Artificial Intelligence: the EU is getting ready

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Artificial Intelligence is much more than a simple technology, it has become a real political issue. Faced with the considerable progress made by the United States and China, the European Union has decided to take action.

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This technology is anything but new, but it's never gotten as much attention as it does today. In recent years, AI has not only shown real technological progress but also shows how it can be used for political purposes. While the current AI race cannot really be compared to the nuclear race of yesteryear, we can nevertheless see that the major powers are seeking to control it in order to have an economic, social and military advantage over other countries. The USA and China are at the forefront of this race, of course, and the EU is well aware of this. It has therefore decided to react to better equip itself.

On the moral and social level, AI has recently been regulated by the principles of the Montreal Declaration, which aims to ensure respect for individuals, their privacy, health, etc. In the race for power, it takes much more than beautiful ideas to rise to the level of competition. It also takes resources.

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France is focusing heavily on AI,and their goals are very ambitious: to become one of the leaders in the world. The French government has unveiled its strategy, which includes a supercomputer, along with a lot of money. Germany also plans to invest a lot of money (3.5 billion dollars). With that said, the EU's plan is to work together - although there might be doubts at times - so it's necessary to develop AI in the EU in order to better compete with other powers, which are far ahead.

The European Commission has once again confirmed its intention to raise 23 billion dollars to "boost competitiveness". Norway and Switzerland are also included in this group. The objective is to make the EU the world leader in AI. In any case, all these countries have the goal of becoming leaders in the global market.

The one remaining question is: does the EU still have a chance to get back into the race?

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