Quality has a price, and LG isn't cutting corners

Quality has a price, and LG isn't cutting corners

Competition in the high end smartphone market is fierce. With brands like Xiaomi and Honor offering such low prices, it's hard to stay relevant. But, LG is sticking to its guns and won't abandon its strategy. In our interview with Product Manager of LG Italy Raffaele Cinquegrana, it was made clear: quality has a price.

LG focuses on an often neglected segment

Product Manager of LG Italy Raffaele Cinquegrana told us in our interview that sales of the LG G7 haven't disappointed, thanks in part to collaborations with carriers who have offered aggressive discounts.

The market in the high end is very competitive, but the South Korean manufacturer's efforts extend beyond this segment, especially with the low end and the K series. The lower range is neglected by some manufacturers, but not by LG, which tries to propose different features such as, for example, military certification. The G7 Fit, announced at IFA, aims to please users who want a design like that of the G7 at a lower price, closer to that of the Q series. The G7 fit sits in the middle and fills the gap between the two series.

AndroidPIT lg g7 0004
G7 fit is a cheaper version of the ThinQ G7! / © NextPit

The G7 One was also presented at IFA 2018. The One version of the G7 will have a Snapdragon 835 and run Android One for a smoother experience. It is a 'strategic' product for the brand: a way to face competition by offering users a smooth experience, albeit renouncing its interface, LG UX.

The V series represents the best LG has managed to achieve to date

Don't make the mistake of thinking of the G7 One as a cheap device (the price is actually still unknown) because the focus of this device is not the price tag, but the speed and experience which is optimized by the stock version of Android. 

lg g7 one ifa18 handson 1
The LG G7 One. / © NextPit

What about the V series?

With the V series, Raffaele Cinquegrana told us that "LG has proven itself able to make a smartphone which has nothing to envy from the competition and is being talked about more and more." The LG V30 marked a turning point, but the V40 hasn't yet arrived.

lg v30 floating display lower
The floating bar of the LG V30 in action. / © NextPit

The specs of the V40 are no longer a mystery, and multimedia will be it strong point. Design, price and availability are yet to be leaked, but it won't be long until we have all the details as the launch will come sometime in October.

LG's response to the competition is quality

Safety and quality are two key words for the South Korean brand. Last year, during the G6 launch, the manufacturer focused on safety tests and the level of attention paid to the production processes behind each device. Of course, initially it seemed a sort of marketing response to the explosive end of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but as Raffaele Cinquegrana put it "LG promotes its devices not based on technical specifications alone, but also taking account what is behind it."

Optimization of user experience and differentiation through implementing often overlooked features

Lately it seems that users are more and more concerned with the price/specs ratio, while brands like LG are going against the grain by continuing to invest heavily in R&D and production processes. This leaves LG unable to compete on price against those like Xiaomi and Pocophone

SAR levels, reliability, and longevity in terms of updates (with the new software center, dedicated features and updates will be distributed more consistently): these are the factors LG is not willing to compromise on, and the final price of devices has to reflect this.

LG will also differentiate itself through the optimization of user experience and by implementing often overlooked features. New features are introduced by the brand on their devices (the camera is an example) without neglecting other components such as audio, which brands like LG (and HTC) have been paying special attention to for years. LG's goal goes beyond winning the game of who has the best specs sheet. It wants to make users understand that behind the specs, there is much more.

Are you willing to make compromises on quality for a cheaper smartphone with top specs? Will LG be able to hold its own against the aggressively priced Chinese competitors?

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  • Indeed LG quality has indeed raised their quality after the bootloop scandal..BRING BACK THE IR BLASTER PLEASE!!

  • Albeit Sep 11, 2018 Link to comment

    "Don't make the mistake of thinking of the G7 One as a cheap device" - so much for the 'exceptional price' hype few days ago.

    The whole 'quality' argument falls apart with the non-removable battery. If I wanted to pay extra for a 'high quality' phone, I'd expect it to live with me for more than 2 years - which simply won't do since after 2 years the battery is worthless. By changing the battery neverthless you lose the IP68 resistance, which is basically the only 'quality' feature people would be willing to pay extra for.

    LG phones had the mil-std-810g spec for a while, but as numerous videos on Youtube have shown, it's basically zero difference compared to phones without this spec. At the end of the day, if you throw it in a case, there's no real 'quality difference' that user would notice from regular phones.

    But still I can't help but smile at this PR bullsh*t when they say the "focus isn't price tag, but speed" - if the focus is speed, why they're throwing in last year's chip?

    They're going to try to sell it for over 400$, which is simply never going to happen, because nobody is going to pay extra 100$ to get old-gen slower chip compared to $300 Pocophone F1. It's a shame that LG is one of the last large companies who is completely incompetent at setting the right price. Their G7 ThinQ's pricing was laughable, it was so ridiculous they've got the 'buy one get one free' deal before even going on sale. And still, few months later, they come with this. None so deaf as those who won't hear, none so blind as who won't see.

  • Doesn't sound like someone who's willing to change course. LG's current strategy is failing. It's fine to emphasize quality. But if you're charging more by giving less compared to the competition, you will lose every time. If I were LG, I'd concentrate on quick OS updates FIRST. This will instantly set LG apart from the rest of the Android OEMs. They need something to pull in customers. And quick updates WILL do the trick. Short of this, LG is heading in the same direction as HTC.

  •   16
    Deactivated Account Sep 11, 2018 Link to comment

    already attempting to justify the insane price of the v40. best of luck to this very wealthy man.

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