Girlboss is now a LinkedIn for professional women

Girlboss is now a LinkedIn for professional women

Girlboss has just officially launched a job search platform similar to LinkedIn. Of course, with the difference that this one is only for women. A mixture of social network and professional network, the new tool for career women or those aspiring to become professionals for the first time is an attempt to give women a better professional platform.

Sophia Amoruso, executive director and founder of the Girlboss multimedia brand for women, is the driving force behind this free 2.0 network in which more than 50,000 female professionals have already registered.

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After analyzing more than 141 million LinkedIn profiles in the U.S. and supported by a 2017 job search platform study that revealed that sexism is present in the way men and women present their professional profiles, Amoruso decided to go one step further.

"Women are coming together to support each other more than ever. We earn less money than men, we live longer and have been institutionally denied "the keys to the castle," Amoruso says.

The new Girlboss network connects businesswomen, entrepreneurs, creative women, candidates and any professional in a much more direct and personal way than LinkedIn. There, ideas and experiences will be exchanged, and it will be a place where women can freely express who they are. The existing professional networks were built for another era. "The CV is such an old-fashioned way of representing ourselves. Girlboss is a place where our members can contribute their whole being, and share not only what they do, but also who they are," says the founder of Girlboss.

Girlboss is especially aimed at millennials. And there are not many of them on LinkedIn, as discovered by Amoruso itself (only 23% in the United States).

Although the question arises for many as to whether precisely this is detrimental to the long-awaited equality between men and women and further encourages the gap, having a safe space free of discrimination or other practices helps a great deal. I myself, after accepting a new contact on LinkedIn, received an email this week to my personal account from a man who just wanted to tell me how beautiful I am and how much he would like to meet me in person...

At Girboss they state that their website is "open to all", although it focuses mainly on women.

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  • itprolonden Aug 15, 2019 Link to comment

    That's sexist. If a man did this he'd be drawn and quartered in the court of public opinion.

  • losfromla Jul 7, 2019 Link to comment

    hmm. As if things weren't already skewed enough in favor of women? Women know how to use internet and all the sites, if they're not on LinkedIn, it's because they don't need it. I predict implosion within a year, this is another PetSmart and Theranos.

  • James Olendorf Jul 7, 2019 Link to comment

    The first company that uses this site to hire a woman will be sued in 5 minutes. That is illegal discrimination.

  • James Olendorf Jul 6, 2019 Link to comment

    So it's ok to start businesses now that clearly discriminate? Time to start a LinkedIn variant for white men. Let's call it Glass Ceiling. See how long before they try to shut that down.

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