New iPads and Macs: Apple targets both casual fans and professionals

New iPads and Macs: Apple targets both casual fans and professionals

Apple introduced its next wave of new devices not in California, but in Brooklyn in the heart of New York. After the iPhones and the Apple Watch launched in September, it was now the iPads and Macs' turn.

First it was time for new Macs. Of these, 100 million active devices are now in circulation according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. One of the most popular models is the MacBook Air, which after a break of several years is now being brought up to date. The new Air arriving in 2018 comes with a resolution four times higher than the old one, now packing Apple's retina display, and a completely redesigned body. There is also a new keyboard including a trackpad and much narrower edges around the screen. For security reasons, Touch ID - in a small space at the top right of the keyboard - and new encryption of the SSD hard disk with the Apple T2 chip have been added.

The MacBook Air has been completely redesigned / © NextPit

New processors, more memory, new microphones for Siri and even more new features have been added. The battery in the new Apple MacBook Air is designed to deliver a full 13 hours of video playback for an entire working day away from a power outlet - yet still comes in at 17 percent slimmer than the old Air. It's just 15.6 millimeters, that's how slim the new MacBook Air is, and it weighs less than a kilo and a half. In a bid to protect the environment, every new MacBook Air enclosure is made from 100 percent recycled aluminum.

Prices start at $1,199 in the US. Fans can order directly from Apple's website today, and the new notebooks will be delivered next week on November 7th. For people who work a lot on the go, the new MacBook Air is very tempting.

Small Macs for big deeds

Also long missed by Apple fans is a new Mac Mini. The now dark grey mini-computer for the desktop is up to five times faster than its predecessor thanks to six-core processors and lots of memory. The Apple T2 is also in the Mac Mini. The fun starts here at $799.

Mac Mini gets up to five times faster than before / © NextPit

New iPads for Professionals and Beginners

While the MacBook Air and Mac Mini are the entry-level Apple models, the iPad Pro has always been designed for professionals. This also applies to the new model, the Apple iPad Pro 2018. Like the iPhone XR, the new model has an LCD panel called the Apple Liquid Retina Display. Apple offers 11 and 12.9-inch sizes for the iPad Pro 2018, and as expected thanks to the leaks, the housing has become more angular and the frame around the screen much narrower. The new iPad Pro is only 5.9 millimeters thick.

The new iPad Pro has arrived / © NextPit

Under the display is Apple's A12X Bionic, a slightly modified version of the 7-nanometer chip in the iPhone XS. The new iPad Pro 2018 is expected to run 35 percent faster than its predecessor - and faster than 92 percent of all mobile computers on the market, including laptops. The GPU has seven cores and is twice as fast. Up to 1 TB of storage is available - and it also features a USB Type-C connection instead of Lightning. There is a lot to get excited about with this complete package.

2D Face ID on Apple iPad Pro 

Apple compensates the absence of the home button and Touch ID with the gesture control and Face ID familiar from iPhones. However, face unlocking works on the iPad Pro 2018 without 3D recognition, but only via the front camera.

The iPad sells better than any notebook on the market / © NextPit

The Apple Pencil now docks magnetically to the tablet, similar to the surface tablets from Microsoft, and is charged wirelessly. The pen has also been completely redesigned and offers many new functions and options for switching between multiple modes. A new keyboard cover is also among the accessories shown.

Also with the Apple iPad Pro 2018, prospective customers can pre-order the devices immediately and will be supplied in the coming week. Prices for the iPad Pro 2018 start at $799 for 11 inch and 64 GB and $999 for the larger tablet. Both sizes are available with 64, 256, 512 GB and 1 TB of storage and in either silver or space grey. LTE models are also available.

Are you using a Mac or iPad? Are you ready to upgrade to one of these? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Animal Young 10 months ago Link to comment

    how to unlock any iPad or bypass password

  • Francois Chamberland Oct 31, 2018 Link to comment

    Apple products always leave you on your apetite for some reasons, planned obsolescence, never comes with top tech, impossible to update, and double the retail prices ofcwhat they should really be priced and too may more to list.

  • Ciao Oct 31, 2018 Link to comment

    You know what you write or you write to do something? Face ID is 3D and not 2d, it is the same of iPhone X and later, but it have a larger aperture in order to work also il landscape mode. Please correct the article, because it is totally wrong! Read in apple site...

    “Now on iPad Pro, Face ID delivers the world’s most secure facial authentication in a tablet or a computer. With just a glance, you can unlock your iPad, log in to apps, and make secure purchases. And Face ID on iPad Pro can recognize your face whether you hold it in portrait or landscape”

    “The TrueDepth camera system is composed of multiple innovative technologies. Working together in real time, they use a detailed depth map of your face to recognize you and only you in an instant. The camera system is unique to iPad, with a wide field of view that allows Face ID to work in any orientation. The TrueDepth camera also enables features like Portrait mode, Selfie Scenes in Clips, and Animoji and Memoji in Messages and Group FaceTime.”

    • Bastian Siewers Oct 31, 2018 Link to comment

      Hi Ciao, they actually called in 2D recognition themselves in the presentation. The reason for this is pretty simple as far as we can tell: the tablet needs to be unlockable in landscape mode (as it says in the text from Apple you quoted), which is not possible with FaceID of the iPhone, at least for now. We checked it yesterday with an iPhone XS Max, because we were also wondering why Apple is using a different technology for the iPhone.
      Of course Apple is not saying anything about this on their website, why would they...

      • Ciao Oct 31, 2018 Link to comment

        First: I watched the keynote yesterday, and they didn’t say anything of what you say about 2D.
        Second: I work in a Apple reseller and I can confirm everything apple writes on its website. The Face ID on iPad is little different from iPhone, because the dots projector and TrueDepth camera have a larger aperture to work in landscape and portrait mode.
        For this reason iPhone XS Max work only in portrait mode; the beam hitting you is different, because it is more narrow on you face, while on new iPad Pro is more larger and it goes in every direction, not only from above to bottom of the device.

        Sorry for my English

      • Bastian Siewers Oct 31, 2018 Link to comment

        And where did you get that info from?
        And my colleague rewatched the part of the presentation just to make sure he heard it right.

      • Ciao Oct 31, 2018 Link to comment

        An internal document for apple reseller (it's different from apple store), but about this I can't tell more reason you could know. If you go on apple site you can see the pictures about the TrueDepht camera system with: dot projector, infrared camera, flood illuminator, and camera and the relative description.

        apple. com/ipad-pro/design/

  • storm Oct 30, 2018 Link to comment

    Casual not causal. Step up your editorial review people.

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