Google Launches Jelly Bean Voice Search For iPhone..Wait....Huh??

Google Launches Jelly Bean Voice Search For iPhone..Wait....Huh??


If you happen to own an Android device that has received the Android Jelly Bean update, you probably already know about the enhanced Google Voice Search that came with it. It’s not just good, it’s REALLY good, and even Siri fans have a hard time denying that. Problem is, it’s only available to Android Jelly Bean users (or ICS users by way of mods)...until now. But don’t get your hopes up if you're on Gingerbread or ICS, as Google has officially announced that the new enhanced Voice Search is now rolling out to iPHONES first. Huh? What in the name of God just happened??

Google announced yesterday on its Blogspot that the enhanced Voice Search found in Jelly Bean was being rolled out to IOS users as a standalone app, and that it would arrive in the Apple App Store in the next few days. Ok...just hold on a second here. Am I seriously reading this right? iPhone and iPad users are getting the Jelly Bean Voice Search BEFORE Android Gingerbread and ICS users are? How the hell could this happen?

But it gets better. Google stated that they “hope to roll out updates” that will bring the feature to Android versions below Android Jelly Bean, but have no estimation as to when that will happen. Google “hopes” to roll out updates? So you mean to tell me that IOS users don’t have to HOPE for enhanced Voice Search, but that Android users do? **falls over**

This simply can’t be. Sure it makes sense that iPhone users at some point receive advanced Voice Search, but certainly NOT before ICS and Gingerbread users receive it. That’s like Microsoft saying that Playstation owners will get a new Halo game this year (an Xbox exclusive title), but that Xbox owners MIGHT receive it. Imagine if Apple announced that the newest version of iTunes was for Android users only. Could you imagine the backlash they would receive?

Google will accomplish 4 things with this move:

  1. They will piss off Android users
  2. They will piss off Apple
  3. They will give Apple fanboys an excellent excuse to stick it to Android users (“haha, even Google likes the iPhone more than your robot thing! Lollers!).
  4. They will make Android users feel like 2nd class citizens by giving IOS users an ANDROID function before they receive it.

Here’s a video of the enhanced Voice Search running on the iPhone (Youtube link here):

As you might have noticed from my article yesterday, I have the utmost respect for Google and the work they do. But Google, this move is stupid, unfair, and purely demonstrates that you badly need to get your priorities in order. 

Picture credits: Phandroid

Source: Computer World

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  • My thoughts exactly :-D

  • no this can't be :((

  • Hmm...that is an interesting way of looking at it. I still disagree, but that does somehow make sense.

  • IMO this was not really a move to persuade iOS users to move to android, i believe Google did this because they are a search company first, and siri was/is a threat to Google's search buisness. All my friends with iPhones ask siri questions rather than perform a search on google, but Google is trying to win back some of those Siri users by giving them a better alternative that uses Google search. I hate it, but it does make sense for Google as a whole.

  • Good points everyone. I could see how Google might try to use this to "persuade" IOS users, and I know they must have reasoning behind it. But I for the life of me can't see the logic behind it.

    It's simply too risky.

  • Ricky Aug 9, 2012 Link to comment

    You know what this means. Iphone 5 is going to murder android now

  • Google is not stupid. I think they probably have a good reason for doing this... I just can't see it!
    Giving a superior product to Apple sheep is smart. Not giving it to ics smacks of "if you really want it then buy a nexus".
    Also they will push some people into putting a custom Rom on their phone to get jb, which will likely keep those people happy with their old phones longer and delay upgrading (this was the case with my captivate).

  • Ricky Aug 9, 2012 Link to comment

    This makes me upset. There really nothing good coming from this. I thought Android was supposed to make apple users come to Android not give them a free ticket. Sense this is a application does that mean we be getting the application late. Second as always. This was making apple users mad that they didn't have it Cuze we rubbed it in. Now we can't Cuze they got it to. Now I don't want a nuxus 7 tablet. I should just get a ipad sense it will also get what I wanted.

  • chinu Aug 9, 2012 Link to comment

    agreed eric.. i wanna say is the effort which google is putting in developing the voice for ios that should be put to convince adobe......

  • of cours is cuz google wants to destroid apple

  • True that! But unfortunately, that's Adobe's decision, and not Google's :(

  • chinu Aug 9, 2012 Link to comment


  • chinu Aug 9, 2012 Link to comment

    rather than makinc app for ios, google should do for jg to get the flash support.....

  • Way more IOS devices? Android market share is WAY higher than IOS. The iPhone might be the most popular phone, but in terms of market share they are getting killed. Have a look here at the newest numbers from IDC:

    Android is at 68.1% GLOBAL market share, while IOS has fell to 16.9.

    Way more IOS devices? Not even close.

    Not trying to attack you bro. It's just that Google's "logic" here makes absolutely no sense at all.

  • Ok people here is the "logic", voice recognition needs to be used to get better. Google is all about testing things out. The best way to do this is by getting it in the most hands as possible. Unfortunately there are simply way more ios devices than ICS+ devices. Also if you really are hardcore you can easily get this on ICS (as I have) but If your not, don't beat yourself up about it. Google now is not done, it's mainly just voice search the way you've always had it but with a much better tts engine. I believe it'll get better over time but don't stress over it yet. Not worth it.

  • @Jay- My thoughts exactly. I simply don't understand the logic behind such a move.

    Makes absolutely no sense at all.

    @kss - LOL. True! :-D

  • this is seriously unfair to us as android fans...after all those support we have been

  • If it pisses apple off. It is an easy wait for me!

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