iOS 6 Blatantly Rips-Off Android

iOS 6 Blatantly Rips-Off Android


(Look familiar?)

iOS 6 was announced yesterday to great fanfare. As usual, Apple unveiled a glitzy marketing campaign to tout the benefits of their "brand new" operating system. The only problem? Nearly all of the new features Apple is advertising were stolen from Google. From Facebook integration to "quick reply," Google was first to roll out the features Apple is now calling their own. This stuff makes my blood boil...

Facebook Integration

Oh wow, now Apple allows users to share their photos directly with Facebook! And integrate Facebook with their contacts and calendar! Pfffff. Android has been doing this for years now. In fact, sharing almost anything is easier on Android, whether its on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

Browser Sync

This function has been available to Android owners ever since the launch of Chrome Beta months ago. And, unlike Safari, people actually use Chrome, making the feature much more useful.

Quick Reply

Now this is just a blatant rip-off. Android Ice Cream Sandwich has always allowed users to respond to incoming calls with a quick text message that says "call you right back," or anything you'd like it to say. Apple stole this idea, and is now marketing it as their own. Figures.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

So Apple now provides turn-by-turn navigation. Hooray! Except Google has been providing this service for years now. Apple is so behind the times.

Widgets, Offline Maps, Etc.

And then there are all the things Android provides that Apple hasn't even tried to copy, like widgets, offline maps and NFC payments. These are all features Apple owners probably know nothing about. Ignorance is bliss, right? But, due to some good marketing and nice design, the iPhone remains Android's number one competitor and Apple continues to call Android a "stolen product." Pot, meet kettle.

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  • What a bunch of whiners. Face're all arguing that your phone is the best. You're arguing about a stupid phone! It's a phone!!!!!!! Phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • On a lighter note, I show my "old" but pimped sgs2 to iphone loving friends. Most are like "WHOA!", although some are grumpy quiet (obviously pissed or unimpressed, whatever). I switch between SPB Shell 3D, Apex, TW just for them to quickly see the endless possibilities. I even have a launcher setup like an iphone, to end the "intuitive vs confusing" debate. Then I let them see other apps by using SwipePad, on it I have Gesture Search for the apps nor included in the shortcut. Then I make them listen to PowerAMP with Voodoo Louder on top, show them this slick visual player projectM. While the music plays, I "pop up" a couple of floating videos to show them the power of an "old" device. I also show them that most of my apps are paid, only essential ones are free, for them to realize that Android users aren't necessarily cheap. We just have a lot of great free apps, who are they to blame?

    I made this post long, but yeah that's not the whole story yet. In other words, my iphone loving "friends" get pissed off. I follow it up by posting videos of my device on facebook (using ScreenCast.) Then post some links like Google Now vs Siri. I also make it a point to point out that my "old" device is priced 25% less than the latest iphone. To sum it up, Apple isn't the only evil entity here. I, as an Android user, is guilty of at least one deadly sin: PRIDE. All these marketing lies by Apple makes me sick. Good news: I'll shut up as soon as Apple quits the claim for "Best Smartphone".

  • Apple is so years ago and they call their tweaks "innovations". I hate them because their attitude is as if they are the "computer monopoly". But, they themselves steal Ideas, the SIRI stuff? First was Google voice. Suing samsung? Just imagine if they have the "best of hardware and software" and no processors since samsung creates those CPUs like Their A5X. Apple and their fanboys dont know technically what is really a computer. They focus on speed but forget functionality, just likeRace of sportscars without finish lines. These guys race against its competitors without objectives. Apple is totally insane, they are not a Bunch of CompScis, they look like PolSci to me

  • Nokia was one of the key developers of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) - the 2nd-generation mobile technology which could carry data as well as voice traffic, Working with NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephony), they began the world's 1st mobile telephony standard which enabled international roaming (this was enough experience for Nokia to develop GSM - which was adopted in 1987 as the new European standard for digital mobile technology) ...

    Nokia has pioneered so much since the 1960s towards Mobile Cellular telecommunication, they easily could've remained innovative in the lab & sell the patents to every Cellular Manufacturer (manufacturing their own Cellular Phones was a bold move) ...

  • Jejoma Jun 28, 2012 Link to comment

    On the subject of things Nokia, I don't know whether it ever got settled but for years Nokia was suing Apple. It was over something pretty basic in making mobile phones work. Every other manufacturer paid royalties to Nokia - except Apple who were far to important :)

  • @TK2X: I don't know if that's true or not. What I *do* know is that you don't see Google suing Nokia and claiming Google has sole proprietary rights to technology that everyone and their grandma uses.

  • TK2X Jun 25, 2012 Link to comment

    For the record, before apple ripped off android, android blatantly ripped off almost all these features from Nokia, who invented them years earlier. Just sayin...

  • +1 to that.

  • I think the best thing GOOGLE can do is "be more innovative then Apple" (which is exactly what they are doing) ...

    If Apple wants to borrow various features which Android already offers? Consider it a compliment, then raise the bar by improving & offering something new via numerous software updates (whether its for Ice Cream Sandwich, or Gingerbread, or Honeycomb) ...

    However, if Apple wants to cry foul via further immature litigation lawsuits? Then call them out in Court (show how Apple borrowed from Android Software) & let the Judges decide to end these low blow legal challenges (the Consumer deserves innovation & improvements via modern technology - as well as the choice over which Smart Phone device they prefer) ...

  • That's because most Apple die-hards down know sh** about anything not Apple. They don't want to be informed, justifying their ignorance.

  • Probably my biggest irk is that a lot of consumers still regard the iphone as the most hitech phone.

  • jose c Jun 13, 2012 Link to comment

    Woooooo team Android!

  • I hope Google does not sure apple because it just pisses people off. On the other hand.. I do hope that they start a marketing campaign similar to the mac/pc commercials and let the average non informed user know that Google is the freaking leader when it comes to smart phone innovation. Then unveil new advancements that will leave apple in the dust!

  • I dont think you can sue for driving navigation software. If you could, Garmin and TomTom would sue the **ck out of everybody! :-D

  • Bah! Come on, Google. Bite back! ;p

  • Yup, notification bar was another Android development that Apple debuted as their very own "notification center."

  • That's only fair. Spread the news: Apple isn't always original. What about the notification bar? I thought google started it.. If I'm wrong then can somebody tell me what company started the notification bar?

  • I would be so freaking happy if google sued apple and got scares the iphone 5 baned!!!!!!!

  • Why doesn't Google sue Apple?

  • chinu Jun 12, 2012 Link to comment

    Apple... the best thung they can do is stealing the ideas...... and suing their competitiors...... ROFL....

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