it DAMN WELL BETTER have expandable memory!

So everyone who was sick and tired of only Samsung getting Nexus ya go! The question remains...will we also see more Nexus phones this year?

The Nexus 4 is expected to be announced on October 29th. No details on availability or pricing yet. 

What do you guys think of the LG Nexus 4? Do you like it? Any chance Samsung will sue of LG over it? Do you plan on buying it, or will you wait to see if other OEMs follow suit with their own Nexus devices?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

UPDATE: I've been contacted by an anonymous tipster in regards to this device, and although he doesn't deny that this could be a Nexus device, he also informed me of a few things that have certainly made me think. He's recently discovered multiple logs in and around CA, in regards to Nexus devices, and while his logs have turned up info about Occam (a Motorola device) he couldn't confirm LG E960. Also, Nexus devices normally have "Google" branding on the back, not  the "With Google" that's branded on this device. This could naturally be due to the fact that multiple OEMs might release Nexus phones this year, but it certainly is food for thought. 

More details to come as we receive them. 

Source: Android and Me

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  • You'll be better off if you buy LG refrigerator. You can store tonnes of food and gallons of beverages. LG is a domestic utensils brand not a high end smart phone brand.
    Kenwood should also try their luck or maybe better Whirpool in making Smart Phones . Inovative design to include Capuccino making and Cold beer .

  • @ Milan. I don't know why the majority of users stick to the default and wait for OEM upgrades. Hence the complaints about lead time.

    Spending some time around XDA ect then you can get the idea that everyone is rooting and has custom ROMs. I new guy started in work and I was surprised to see him with a HTC Desire on Gingerbread! I wanted to march him to a PC and root it for him.

    Telling your new colleague he's a technical ludite is not the way to make friends though. Maybe I'll just show off ICS. I know, I could be on JB but I am looking for a stable daily that I like.

  • I like that device, quadcre, 2gb RAM, 8GB internal (could be better)... I really dont care if headphone connector is at the top or bottom. Great screen size and adequate screen resolution. You need 16:9? Buy a TV. I thought that everybody who chosen Android roots/flash custom roms/etc that device at first day since buying it... No?! :)

  • Well to be fair to the OEMs htc, Samsung and apparently LG, in the case of the Nexus, it is a "pure google experience" phone. Google is very much in control of the design and components put in the devices. So I think Nexi/Nexuses targets stability rather than performance since Google would prefer a stable, albeit boring, set up. Also, I would not be surprised they would sacrifice specs to keep it affordable as they would prefer deeper market penetration for their device and at this point they can only achieve that by keeping off contract prices down, maybe taking a page off Amazon's playbook (original kindle fire). Unfortunately for the Nexus, the S3 and Note 2 has a virtual strangle hold on the high end android device market. Further, Samsung devices are notoriously developer friendly devices with unlocked bootloaders, easy rooting and all. So from the htc days of cutting edge tech they shifted to a mid range specd phone with samsung and finally a low priced entry level priced (apparently and hopefully) model with LG - in case these specs and speculated price point turns out to be true.

  • I hope the rumors aren't true. If true, then yet another disappointing Nexus device. Apart from the original Nexus from HTC that raised the bar for all Android phones and the Nexus 7, that's raised the bar for Android tablets, all the Samsung Nexus devices have been Meh.

    A Nexus always has the best OS, but I want to it to be accompanied by the best hardware. And for God's sake Google, stop force fitting the cloud-as-the-only-option on us. We want SD cards on our Nexuses!!!!

    As others have commented, if the low specs are to keep the off contract price down to $200, then it would be okay. I wouldn't buy it. But I can see why Google may want to have a device like this available.

    For me, I want to associate the Nexus brand with the best hardware and software and of course so that I can get regular updates in time.

  • I don't do a lot of gaming so 8GB would probably be OK for me. It would have to have an SD card slot though for people extra memory for pictures and video.

    I have 2 TVs from LG and have no problems with them as hardware manufacturers. If it's a nexus device then updates aren't going to be a problem.

    As for looks, we are playing around with small differences in the candybar format and I don't expect to be blown away soon. Although it is, cheekily too close to the galaxy.

    TiMo, I am using a Sensation and the earphone jack is on the top. It works.

    I'm looking to upgrade to a nexus and I'm not saying yes to the LG but I'm not saying no.

  • @ljhaye, i totaly agree, it's important for the android platform/nexus program, to be spread over multiple OEMs, so the vanilla android can be experienced in many ways!
    And by the way LG is not a bad manufactor. Many people dont know that they make really good hardware and now with the optimus G, also good design. It's their UI that have been less impressive. But now they have updated that, so no worys from me in that mather.
    But yeah 8 gb, is just plain horrible! But trust me, it will come with bigger internal storage, or maybe two versions with diferent amount of internal storage.
    If it comes with bigger internal storage, micro sd and with an afordable pricetag, i would buy at the minut it launches here in Denmark!

