Google to launch Nexus 8 by mid 2014

Google to launch Nexus 8 by mid 2014

Google is set to launch a new tablet which is set to have an 8 inch display by mid 2014 according to an article from the Digitimes. The article, which cites several upstream supply chain sources, claimed that the internet giant might unveil the Google Nexus 8 tablet  during the summer months of 2014.

nexus 7 nexus 8
A picture of what seems to be the Nexus 8 tablet/ © Google/AndroidPIT

The report also makes claims that Google will dump Qualcomm and adopt Intel’s Bay Trail T platform for the Nexus range of tablets. However, it was also revealed in the same report that Qualcomm is pushing hard for the orders of the alleged device. Right now it seems as if, Asus, the company behind the current generation of Nexus devices, is leading the race to become the OEM partner for Google.

Other companies that are in the chasing pack such as Lenovo, Samsung and LG are unlikely to trump the Taiwanese manufacturing firm because it seems to have a close relationship with Google and has advantages in product design and purchasing of components.

Rumours surrounding this new device first came up when Google leaked a picture of the device in a promotion for Android 4.4 Kitkat. The tablet which was unnamed looked bigger than the current Apple’s iPad Mini.

What do you think of Google dropping a Nexus 8 inch tablet and would you buy it? Please leave us a comment and we will get back to you.

Source: Canindia

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  • With smart phones becoming phablets (at least 5" to 6" screen size), I believe tablets from now on will be 8" and larger (there will be no more 7" tablets) ....

  • If there is to be one I want t

  • haven't u updated to kitkat yet? it fixed all my problems

  •   6
    Deactivated Account Jan 27, 2014 Link to comment

    }Anyone but Asus! Have they learned nothing from the fiasco of the 2013 N7? There are thousands of people still holding defective tablets that reboot at will and have crazy touch screens.


    SheemOn (

  • I love my nexus 7. this size is adequate for me, I just recieved it for Christmas too new

  • If they reduce the bezel size to keep the over all size of the device similar, or just keep it poecketable, then it's fine by me.

  • I love my 2013 Nexus 7. A size increase would not concern me but alone would not be the best wow factor. Yes I would be interested but features will be the incentive to update not form factor.

  • Believe it when I touch on at BestBuy. Till then YANR (yet another nexus rumor)!

  • That is not a Nexus 8 or any other 8 inch.
    Use a little common sense here.
    That is a woman and there is no way she would be able to hold an 8 inch tablet in her hand like that. I can't even get my hand around my 7 inch like that.
    It was stated months ago that that was an altered photo.

    • I'm holding my 2012 nexus 7 just like that, don't doesn't break a sweat. I don't have big hands, and 2012 nexus 7 is wider than 2013 nexus 7. so the way the lady in the picture holding an 8 inch device is very possible.

      • Not possible. 7 is bigger than 8? Where did you go to school? Seriously, even if the screen takes up more of the surface you are telling me 8 is smaller than 7. Any other new 8 inch that is made is bigger than the nexus 7 and You don't know the specs of the nexus 8 because google has not released specs or even said one exists.

  • Nexus ∆

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