Google Glass: the life-saving data goggles

Google Glass: the life-saving data goggles

A network service provider in the United States has recognized that Google with the great idea that in the future, all those who need to react quickly in a crisis situation are equipped with the data goggles.

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SWAT teams could send hostage-drama video streams in real time to resource planners in the crisis, doctors could quickly access the medical history of a patient on the spot and firefighters could be navigated from outside through burning buildings or directly view floor plans on the heads-up display - the potential applications are endless and impressively action-film-like. But they are also infinitely practical and clever.

The American network provider Mutualink therefore plans, at an upcoming security conference (the APCO 2013), to introduce a symbiosis of its network services and Google Glass. Because data transmission must be reliable in emergency situations and be capable of being accessed quickly and safely, however, this symbiosis is not going to happen on publicly available channels.

Google Glass is still in the beta phase and is currently only being used by a select group of developers and their friends. But within the current year, the glasses will come onto the general commercial market. Mutualink has already been granted access to the equipment, so Google is officially involved in the project. The idea is clear and simple and I can very easily imagine that the use of Glass or similar devices in emergency situations, be they military or civilian, will be widely available in the very near future.

What do you think?

Via: Source: BusinessWire

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  • Excellent idea Ed! I think the possibilities for Glass in these situations are extremely interesting and it's hard to see why this wouldn't become a standard for all emergency services personnel. Very impressive adaptation for utilitarian purposes.

  • Ed E. Aug 25, 2013 Link to comment

    This is a great idea, although when it comes to fire fighters they should be made into the helmets and have the heads up display project to the built-in safty glasses that are on the helmets or the HUD will have to be larger for them.