  • @Ijhaye, Hi, yes I agree, Samsung is indeed dominating the mobile and Android scene but they are doing so for a reason but it is not due to the Nexus. The Nexus phone (not tablet) is not really a mainstream phone. Unfortunately, it is more of a niche (more or less) phone for devs and android enthusiasts. In fact, Samsung stated under oath and with the risk of being charged with perjury that the sales of the Galaxy Nexus is in fact "miniscule." Samsung's dominance is not a result of it's partnership with Google with the nexus devices it released. It's due to the S2, S3, Note, Note 2 along with the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy W and Galaxy Y (the entry level and mid tier phones are actually kings of the hill in emerging markets).

    I do not mind a nexus being manufactured by another OEM, BUT LG has a reputation for churning out shoddy and defective equipment. The retina display ghosting/image retention issues plaguing the latest Macbook Pro being the latest and greatest iteration of their snafus. Of the OEMs for the retina display (the others are Samsung and Sharp - not too sure about sharp) all the issues were with the LG manufactured ones which for me suggests the defect is with the manufacturing and quality control process rather than an inherent design flaw.

    I was in fact looking forward to a Moto Nexus and I wouldn't mind a Sony or htc device but for me LG shot itself in the foot a long time ago.

  • ljhaye Oct 11, 2012 Link to comment

    @Patrick, @Eric who would you prefer the vendor to be to manufature this Nexus device?

    I have been very vocal on these message boards about Google needing to allow other OEM's to manufacture Nexus devices and the sudden reliance on Samsung for every Android product is a dangerous proposition for Android. Quite frankly I don't care who manufactures the next Nexus device but it shouldn't be Samsung (they've done it two years in a row). I see HTC, Sony, and LG losing money and they need opportunities to showcase their hardware chops. The Nexus platform gives the other OEMs a platform from which to shine.

    Again, my question is this, is Android about samsung and Google? or is it an open platform for all OEMS to have an opportunity to compete with Apple in the mobile computing space? If you believe its about openess then you should applaud any and all vendors that apply android to their hardware unlike Apple and its closed garden. Hence my reluctance of a single OEM (ie Samsung) dominating the Android landscape.

  • @Patrick - You literally made me LOL just now :)

    But you have a good point. It is indeed running some nice specs, but they kind of shot themselves in the foot with the storage. We do have to remember that the storage info could simply be wrong, and it could very well release with 16GB or 32GB. But if it really DOES come out with 8GB of storage, maybe they do plan on pricing it like a Nexus 7.

    Perhaps THAT is Google's new Nexus strategy. Not just every OEM getting to create a device, but also keeping everything in the 199 to 299 price range?

    If that's the case, the low price point could be a critical factor.

    Im just not sure how I feel about it. I just know that it's from LG and that it (according to this source) only has 8GB memory. Those 2 things might already be enough to keep me away from it :)

  • Well I am impressed... impressed at the st*pidy of Google and LG if they think if this thing can go up against the iPhone 5, GS3 or GNote 2. Well one thing that was not discussed is pricing... maybe in view of the nexus 7, this is priced downwards of USD199... hence the 8GB capacity.

  • @TiMo - I do see what you mean. The hardware is nice, but that damn external memory KILLS IT for me. I really hope that's a mistake.

    @Stefan - Im with you man. My Prime has 32GB and its not enough for me (bumped it up to 64 using data2sd and a Class 10 64GB Sandisk Ultra Pro microSD). 8GB is an absolute no go.

    SURELY that's a mistake?

    And what's odd to me is that while LG Android phones do really BAD in Europe, they do well in the US! Actually, next to Samsung, LG is number 2, and is a ways ahead of even HTC.

    I honestly don't know if I would buy an LG Nexus device either. I shall play with my Note 2 for a while, and hold off for another Nexus device this year. That's my plan so far. LOL.

  • Pimped? The main reason I didn't go for the GNex is it has ONLY 16GB! In that matter, the Nexus 4 might become a downgrade!

    Also, it coming from LG does indeed leave a bad taste in the mouth, but the main reason is LG is terrible with updates. And a Nexus device should make up for that.

  • Ti Mo Oct 11, 2012 Link to comment

    it's exactly the GNex with(somewhat) pimped specs from LG. LG. Let me repeat that. It's made by LG.

    No thanks

  • @TiMo - LOL! I take from your reaction that you don't like the phone? :)

    @Stefan - EXACTLY what I thought. 8GB is just wayyyyyy too little. Perhaps they plan on releasing the phone at a really cheap cost?

  • Even with an SD card, 8GB would be ridiculous. Large apps (mostly games) would still goble that up in a heartbeat. And you can't make them use the SD card without tools that aren't easy to use even for the regular Nexus buyer.

    Also, why the odd resolution? What's wrong with 16:9?

  • Ti Mo Oct 11, 2012 Link to comment

    I wouldn't even use this thing if LG would gave it to me for free. Samsung please Sue LG lol.

    I'll stick to my GNex

    And the headphone jack is on the top. For sure not gonna buy a phone that has the headphone jack on the top. That's just dumb.

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