Help me find the most popular Android apps

Help me find the most popular Android apps

I took a look at why Android users hate apps last week and came across a figure that stated smartphone owners spend, on average, 50 percent of their time in one app. That got me wondering what the most popular, or most used, app on Android is.

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Messaging apps are some of the most popular apps on Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

Personally, I find the fact that 80 percent of users' time is spent in just three apps unsurprising. I would say that I use more apps than most people, and probably spend more time on my phone than most, but I certainly still spend the majority of my time in a small number of apps.

I use WhatsApp almost exclusively for messaging now, so that takes up a lot of my time. I use Feedly both for professional and recreational reading, and Pocket alongside it for offline or later reading. I use Deezer for music, and Google Maps for searching my local area and finding my way about. These four apps, along with Chrome, easily occupy most of my smartphone time.

I want your help in figuring out what the most used apps are across a wider reach of people. I've compiled what I think are the most popular or most commonly used apps on Android, and I want you to tell me which one you think you spend the most time in.

I've included Feedly and Pocket more out of curiosity than anything else; I don't expect them to rank that highly.

What app do you spend the most time in?
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Did I leave anything obvious off the list? Let me know if you think you spend most of your time in a small selection of apps or spread your time more evenly by leaving a comment.

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  • FourQ Apr 6, 2016 Link to comment

    Top Ten are:
    Tasker, AutoApps (and associated apps), Twitter, Hangouts, What3Words,
    ES File Explorer, AndroidVNC, Titanium Backup, Keep, Maps.

  • Gmail,XDA,Whatsapp and recently got hooked on with apps from King i.e Candy Crush,Pop the bottles and Bloom the flowers.
    Never used to having too many games on my android devices before.
    Sudoku and Chess a must.
    I used to despise people who spend time playing games on mobile device.
    But man,was I wrong ,BIG TIME!!!
    And I'm in my fifties.

  • Would like to have seen the option to name an app not on the list.

  • Not a very good list to begin with.
    Don't use WhatsApp (but I'm a lonely soul). I use Twitter a lot and Google + (never used FB - again I'm a lonely soul).

    I do use Quora loads (2+ hrs per day).
    Next would be Google (Search/Maps/photos/keep/Inbox).

    Then I would say my Music player - Playerpro, my File Manager app X-plore

    Again I think a better list of apps with multiple voting would be better.

    Peace ✌

  • steve Mar 30, 2016 Link to comment

    I though the question was the app you spend the most time in?music and you tube your bound the be in for longer.

  • Textmail for email. It's the only app I've found that lets me sort email into folders for future use.

    Waze is the best driving app but I have other apps that link to Google Maps.

  • I use Map my walk all the time as well as my Fitbit app.

  • SoundAbout

  • ViewRanger!!

  • Messages! I use messages the most.

  • I never thought Wattsapp is the most popular app of all, me it is Youtube or Facebook. And Im using Viber not that.

  • Good

  • I forgot one. Not sure if I use it more than CoC. It's Hike.

  • Only Telegram.

  • So I guess it all comes down to web browsing and messanging. Not really surprising. Messaging apps are becoming the main apps especially when more functionality is being added to them. But do you think this pole would look a lot different if we were to name our top three apps???????????????? I think Facebook, Instagram and Twitter would be higher then.

  •   18
    Deactivated Account Mar 28, 2016 Link to comment

    Nice article but still there are so many apps which are out of list.

  • BBM. All my friends using Android are using BBM.

  •   31
    Deactivated Account Mar 28, 2016 Link to comment

    Nova, Zooper, weather and calendar widgets every time I look at my phone, also Muzei or whatever wallpaper app I'm using......Playstore ( always updating apps) phone, SMS, Gmail, chrome, Google calendar, keep, voice, search, Now on tap, maps, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Netflix.... all my TV is via Chromecast....
    smartphones are clever and helpful ..but for now the ultimate app is a human being...

  • The most used app for me is Tunein for listening to music. Chrome I use probably only because it is there and there isn't a reason to change. Gmail is a bit crap at the moment with syncing issues so switched to Outlook a couple of months ago. Who can forget AndroidPIT. I'm always reading the latest notification

  • My most used app? Clash of Clans.

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