Hit or miss? The Galaxy S5 and what our AndroidPIT Editors think

Hit or miss? The Galaxy S5 and what our AndroidPIT Editors think

When it comes to the Galaxy S5, our Editors have different opinions on the new Samsung flagship which came onto the scene yesterday at the MWC 2014. After our first hands-on review of the Galaxy S5 by Editor in Chief Andreas Seeger, we had more time to think about the Android smartphone and what it means to us and to the entire world.

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Joséphine Dusol

What a disappointment... Samsung is really loosing users (and me) with these fake innovations and all these fancy events. Who cares about a fingerprint sensor? People want real smartphone that they can actually buy without having to take a credit. Shame on you Samsung! 

Stephan Serowy

One step ahead, two steps back! I frankly don't see why Samsung bothered to make this phone at all. And what made them think it's ok to make it bigger, thicker, heavier, and give it wider bezels? What's the great new thing that compensates for that? The fingerprint sensor? The water resistance? I don't think so. This is not how you stir up much needed excitement among customers.

Daria Lombardi

I think Samsung had a great strategy going, letting us talk for months about this new device and its new features and designs, like paparazzi waiting for a big star to come out of a building. And now here we are again talking about how it really isn't that great of a phone. Great publicity, standard phone.

Loie Favre

The Galaxy S5 built on what worked with the Galaxy S4, but leaves us with an unfinished and spotted new user interface they should have implemented to the entire design. The heart-rate monitor and fingerprint scanners must stand the test of time first in order to see if they prove to be useful features or merely gimmicks. All in all, the S5 is nice, but no head-turner.

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Samsung received a new user interface, but it only affects the menu, status bar and notifications. The app drawer and home screens remain the same as before. © NextPit

Deniz Arslan

Half-hearted attempts to change things on the software side but no spirit of adventure at all. Another technically competent, but plastic and boring Samsung smartphone. S4 with fingerprint scanner and probably an obscene price tag. 

Margarita Arroyo

Disappointment and nothing new. Months dreaming about a totally new design with something innovative and finally Samsung brought us the same as always. In my country we say who take no risk does not win, and that is what will happen with the Galaxy S5. Where is the improvement of the sound? Where are the new features that would leave us with an open mouth? Only one (bad) design change in the menú settings is not enough!

Kike Santamaría

Where is the "Wow" factor? Samsung lost it, and with that, millions of fans. Strong device but boring to death (plus expensive to death).

Daria Solntseva

Once I thought I would buy S5 no matter how much it costs... Unfortunately when I first saw it I was lost and extremely disappointed. Half rebuilt interface, dull design, fingerprint sencor... Samsung, are you serious?

As a consensus, you can see that most of our editors aren't too pleased with the new Samsung flagship, many were hoping for more especially after months of hype. What do you think of the Galaxy S5? Are you welcoming the new edition to the Samsung with open arms or feel ripped off?

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  • Sambit Rao Feb 26, 2014 Link to comment

    'S5'-not so innovative after all...

  • Brian Feb 26, 2014 Link to comment

    Epic fail for Samsung 2800 mAh battery, 2GB Rom, 16 GB int mem . I thought they were in the business of innovations ! Shame on you Samsung 8GB of bloatware you just don't get it do you. more Rom , larger battery and at least 32 GB int mem then everything will be alright and if you want to know what customers want just ask IT Helps!

  • Reg Joo Feb 26, 2014 Link to comment

    Maybe samsungs waiting to polish their own branded os, and make people forget about android.

  • Trent Neuman Feb 25, 2014 Link to comment

    I had an s3. Could only stand touchwiz and all the bloat for a few months. Rooting it helped somewhat but it was still kind of slow. I passed on the s4 and went with a Nexus 5. Best decision I've made regarding a smart phone.
    Samsung has truly lost me as a customer.

  • Anders Bagger Feb 25, 2014 Link to comment

    The S5 is like this typical samsung stuff. Nothing really new.
    It is like they are stuck in some sort of designloop just like apple.
    If we compare One-X and One from HTC, we just see how a new
    device should have been evolved. Samsung just keep it...
    U know: "The same old way."

    Even sony have mastered some new design language over the years.

  • Hilko R. Feb 25, 2014 Link to comment

    I loved my S2. Last year I bought the S4, although I was already strongly considering the HTC One.
    My main issue with the S2 was that with every update that Samsung released I had the feeling the phone was getting more broken, instead of being updated with a more stable, better functioning / feature rich version of Android.
    That was also one of the main reasons why I had my doubts about buying the S4.
    I have the very strong (totally un-based) feeling that as soon as there is a new iteration of S-something models, that the next update for the old model is getting more and more broken.

    Anyway, less than one year after purchase of my S4 I started to get this feeling again and when they managed to break Outlook agenda synchronization (which is basically my number one priority on my phone) I nearly instantly downloaded the CyanogenMod installer and soon after that I was a very very happy user again.

    Samsung delivers a fine device in terms of hardware, probably one of the best on the market, but the initial software and update path after release (even though being feature-packed) is just horrible.

    The S4 with CyanogenMod is for me a match made in heaven. Great hardware, very well-operating software - the pricetag for the hardware is near absurd though.

  • Doug Wells Feb 25, 2014 Link to comment

    I'm sure glad I rely on Andoid Central for true and honest reviews, not all the Samsung bashing morons here!

  • iMaC74 Feb 25, 2014 Link to comment

    miss! buy the S5 on release date and 8 months down the line the S6 will be released if Samsung stick with the S series, not worth it yet another Samsung fail. Samsung say give us your money, I say no thanks I'm more than happy with my GPe S4

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