Samsung Confirms Galaxy S2 & Note JB Update In Q4

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S2 & Note JB Update In Q4


With all the news on Jelly Bean Android updates rolling out to newer devices, we are still left with the question of when some popular non 2012 devices will be receiving the update. Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note owners have patiently waited for a confirmation on when their device would (if even at all) receive Jelly Bean, and I’m happy to report that Samsung has finally broke their silence with lots of good news: The Galaxy S2, Note, and Note 10.1 will all receive Android Jelly Bean in Q4 (which is actually now) of this year.

The confirmation came from Samsung Sweden, who stated that the Galaxy S2 will receive the 4.1 update in November (a big thumbs up to Samsung for keeping their word), and that the original Galaxy Note and Note 10.1 will receive it sometime in Q4. As we are already in Q4 of 2012, the updates could literally come at anytime.

The updates will come via OTA or Samsung Kies. One thing that we have to unfortunately keep in mind is that carrier devices could take longer to update, as it will be up to them to issue 4.1 rollouts for their branded devices.

Here is a screenshot from Samsung Sweden confirming the updates:

So rejoice S2 and Note owners, cause Mr Bean is headed your way very very soon.

Picture credits: (edited by myself) and Android Authority

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  • Just waiting for day when Samsung will announce that i have released jelly bean update for S2 !!!! i hope it will come soon ......:)

  • Why? until now SG2 no update for Jelly Bean 4.1.1. huhuhuhu that only RUMORSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS VERY VERY BAD....

  • Thanks Patrick. I'll look at those options but most of my complaints are minor. This is an awesome tab.

  • @Dvoraak well that dock tab you keep on activating is a TW Note feature. I saw it while playing around with a Note 2 demo unit yesterday. You can search for a replacement keyboard if the punctuations annoys you - i'd recommend the hacker's keyboard available in google play. You even get cursor control buttons.

    For file searches, the google search widget used to be able to do a universal search - files, contacts and web - but it was nerfed due to Apple litigation. Now I use Astro File Manager (it's free). Although having used Android for a bit now I am familiar with what and where the files go so it is a little easier for me.

  • yeeeee i was waiting for this

  • I like it a lot. It's as smooth and responsive as any Apple device I've ever had. Any problems I've had have been relatively minor but I've always judged Android against iOS and small things add up. The dock is getting in my way as I type this (periodically I miss the space bar and pull up the dock). Files are harder to find than I would have expected, even with a file manager app installed. I haven't been able to find any integrated sd manager so I've had liitle control over what's stored internally or externally. I'll wind up getting an app for it but it's disappointing. This is the first time I've used Android more than casually though so some of this can be chalked up to the learning curve I'm sure. Text prediction leaves A LOT to be desired when it replaces a very common word with whatever it feels like but when you turn it off it stops adding automatic punctuation. Switching keyboards for every apostrophy is annoying. The stylus is great for what it is. I got this for the stylus and the Polaris app which work together beautifully for my business purposes. For spreadsheets Polaris stands above every office app I've tried.

    I'd imagine you'd love this since it's like your Note plus 4.5 inches. This is the first Android I've had where the pros outweighed the cons so, all in all, I'm happy with it.

  • @Dvoraak, you got a Note 10.1? How is it? Been thinking about it - because of the SPen mostly. Which features bug you? I might be able to shed some light.

  • I'm looking forward to getting it on my Note 10.1 but so far I've been impressed with most of touchwiz on ICS. I wish I knew which features (that bug me) are part of ICS or TW.

  • @David good point. I have the same question and I am a little disappointed that Samsung has yet to address the issue - as far as I know. Looking forward to the update though.

  • Great news for original Note owners. Does this also mean that I can do I full wipe of my Note handset without fear of hard-bricking it due to the eMMC bug affecting Note owners?? One of the reasons I am still on Gingerbread.

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