Google Maps Updated: Now Predicts Where You Want to Go

Google Maps Updated: Now Predicts Where You Want to Go

Just as Apple's iOS6 Maps disaster reaches epic proportions, we thought we'd let you know that the tried-and-true Google Maps was just updated for Android owners. The new update is actually quite extensive, and will help you find where you want to go even more quickly and easily.

Google says they want users to be able to find their favored location with as little typing as possible, so now when you type a destination into Google Maps, the app will automatcially complete your search result based on what you searched for in your browser at home.

So the next time you're wandering around town, wondering what was the name of the barbershop you were looking for, you can simply search for "haircut" and Google Maps will recommend you place(s) for which you've recently searched. Just make sure you're signed in while searching.

But that's not all. Google Maps is also unveiling a new way to zoom in on maps, designed specifically for one-handed users. All you have to do is double tap then slide your finger to zoom in or out. The new update is available right now in the Google Play Store.

iPhone owners won't be receiving the update, which is one more reason to be thankful you chose Android...

Source: Android Police

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  • & that new MAP app for the iOS6 does not come free for iPhone5 (@ least that is what I am seeing reported online) ... I think iPhone users (regardless of what model they use) are going to miss Google Maps (which I'm enjoying the latest update as it helps me navigate through an ever changing Las Vegas) ....

    as the commercial says "Droid Does!"

  • No, you've been much help! Thanks ;)

    I just hope my progress will be saved too, but at the the end of the day they're just games so who cares =P

  • There are ways to back up but you won't be able to reinstall until you're jailbroken again and I honestly don't know if you can reinstall to a new jailbreak version or not.
    Pkgbackup is what I'd use to backup the device. It can be saved in Drop Box and your packages reinstalled from there when you're jailbroken again (again, if you can reinstall to a newer version).
    Sorry I can't be more help.

  • thanks, I bookmarked the page and I'll try it when and if I update my iPod. So, do you know what will happen to the apps I downloaded from Installous? There's no way to back those up, right?

  • Yep but some models already have a tethered jailbreak available. I think your model can do it. My 4S can't though. Keep in mind it's a tethered jailbreak. There are no untethered jailbreaks available yet and you'll have to manually install Cydia.

    Go here and it looks like they have full instructions.

    Good luck

  • @Dvoraak So if I update my jailbroken iTouch 4G, I'll lose my jailbreak?? :(( I'm already 2 updates behind xP And what happens to the app's I've downloaded from Installous if I update?? :/

    PS: Oh, @Steven I read the mail but I can't reply. The site says something about a limit to protect users from spam but I've never sent a mail before :(

  • I updated to iOS6 yesterday. Maps is working alright but I haven't gotten to use it much yet. The rest of the update is a heaping helping of so what....

    Ugh.... I gave up my jailbreak for this?

    Looking forward to getting back with Google Maps once that voluptuous GN2 hits the market. Yeah.... I like 'em large.

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